September 29, 2020

Video evidence shows Joe Biden can’t even answer questions without a teleprompter

It’s a testimony to the extreme collusion of the media that Joe Biden is still in the presidential race. He’s clearly not the man he used to be, and his struggles with answering questions and speaking coherently can only be kept hidden for so long – even with the help of the media.

Biden let the mask slip during a “question and answer” session – except this was no ordinary Q&A. There’s good reason to believe the questions were scripted, and Biden’s answers were too – and then played on a teleprompter.

Trump’s campaign seized on the damning video evidence. Watch:

This is legitimately painful to watch. Biden is slurring badly, and barely able to keep up the facade. He’s not capable of doing this, yet his handlers are putting him up there in front of the world.

Is this the best that the Democrat party can do? How can this man govern the most powerful country in the free world if he can’t handle a simple softball question without a teleprompter?

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80 Responses


    1. He HAS to get elected. I believe the Democrats have promised Biden to make Hunter’s issues go away if he gets them in the door. Wimpy wife will go along with him.

  2. It is pathetic to see this man going down in flames – I would never. vote for him under any circumstance but to see him like this is pathetic and that his wife would allow this cruel and inhumane exploitation is very sad – Beverly Whitworth

    1. It’s all about money and politics. Democrats have to have it their way at all costs, even their cohort’s health. Sad but true!

    2. Agree completely! We all need to recognize the “ambitions” of Dr. Jill Biden; leaving her first husband and family for Biden, supporting his lying about almost everything, his “sexual exploits” with his staff member when he was a Senator, his corruption with his son Hunter and the Chinese; all of this does not matter to Jill Biden if she can become a “first lady”. Her lack of morals and tolerance for her “lying moron” of a husband mean nothing if she can get into the White House.

    3. Beverly, i so agree. When our leaders, stop and hesitate in their speech, it is always painful to watch. The Democratic party is to blame for this happening…no, they aren’t the ones with diminished mental capacity (wait..maybe they are!!!), but they knew they wanted him to be the winner…come hell or high water…and this is certainly hell for him, and those who care for and about him. Clearly this man cannot hold the office of the president. Can you just imagine him in conference with world leaders???I don’t like the man, but i do have a heart!

      1. I agree….even though we may not agree with his politics, even though we may never vote Democrat, we need to lift this man up in prayer….and also his family for allowing this humiliation. And while we are at it, let’s pray for the Dem. Party to awaken from their slumber and begin to see things as the founding fathers meant for America. One nation “under God.”

    4. I agree with you. Its cruel on her part to expose him like that. But then, they have no souls, money and power are their gods.

    5. Yes, absolutely! His wife should be ashamed of herself for putting her senile husband in this kind of a position! Apparently all so she can try to be the first lady. Well, it’s not working … We The People won’t be voting for him so you might as well keep him in the basement for good!

    6. Beverly, it’s obvious that Joe is the best the Democrats had to run as their nominee. The people in control have this all figured out! Should Joe win, after six weeks or so, more than likely he will announce that he must retire, doctors’ orders for a contrived illness…not dementia! Then Kamala will be president!!!!!!!!!!!! The Democrats just have to be IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why our demorat leaders have already started encouraging the bad people of the country to have HUGE riots all over the country if President Trump wins a second term.

      1. The Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan. They were the Confederates in the Civil War. And when they lost the war, they formed the Ku Klux Klan. They are the party of hate. And they are the party of Cuba, Venezuala, Russia, China and all the other Communist Parties. They want POWER and will make all the promises of how goog our country will be if they get elected. Remember they are now the party of Bernie Sanders, an outright Communist who took his honeymoon in Moscow, Russia. They are the party of Omar, AOC, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters and all the avowed Communists who want to take over the US and make us slaves with no hope for a better future. But these Communists will have a great future. They will take away the wealth of the United States. Nancy Pelosi is an outright dictator who is fighting for Omar and AOC to be elected again. Watch out folks before the Communists come knocking at your door and you are thrown into slave labor camps. Our only hope now is President Trump. Remember to vote for a true America who loves our country.

  3. It has been obvious from the start that Biden is fast becoming totally senile, but the liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist, democratic party does not have anyone else with a high enough known profile. So they are using this old man in the hopes they can once more get a democrat into the oval office, and if he were to win they will turn him out to pasture within 6 months and install the person the party picked as his running mate as president. And yet those who vote for democrats are just gullible enough to be alright with having an incompetent loud mouthed twit as this country’s president, it is really a sad commentary on the citizens of the Republic known as the USA.

    1. His wife is disgraceful to put her husband through this torture. N
      My mom had dementia and acted just like this. I worked in a hospital for over thirty years and saw patients with this horrible disease. Also his physician should lose his medical degree.

  4. I honesty feel sorry for Mr. Biden, his wife should be ashamed.. I would not let my husband put himself in the predicament for any amount of money. I just pray that the American people will see that he is absolutely not able to be President and should he be elected this country will be Socialist in a month with Kamala Harris doing Bernie Sander’s dirty work! God help this country!

  5. I feel sorry for him. His wife Jill needs to have him come home and take care of him. He won’t be able to lead our country when he can’t even use a teleprompter. IT IS A SHAME. Wayne retired CW4 100% disabled army veteran. GOD BLESS AMERICA MAGA

    1. But if Biden does win (and God help the country if he does), then when he collapses the Vice Pres. will be in, which will be twice as bad as Biden. Our only hope is for Pres. Trump to win–everyone for heaven’s sake, get out and vote for TRUMP.

  6. Those who have benefited from his role in American politics are remiss in not stepping up and refusing to let their loved one be party to this very sad use of Joe Biden. They gave in for “more family money” instead of showing their love and regard for him. Forcing him into this embarrassing role is a family betrayal!

  7. “My name ……. (oh yeah) is JOE BIDEN, and I approve this …. ummm, ‘thing’ ”

    And “God Bless the United States of America”

    Ohhhhh …

  8. Biden has dementia. He is unable to speak coherently, squints at the teleprompter constantly, and walks unsteadily. Harris would call the shots & “Crazy Uncle Joe” would be sent back to the basement.

  9. Our lack of understanding and compassion for the elderly is disgusting. This generation has a lot to learn about human relationships. If people fail to learn it soon, our civilization will deteriorate to a primitive state.

  10. They WANT HIM IN so that when he has a stroke or heart attack the Speaker of the House can take over!
    The new age Mongolian Candidate!

    1. Pelosi can’t take over if she isn’t re-elected to the House. She is up for re-election in November. VOTE DEMENTED PELOSI OUT! ………….. ALL RED IN NOVEMBER

      1. Agreed, if that nasty witch is to be president someone has got to get her out of office. They need to vote her out. I hope that the hair salon deal will wake enough people up to get her stopped. Shiff is another to get out office. They all need to go. Lets help make this happen people, Vote, and Vote in PERSON if at all possible. PLEASE!

        1. If you are mandated to vote by mail, then personally place your ballot in the box at the court house sometime during the week prior to election day. Don’t rely on the mail service.

      2. I would agree except Pelosi has so much money and Democrat donors from years that she will buy her office again.
        Now to Biden, he often spurts out angry and
        strange remarks. My husband suffered from that so
        speaking from experience, he will only get worse. Can
        you imagine him dealing with World leaders?

  11. I feel sorry for joe biden. I guess being a pedofile, liar, and money grummer from foriegn countries. I guess this is what he deserves.

    1. Except we have to be VERY AWARE of the FRAUD the rats have planned! WE in CA CANNOT VOTE IN PERSON! Per newscum, piggys nephew. What with all their games, illegals, paying the street people, harvesting votes especially in asst, living for seniors, can’t sign here we can for you. OH, and its a big secret where and who will be counting the votes. I called to see where I could vote in person! No can do! Lady was nasty person! Ballots mailed Oct 5 to us and we are to mail it back FREE will be shown on the ballot! Would not answer any other questions, just do it. And told me she would only tell me 1 more time! Since CA primaries were a fail, this will be worse. Go to this site to be sure your vote was counted. Surprise some sorta glitch. Never saw the tallys or if my vote counted. Guess who ever counts them picks the winner! I say GET THE N/G and military at every place the counting is being done! Watch place 24/7! The fraud is in with mail already being dumped! (if they can find it. Yeah this is CA and look at what represents us?)

  12. I’m not a Biden fan at all. But I truly feel sorry for the poor man who’s wife isn’t protecting him from all this embarrassment- in front of the whole world. Shame on her. She’s letting the world watch the embarrassment and decline of her husband. Shameful and unforgivable. She’s allowing the Democratic party to sacrifice him.

  13. It appears that the Democratic Party plans on pulling Joe Biden at the last minute and replacing him with Harris. Then run her.

    Wonder how Bernnie and his people would react to the bait and switch deal when Harris had such a low voter turnout?

    1. Can you imagine the NIGHTMARE of having ‘HEELS UP HARRIS’ and, ‘SHE SWALLOWS MORE THAN HER PRIDE’, in OUR White House!!!!!

    2. Did you ever look closest Biden’s face one side is like someone who had a stroke that’s why he need to read his answers we are facing a national disgrace

  14. The sad truth is there’s plenty of mindless minions in this country who will vote for him.
    The whole scam is to do anything they can, legal or not, to get him elected, then Harris will be the one sworn in in January.

  15. biden wouldn’t finish one term or year beefore harris is sworn in as president. do you really think the left want biden? no! They all want Harris. if the dnc was smart, they’d put Harris as the lead and Biden as the vice president again. but, then Joe would have a nervious breakdown after running so many times and being this close!? it’s only cuz the dnc has a part black semi smart woman on the ticket. But even she has her foot in her mouth and talks to the masses like they’re on jury duty and this is the closing arguments.

  16. He should be tested for mental health issues. The people have the right to know if he is mentally capable of doing the job. It should be mandatory.

  17. There are two very important facts, that anyone that can pass the mirror test, can acknowledge. Any one voting for democrat candidates, are not voting for the democrat party of no less than 20 years ago. They are voting for the democrat-socialist party. Facts are facts. Secondly, who in their right mind could vote for Joe Biden, or for that matter, anyone in his mental condition. No party heads in their right minds could select anyone in the mental condition of Mr. Biden, or anyone else with that condition as their candidate, without having synister motives, certainly not favorable to the American people. People voting for the so-called Democrat party, better consider these two facts before it’s TOO LATE!!

  18. I feel Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both need a new Nickname; China Joe & Commie Kamala. What do you think? It is obvious that Joe Biden is mentaly unstable, but the Democrats are really pushing just to get him over the finish line and then they will put him out to pasture in a nursing facility and Commi Kamala would be the Pres.!!!!

    Scarey, because she would keep the near endles military campaigns going and racking in $$$, $$$, $$$, $$$,$$$ to the military industrial complex getting even richer due to their unending thirst for war over the lives of our loved ones. If China Joe did make it over the finish line in November, others would be pulling the puppet strings for sure. I pray that China Joe’s handlers will just let him fade away. Who knows, At the polling booth he just might make the right decision and vote for DONALD J. TRUMP !

  19. Get out and vote people lets pound this socialist into the dirt they need to be put down hard for trying to take over America!
    Trump 2020 MAGA !!

  20. Good by America if Biden gets in. He has very dishonest staff to not reveal the truth about his mental condition. They should replace him today before our Country is turned upside down. PLEASE Do What Is RIGHT!!!!! Demacrats

    1. It is obvious Joe has mental issues, Dementia or some other problems. Watch him walk, staggering with guards keeping him up. He can not remember any thing. Even where he is or going. The Democrats have to know this, it’s scary to think what their up to, but it’s not good for us or America.
      I’m trying to figure out where to move to if he wins. Ugh

  21. They want him in office regardless of how incompetent he is. Poor man is being used as much as they (democrats) are trying to use the American people. Wife must not care either but this is in a effort to put him in office then out of office and the VP takes over first black women president. Are we Americans really this dumb as to elect this very sick man?

  22. I have noticed it over the last few months from watching him. He has just gotten really bad. His ads they run on TV look like he was reading a teleprompter or filmed before he started getting really really bad lately. His family and Democratic party are making him hang in there so Kamala Harris can take over as president if he was to ever get elected. Which he won’t if people that are Democrats would only wake up and see how bad he is mentally as well as physically.

  23. I believe they are trying to get Biden elected then after a time will get sick and have to give up the presidetsy and Kamala become president. What do you think

    1. That’s what most of us think that the demoncrats are up to! They have something evil up their sleeve. Mrs. biden is performing elder abuse on her demented husband and with what appears to be a vote for commie kamela will never make her FLOTUS! I put my trust in God and believe that most of us are NOT blind and can see what’s going on, I believe President Trump will be reelected! MAGA!!!

  24. For the Democrats to have a man with sever dementia running for the highest office in the United States is as crazy as it can get ! ! ! ! And then to add a very very liberal as their vice presidential candidate ! ! ! What has happened to their sanity ? PLEASE, can someone explain this to me. . . . . . .

  25. In case you voters out there are missing it this is what is going on. Biden is not capable of running our country so we will hide him in the basement and everything he addresses will be scripted and controlled. Then we will force the Republicans and the people to accept voting by mail 100% or as close as we can get to total voting by mail. Then we will encourage the public to vote early before the EVIL Republicans block voting by mail. This is evidenced by such statements as Taylor Swift made encouraging the public to run out and vote right now so their votes would not be lost due the the Post Office not being able to handle the extra volume of mail because the evil Devil, Trump is having the Post Office shut down and removing mail boxes. Once a large number of suckers vote by mail just about assuring Biden the Democratic Puppet will win, it will be too late to take your vote back when you see Biden has Dementia or worse and cannot run the country. Then we will have Kamala Harris take over and all Hell will break loose. My suggestion is put on your gloves and mask and social distance at the polls and vote on election day after you see the whole scenario play out. It is the only way to get a true and clear picture of who can run our country and believe me it is not the Socialist Democrats.

  26. “extreme collusion of the media”? – Joe Biden is still in the race because the Democrats do not have anyone better than Joe. He is the brightest, most articulate, cleanest candidate they can run. Among those with the cast iron courage to go up against Trump, He is their strongest leader. Any Democrat with a hopeful eye on the 2024 Presidential election is hiding in the sub basement of their bomb shelter ’til after the election.

  27. Joe Bribe em lost this election a long time ago but that’s not going to stop the demonrats from pushing him he’s been in politics for 47plus years and done nothing but lie to the American people and the world he is a total fraud just like oBUMa and that’s why oBUMa picked him Joe Bribe em has done nothing but make his whole family rich off of American tax money his druggie son his daughter his brother and brother in law look it up and approved any war that could be started

  28. First President debate should be with no teleprompter, no questions given to staff for reviewing, live questions so not recorded prior to debate, both men on same stage without any help from staff members. Live TV with Chris Wallace & hard questions. Also Covid-19 & drug testing done prior to debate. At some time before election or debate cognitive test to be done as well. Biden has Dementia & should resign now. He is unfit to run or be President. Also Obama has said ‘Biden has a way of F …. things ups’. This is during the Obama/Biden administration.
    If Biden does win our private health insurance as we know is no longer, higher taxes, Socialism, Terrorist Anitifa/BLM violence, riots, looting will continue. Refunding police or lack of police. If you are living pay check to pay check, you will need another job. America’s freedom will be gone & no churches. Like being under Hitler. Biden/puppet/playing God.

    I’m standing up for Freedom/Veterans/Israel/our First amendment Rights and Constitution/Law enforcement-Police/Nation under God/open churches/Private insurance/No terrorist Anitifa/BLM violence. People working together & helping each other out.
    For the fires going on currently in California to have the violent terrorist to turn their hate into assisting the firemen/women to contain the wild fires.

    No more tv coverage on the violence maybe the terrorist will go back to where they live in their state/s.

    1. Arlene covered it all. America will be lost if harris/ biden is elected! Being a Dems, would be better to vote bernie. Bernie doesn’t like. harris lies/ biden hasn’t a clue what’s going on. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!! Must vote at the polls with pic ID, proff of citizenship, and VOTE ALL REPUBLICAN TICKET. NO dems should be in office after this election if America is to continue as a free,God loving country. VOTE, VOTE!! Sign up your all your dead relatives, dogs, cats, birds, mice, and get them to vote like the Dems do. LOL

  29. Dem’s have no morality or belief in God or our true country..They b.s. /lie or blame Trump when in trouble.. It is sickening to see an American party turn COMMUNISTIC!!!

  30. Joe’s mental status is a forgone conclusion. Democrats morality seems to have been gone long, long ago. It matters not to them what it cost to take over and destroy our country. As far as Joe is concerned, they’ll burn him at the first opportunity. He’ll be put up like a poster on occasion to try to show he’s in control.
    None of this however will much matter after November 3rd. Donald Trump WILL win the election, not in a landslide but in a slam dunk TSUNAMI. Believe it.
    MAGA 2020


  32. I totally agree with all that Joe Biden is suffering from some form of dementia. I also agree that his handlers including his wife are just power hungry at his expense. At first I felt sorry for him. Now I absolutely detest him. First, he has enough of his mind left to know he can’t do this on his own. Also, he has sold out his religious morals(late term abortion)and principles for a chance to be president after 47 years of doing everything wrong. He and his super liberal nutty cohorts have no respect for America or they would never make believe that people don’t realize he is nothing but a puppet for the so so far left.

  33. Why would they do this to any human being or Americans or our nation? There very few politicians that truly care about America. I’m ready to see Trump elected for 20 more years. An outsider and businessman has done far more good for our nation and the world than any president! Efforts to create PEACE in the Middle East have been going on for decades to no avail. Trump uses his knowledge of economics and is making real progress! He knows how to make WIN-Win deals!

  34. Elder abuse, isn’t there a law for that?
    Oh, forgot the demorats do not follow the laws that apply to all
    They are excused from this law…that law…that…l…a…w
    Ain’t abiding by any law except their booty?

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