February 24, 2021

Vandals have defaced at least a dozen statues and memorials in D.C. during protests

Vandals taking advantage of the massive George Floyd protests in Washington for the last two weeks have wreaked havoc on several historic landmarks in Washington D.C.

According to the National Park Service, twelve statues and memorials have been tragically defaced in the National Mall as angry demonstrators turned their fury towards sites celebrating American history, including the Lincoln Memorial. 

According to the Washington Times, targets included “the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and the U.S. Navy Memorial, as well as eight statues, including the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of India’s nonviolent independence movement.”

NPS spokesman Mike Litterst said that the damage was mostly limited to graffiti and that repairs are already underway.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said last week that the DOI is working hard to restore “our national icons to their rightful state — places that recognize the wars fought, battles won, heroes that have come before us and injustices that have been overcome throughout history.”

“Our First Amendment is the bedrock of our democracy,” Bernhardt continued. “It is disturbing that anyone would deface and damage our wonderful national memorials and parks. This is not a representation of who we are as a country or as a people, and it is not to be tolerated or condoned.”

Protests have pivoted from calling for justice for George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer in late May, to generalized calls to address systemic racism. To some, vandalizing statues memorializing Civil War military figures such as David Farragut, James McPherson, and George Thomas — all of whom fought for the Union forces — is apparently the way to achieve that goal.

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94 Responses

  1. Since we live in a once wonderful nation, and now we have a horde of leftists who despise it, it is time to round up all the hate filled leftists and put them on a ship that is never again allowed within our waters. They can live elsewhere OR they can live on the ship, but cannot return to the USA.

  2. These people want equal rights? They shouldn’t be in this country. The barbaric acts they have performed are disgusting. This is no way to gain respect. If anything they are causing more resentment. I can’t believe the law has not come down harder on these maniacs. Our forefathers are turning in their graves.

  3. After President Trump gets re-elected you won’t see this type of crap anymore. He won’t have to play as nice any more.

  4. These criminals have to be dealt with, they are no longer protesters, destroying anything they don’t like or defacing statues that have nothing to do with slavery in this country. You break the law you pay the price period and don’t give me this we deserve it attitude. I have always done my best to respect others regardless of color or anything else however in the past few months it has become apparent there are people who respect nothing not even themselves and many people are changing their minds about a lot of things. Citizens are becoming angry about what is going on and the future looks more like violence taking control. The idea of any group taking control of a police station and refusing to leave is preposterous. actions of late has completely removed any sympathy I have for law breakers both white and black. The black lives matter movement is only hurting themselves. Enough already go home clean up your own house then demonstrate. By the way many of the protesters are white.

  5. Don’t forget , FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc keep saying they were ” peaceful protest ‘ . While Queer Don lemonhead was kneeling in front of Cuomo , they must have mist all the burning , looting , rock throwing , stealing !!!

  6. This whole thing isn’t about the virus itself ,,, it’s about the liberal democrats WANTING everything to stay shut down , WANTING high unemployment , WANTING people to lose thier business , WANTING people out of work , WANTING all the riots . The liberal democrats think , that way , they can use all the problems against Trump going into November election. The liberal libtards DO NOT CARE about people or the country , to them it’s all about wanting the POWER and CONTROL . If you want to give FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc a MAJOR meltdown ,,,,, vote Trump , Republican Senate and Republican House .

  7. Treason! Treason & Tyranny!
    The ruination of examples of our Nation’s History is worse than dispicable! And destruction & theft of property is not acceptable in our society!!!

  8. They sound more like Terrorists to me. They obviously are not Americans. I think everyone involved in defacing those monuments should be exiled. They have no business in our country.

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