July 4, 2022

Virginia state House could flip to GOP as voters turn out for Youngkin

Virginia’s hard-fought battle for its next governor has led to what will be a massive voter turnout Tuesday across the state that is now concerning Democrats who fear the state House could flip to the GOP after being under the left’s control.

The state’s House is currently 55-45 in favor of Democrats, a lead the party took in 2019. The 2021 election threatens to rock the boat and place the party’s lead in danger.

Breitbart News noted some of the extreme contests taking place across the Commonwealth State.

“The District 10 race between incumbent Democrat Del. Wendy Gooditis and Republican challenger Nick Clemente will shape up to be one of the most expensive of the cycle. Gooditis is the top fundraiser in the state, sitting at over $2.8 million, while Clemente is the only Republican to raise more than $1 million, with just over $1.5 million,” it reported.

The state House position is a part-time role with an approximately $18,000 per year salary.

The issue of education has dominated campaigns in recent weeks as a Loudoun County sexual assault case and a memo concerning parents as “domestic terrorists” from Merrick Garland has triggered a massive response in Virginia.

Youngkin and McAuliffe are consider a toss up regarding who will win on election day. The tension for many races in the House will also be tight, leaving many on edge as they watch the outcome of the 2021 battle for Virginia.

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