July 3, 2022

Vatican mum on Biden claim that pope urged him to keep receiving communion

Following a meeting last week with Pope Francis in Rome, President Joe Biden claimed that the pontiff told him to continue receiving Holy Communion, despite criticism from some corners that his pro-abortion stance should preclude it.

However, when asked for comment Friday on the president’s assertion, the Vatican announced that discussions between Biden and the pope were “private” and covered topics such as immigration, the COVID-19 pandemic, and human rights, omitting any mention of communion, as Breitbart noted.

After the pair met, Biden stated that the subject of abortion was not raised, adding, “We just talked about the fact that he was happy that I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving communion,” according to Politico.

Notably, the Holy See’s embassy in Washington did not respond to a request from the outlet to provide confirmation of Biden’s take on the conversation.

In a departure from typical procedures when the pope meets with a head of state, no media was permitted to be present for the meeting between the two, and there was no live video available, either, as Breitbart noted.

There has been much debate within the Catholic Church in recent years over the question of whether pro-abortion politicians such as Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should receive communion, with San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone recently declaring emphatically that they should not.

In an op-ed written for the Washington Post, Cordileone said, “You cannot be a good Catholic and support expanding a government-approved right to kill innocent human beings. This is hardly inappropriate for a pastor to say.”

In the wake of Biden’s claim that the pope expressed his wish that the president continue receiving communion despite his pro-abortion beliefs, Catholic League President Bill Donohue declared his skepticism, opining that the account did not make a great deal of sense and also that the commander in chief is, what he called, “a pathological liar.”

Considering that Pope Francis has, as Breitbart noted, referred to abortion as “murder” and as something akin to “hiring a hitman,” it strains credulity that he would offer the sort of encouragement to communion described by Biden, but given the secrecy in which their meeting was shrouded, the truth may never be known.

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