June 12, 2021

Virginia State Senator dead from coronavirus

The COVID-19 virus has an extremely high survivability rate, but for those who experience complications as a result of the virus, it has the ability to rapidly morph into a scary and deadly situation.

Unfortunately, that was the case for 60-year-old Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin (R), who succumbed to complications from having the virus after a two-week stay at the VCU Medical Center, according to the New York Post

The state senator, who is survived by his wife of 38 years and three children, had a solid reputation and was praised by Gov. Ralph Northam upon hearing the news of his passing.

“He pushed hard to bring jobs and investment to his district, and I will always be grateful for his courageous vote to expand health care for people who need it,” Northam said of Chafin while praising him as a “strong advocate” and a “good man.”

“I knew Ben as a lawmaker, an attorney, a banker, and a farmer raising beef cattle in Moccasin Valley, working the land just as generations of his family had done before him. He loved the outdoors, and he loved serving people even more,” Northam added in his statement.

According to WJHL, Chafin first served in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2013 before making the jump to serve in the Virginia Senate just a year later. He represented the 38th District of the state, which covers a number of counties in the southwestern area of the state.

In order to honor Chafin’s career in public service for the state of Virginia, the governor ordered flags across the state to be lowered and fly at half-staff until the day of Chafin’s internment.

News of Chafin’s death comes just days after 41-year-old, Louisiana Republican Congressman-elect Luke Letlow died of COVID-19 complications, marking the first representative-elect or representative on Capitol Hill to succumb to the virus, according to NBC News.

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11 Responses

  1. My prayers go out to both public figures & their families to keep us safe from the most corrupt politicians of the democratic Party. We can’t let them ruin America,we are so blessed by God & they are dispicable Human Beings , trying to destroy America & Biden is their corrupt leader. I’m from Scranton & I know how evil he is.

  2. Please God help us find a cure for this China virus. It’s killed so many, and it’s not done yet. Help

  3. Forgive me for being suspicious at the 2 recent Republican senators deaths. These coming immediately prior to the Electoral vote count, but I would put nothing past the Deep State.

    1. totally agree. enough. it seems that our President got it and some of his staff yet they check out all thoroughly so who planted it on them!!!

    2. I’m with you, with the exception of asking for forgiveness. Who did what to these two republicans who supposedly died from the virus? How much was paid to do the evil that was done? The Democrats are evil, wicked and will do anything to have all the power!!!!

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