July 7, 2022

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate’s communications officer under fire for racist tweets

Former Virginia Governor and current gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s communications director, Renzo Olivari is under fire for tweets that many consider bigoted. 

According to a report in Breitbart News the communications officer has apologized for the comments unearthed just days before the Virginia gubernatorial election. 

Included in the social media posts being brought to the surface are comments that include the n-word and hurtful stereotypes about the black community.

“#TweetLikeAGuy going out with da nigguhs,” said one of his tweets. “#ThingsBlackFolksNeverThrowAway broken lamps,” said another post.

In a third instance, Olivaria appeared to be complaining about being compared to a person of color when he said, “Are you Black? #SomethingIGetAlot Hahahahah.”

The communications officer brushed off the comments as a childhood indiscretion in his comment to Breitbart News when he said, “As a person of color, I have tried to live my whole life fighting for communities like mine.”

“When I was in high school student, I tweeted things that were clearly unacceptable. I am ashamed and I profoundly regret what I tweeted.

“I take full responsibility and I want to profoundly apologize and use this as a moment to grow and learn from my mistakes. I will continue working to fight for communities like mine in every way that I can.”

The damage to the McAuliffe campaign happened on the same day as the campaign attempted to push voters away from Republican Glenn Youngkin by painting him as a white supremacist by connecting him the Charlottesville protests in 2017.

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