May 13, 2021

White House’s coronavirus vaccine chief vows to resign ‘instantly’ if pressured to release vaccine too early

Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientist for the White House’s initiative to deliver a coronavirus vaccine before the end of the year, just announced that he would “resign instantly” if he was pressured to sign off on a vaccine for political reasons.

Pressure is growing for the pharmaceutical industry and the Trump administration to approve a vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as possible, as many top health experts have indicated that the immunization is the only way for the world to return to normal.

Slaoui, who heads up Operation Warp Speed, told Marc Thiessen, who hosts an American Enterprise Institute podcast, that under no uncertain circumstances would politics influence the speed of the vaccine’s approval.

“We may have the endpoint in October,” Slaoui told Thiessen. “We may have it on Nov. 4, who knows? We may have it on Dec. 15. That’s the answer, and to be honest, on a personal basis, I would resign instantly if I was forced to do something that I thought would be inappropriate.”

Though Democrat leaders were quick to jump on the vaccine bandwagon in April at the height of the pandemic, some have now begun to sound the alarm that Trump will force the vaccine’s approval ahead of the 2020 election.

Trump told Fox Host Geraldo Rivera on Thursday that he is “rushing” the vaccine, but not because of the election. “I’m rushing it. I am. I’m pushing everybody,” Trump said. “I want to save a lot of lives.”

You can already see that Democrats and anti-Tump health “experts” are looking for ways to delay the vaccine that Dr. Anthony Fauci said in April was the key to returning to normal. As we saw with many of the proposed treatments for COVID-19, Democrats and the mainstream media are looking for ways to undermine promising breakthroughs.

It’s not politically expedient for an effective solution to COIVD-19 to become widely available. Democrats need the US to be in crisis mode, and as the US draws closer to the election, expect to see more arguments undermining the Trump administration’s effort to speedily develop a vaccine.

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62 Responses

  1. Lauura Ingraham’s medical experts are to be trusted. Have them ovesee the development of the plague vaccine. So many inside the WH ring that are anti Trumpers, I dont trust many in his circle anyymore. Theyre working against him. and the American people.

      1. I responded to you but this site refused to post it.
        I just said I wish you and others (who don’t care about freedom and hate this country ),
        after voting for Alzheimer Biden will find out what a wonderful “paradise “ communism is .
        Enjoy !!!!

      2. Fauci said a vaccine isn’t going to be effective now. Even if if doesn’t come out until next year. European doctors have already said that people who have gotten covid and recovered even using transfusions got it again with in 8 weeks. No vaccine is going to stop it. Just get on with our lives and don’t worry about. That’s what I’m doing.

        1. That’s exactly what I’m doing. We should all know by now that the Dumbocrats either want Us Dead or Controlled! It’s obvious since “THEY” haven’t even given POTUS a bit of Respect, Support, or Breathing Room, since Elected. But He’s the “Bad Guy”!! Really, I sure hope Everyone realizes what’s going on before it’s to late. Go Trump!!

      3. Linda: If you don’t like America as is, it became the greatest and best Country in the world and almost every on in the world would love to come here. I escaped from one of those you seam to like and I love it here without changing it. To bad our Constitution does not allow us to ship people like you to a Country you think is better with a no return condition. Boy it would be nice to give you a free trip.

    1. Of course that’s what they doing. We don’t need a vaccine. The treatment that treats Lupus and others will work even my dr. Says it and he works with CDC Fauci doesn’t want anything that Trump wants period.

      1. Love to hear more about this. I agree on HCQ when used early with ZPac and 220mg zinc bid. Love to see evidence of Fauci getting in the way of treatment. Big India study 300,000 pts with above elements highly effective given early before too much viri aboot.

        1. I have systemic lupus and I’ve been on HCQ for well over 20 years. Never had a problem. My two granddaughters are nurses and work in COVID 19 patients. One has had COVID-19 and I have been exposed twice. Didn’t get it. I will always believe HCQ helped.

    2. If Biden gets elected your going to see one hell of a mess. I cant believe people are so stupid to want to vote for that dimwit.

  2. The problem is the Democratic leadership.
    They have blamed this president for everything that’s wrong with the country.
    Imagine the world with senile Joe at the helm.

  3. The ONLY reason Trump is pushing so hard is he thinks it will save his a** come Nov. I would think not even that will save him from all his. lies and threats. The man is simply a BULLY. Stick to your guns Dr Saloui. There are too few heroes willing to stand up to him.

        1. She doesn’t know, but this is what CNN, and MSNBS, WP, NYTimes said so it must be true !
          Why use your brain when is easier to keep your mouth open and getting spoon fed by all kind of America haters ?

    1. No you are mistaken there’s thousands of drs coming out including my Dr. the drug Trump wanted to use works. Trump is going to beat Biden all my Democrat friends are switching party because of the Democrats and there false claims they are sick of Pelosi and the rest. Get ready and I’m in Ca.

      1. Let’s get these fools!! I live in a senior complex and I ask them all if they know that Biden has a record of fighting for social security. Perks their ears right up.

    2. “ONLY” reason. You don’t know that. You’re a Democrat cynic crying about Trump being an effective President. Ever occur to you that Hillary lost what appeared to be a gift-to-her election? She was ineffective in her campaign, and the nation wanted to get rid of her. Still do.

    3. Come on man. This Trump guy is kinda cool. We have more than our share of fools in DC. One or two of them our aligned with the Dems. Come on man.

    4. Same thinking created by Hitler. Many heroes tried to fight Hitler, but he owned the media like what you obviously only read. Trump daily improves the efficiency of our nation and continuously reduces the size of government. 99% of his accomplishments are never mentioned in your bootstrap media.

    5. Linda, you do not know what you are talking about!!!!! President Trump is the best President this country has had in years!!!!! He cares about the people of this great country. You dems only care about power & control!!!!

      1. Patricia – You have hit the nail on the head. Why would ANYONE choose government control over freedom. If they do, they certainly don’t read both sides. I do not want the government to choose everything I can and cannot do or buy. Wake Up Liberals. There is none better to run this country, especially at this time, than Donald J. Trump!!!!

    6. You are watching the wrong news stations. Our President now will be our President in November! I guess you are voting for dementia Joe. Many Unions have endorsed President Trump, the Blacks are switching Parties. Marxism has taken over the Democrat Party and you (if you know how) need to do a little research on Marxism. President Trump and done more for Americans of all colors in the past 3 yrs than any other President in our lifetime.

  4. President Trump is doing a fantastic job handling this virus, far better than any corrupt Democrat would do. They only want power and to heck with the well being of the American public. Trump cares, Trump 2020.

  5. First of all Linda Caul, if you’re going to use someone’s name, spell it properly. Its Dr. Slaoui to you and everyone else. And I believe anyone would believe me, in saying, you and so many others are so UNGRATEFUL,to a president that have saved many more lives , if he hadn’t closed fights to and from China. But people like you, are too damn blind.

    1. 100% right !
      I would add, blind but also America haters, brainwashed into the marxists agenda promising free stuff coming down from the trees .
      Linda must be one of the “ millennials” who are praising China, Venezuela, Cuba where people have to eat their pets in order to survive.

  6. What do people want President Trump to do, be apologetic, to the whole, that’s what your Obama did, and what happened, the world laughed at us. Obama humiliated America.

    1. Yes, he did humiliate America !
      The worst president in modern history!
      A lair, impostor, America hater, Marxist ( this is why he promised in 2008 to “ fundamentally transforming America)
      Can any of these marxists / democrats explain to us , transforming America into what ?????
      We know better, they made it obvious after we elected Trump in 2016 !!!!
      Trump 2020 !!!!!!

      1. Obummer promised “CHANGE”! Guess what change We got. The coins he let Us keep in Our pockets. That’s the only change I saw.

  7. Everybody out there needs to calm down relax Jellyhead Joe is not in charge so we will be safe Trump is not a fool he has already proven that many times over Jellyhead Joe on the other hand has proven what a fool he truly is and an anti-American taboo he wants to change the form of government in the United States yet to be elected him I swear in oath to protect and defend our constitution grow a brain cell America Joe Biden cannot win he would destroy America

  8. Is this rushed coronavirus vaccine safe? Short term safety studies may not turn up long term side effects. How long has the study been? Hours… days…weeks or months? There is no drug/vaccine without side effects. I would like to be know all the ingredients in the vaccine? Is a double blind study being used with a benign placebo? Over $4 billion has been paid out for vaccine injuries, thus far. I would rather not experience a vaccine I would like to see the safety study report done by a neutral agency; not the vaccine manufacturer.

    1. Don’t trust it – don’t take it. Simple. But don’t get in the way of those who want to try to get their normal life back, like Fauchi has done with hydrozycloriquine!

    2. Google Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. v Alan Dershowitz COVID-19

      Robert Kennedy is saying they do not test these vaccines enough. Dershowitz wants to make it mandatory.
      Very good debate. It is 1 hr. you might want to copy website and watch it later or in increments.

  9. President Trump done a lot for our country for less than 5 years. All liberals idiots all they done destroying our economy and our safety.

  10. Quite frankly, I am not willing to go blindly into the vaccine, because to be honest, I will not ever trust any vaccine that has Gates approval. He has crossed into the power-hungry camp and wants ‘his’ vaccines in every single body that walks. I am not a sheep and I will not blindly follow.

    1. It seems they want to put some kind of tracer in it so they can track you. I agree with you, anything that Gates touches, I am against. He actually gave shots to children in India, now India has banned him from bringing any vaccines there. Children were paralyzed. In the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr video debate against Alan Dershowitz he said they are not testing any of the vaccines that were given to children long enough and they are doing the same with this one.

  11. Most of the anti TRUMP comments on these sights are soros paid for TROLLS and that has been investigated and proven so don’t pay to much attention to them
    TRUMP 2020 ———- 2024

  12. We don’t need a vaccine and I, for one, will NOT be getting it if and when we have one! We already have two very effective treatments for COVID-19 that are being downplayed and deprived to the American people for political reasons. I don’t wear a mask either. I am sick to death of hearing about COVID -19 and all the hype and misinformation that is being spread about it. It still has NOT reached the level of the N1H1 virus we had about ten years ago and there was NO lockdown, NO masks, and NO hysteria then. This is purely political people! Just let it run it’s course and move on, just like we did with polio, chickenpox, malaria, the flu, etc. etc. etc.

    1. YES! … Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD. , Texas; 7 years on Gov. Perry’s Health Committee
      protocol pdf to dnld. … no need for masks nor vaccine as cures safely heal all ages/all stages! Healthy for a 2 lb. baby! Masks do not stop transmission of a virus!
      I’m 78.8 and ride buses to shop and do not wear a mask. I live in Canada where our gov’t is in CCP pocket!
      Pray we are able to use healing meds and no forced masks nor vaccine.[I do not get flu vaccines…Gates/Fauci want vaccines because they make $$billions with no ability to sue them for injuries and deaths, which are millions]
      Gates wants a vaccine with a tracking chip. They put aborted fetus parts in vaccines which cause cancers and also can change your DNA…RNA?? On Demand…”Ministry Now” and “Joni Tabletalk” programs mid-May to mid-June; July and Aug.3/20 for interviews with Dr. Rashid Buttar, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Del Bigtree, Frontline Doctors and Dr. R. Bartlett.
      Also, theHighwire with Del Bigtree.
      Shalom! Psalm 91 2 Timothy 1:7

  13. Dave, you’re asking Linda to name any document or provable lie Trump has told … she will come up with lots of them just by doing
    “ copy and paste” of all the stuff that the media and their radical left friends came up with as part of their “ agenda” of opposing Trump even before he got elected .
    In the same time nobody wants to mention all the lies and corruption and abuse of power during Hussein Obama and the rest of his marxist comrades.
    Shameful !!!!

  14. It’s really a shame that Joe Biden’s family is not stepping in and stopping this with him going for the presidency it’s obviously shows The Biden has dementia I’ve seen my father go through it terrible that they’re allowed him to go through it in public but for right now our best bet is Donald Trump

  15. Think about this. A proven vaccine may, probably will, give some amount of confidence to the people, even the world. But this virus IS NOT going away. In the beginning China experimented with this as a biological military weapon and it got away from them. However China now has plenty of the virus stored and can release any amount where ever they want at anytime. And knowing the Chinese philosophy as I do they would have NO qualms about contaminating any nation, especially ours, at anytime they feel the least bit threatened militarily, financially, or politically. The Chinese Leaders have little regard for life, even their own people, when it comes to domination. Just as we have demanded freedom for a few hundred years the Chinese have controlled their people for THOUSANDS of years. And they would risk total destruction before they would change. So while a solid vaccine would provide some relief it won’t destroy the threat.

  16. My personal belief is that all We need to do is put Our faith in God, back into ALL aspects of Life. True 💯🙏 Faith in Our Father can correct any and all of Man’s destructive Force’s on Earth! It doesn’t matter what U call Ur God, he is still, “Our Father”! So when are We going to act like Brothas and Sistas? Instead of acting like We do now. A bunch of Heartless living beings with Greed as the Driving Force behind Us.

  17. Just make sure U take baby aspirin. It’s of course considered to be a Blood thinner. The Covid 19 makes the Blood thicken to where the Heart ❤️ can’t pump it and then die.

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