September 29, 2022

Virginia parents demand school board resignations over pornographic books in school

Public schools should be a safe space for young children. Recent revelations demonstrate they’re anything but — and worse, it’s intentional.

Fairfax County, Virginia, parents are calling for school board resignations after two sexually explicit books were allowed back in school after protests, Fox News reported. Parents insist it is pedophilia to have all this “porn in schools.”

“They’ve doubled down on porn in the schools. They’ve all got to go,” Stacy Langton, a mother who had spoken out against the books and previously presented the board with explicit images taken from these books. “Who’s in favor of porn in the schools?”

The two titles in question were Jonathan Evison’s novel “Lawn Boy” which describes a character’s recollection of a sexual encounter he had as a ten-year-old. The other is “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” by Maia Kobabe that has similar themes but also includes photos depicting sexual activity by an adult male and a boy.

Though these books were originally taken out of the school libraries, they were ultimately allowed back in after a review by two committees. Fairfax County Public Schools said that committees were made up of administrators, students, parents, and librarians, implying this was satisfactory.

However, a father of three, Chris Henzel, took exception to the review and its findings. He charged that both committees were comprised of “teachers and administrators who work for the school board and who could be counted on to give the answers they wanted.”

Another parent, Angela Boyer, whose daughter is an alumna of the public schools, told Fox News that the district was creating a ruse with this process. “We’re here because we don’t want any porn in the schools,” she said. “We’re sick of them trying to put labels on it and call it what it isn’t. Stop playing word semantic games. It’s ridiculous and insulting.”

Sexually explicit material has no place in public schools, and certainly not after parents in the district object. However, the board runs roughshod over the very people it’s supposed to be serving — and that means it’s time they go.




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