January 26, 2021

Video evidence shows Joe Biden can’t even answer questions without a teleprompter

It’s a testimony to the extreme collusion of the media that Joe Biden is still in the presidential race. He’s clearly not the man he used to be, and his struggles with answering questions and speaking coherently can only be kept hidden for so long – even with the help of the media.

Biden let the mask slip during a “question and answer” session – except this was no ordinary Q&A. There’s good reason to believe the questions were scripted, and Biden’s answers were too – and then played on a teleprompter.

Trump’s campaign seized on the damning video evidence. Watch:

This is legitimately painful to watch. Biden is slurring badly, and barely able to keep up the facade. He’s not capable of doing this, yet his handlers are putting him up there in front of the world.

Is this the best that the Democrat party can do? How can this man govern the most powerful country in the free world if he can’t handle a simple softball question without a teleprompter?

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