July 4, 2022

Vulnerable Dems fear vote on immigration will hurt reelection chances

Vulnerable House Democrats have signaled they want to avoid a controversial vote on Biden’s Build Back Better bill that would include amnesty because it would hurt their reelection chances in 2022.

The president’s $3.5 trillion spending bill has now been negotiated down to half its original price tag to $1.75 trillion. The Biden administration hopes to pass the bill even without GOP support through the reconciliation process in the Senate that would require only a simple majority to pass.

The updated version of the bill still includes amnesty for more than seven million illegal immigrants, $80 billion in child tax credits for illegal immigrant families over the next decade and unlimited immigration options for corporations for the next decade or more.

The addition of more spending toward illegal immigrants, in addition to the more than 1.3 million border crossers in 2021 could spell disaster for Democrats in many states open to Republican leaders.

Texas Republican Rep. Beth Van Duyne noted, “While America faces countless crises, Dems are now pushing through the most radical spending bill to date.”

The spending bill may be smaller, but it’s still filled with controversy. Democrats are not united in moving forward, knowing a vote for the legislation could be signing their own pink slip.

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