April 21, 2021

USPS whistleblowers allege hundreds of thousands of ballots improperly handled

Wielding the coronavirus pandemic as their weapon of choice, Democrats pushed for widespread vote-by-mail in the 2020 presidential election. Opponents of the method were concerned about the possibility that everything from postal incompetence to fraud could unfairly sway the election — and now it seems they may be right.

Whistleblowers have come forward with shocking allegations against the U.S. Postal Service, including charges that as many as 288,000 mail-in ballots suddenly went missing while another 100,000 ballots were illegally backdated, the Washington Examiner reported. The FBI is looking into these incidents announced Tuesday that were uncovered by the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project.

One of the most serious allegations is from USPS subcontractor Jesse Morgan who alleged that his trailer filled with 144,000-288,000 mail-in ballots suddenly went missing at a Lancaster, Pennsylvania postal depot. Morgan was driving the truck full of completed ballots from Bethpage, New York to the location when the trailer loaded with the ballots vanished.

Nathan Pease, another subcontractor, alleged that Wisconsin postal workers collected and falsely backdated nearly 100,000 mail-in ballots received Nov. 4 — the day after Election Day — that would otherwise have been discarded due to their late arrival. Pease allegedly gathered this information from two separate postal employees with their accounts completely independent of one another.

Postal workers in Michigan and parts of Pennsylvania also said they witnessed ballots being backdated. In addition, they alleged that President Donald Trump’s campaign mail being categorized as “Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail.” These same employees alleged they were urged to deliver President-elect Joe Biden’s mail on time.

The accusations weren’t just related to the USPS, however. Gregory Stenstrom, a computer expert from Pennsylvania, said he saw an election official and a vendor for the Dominion company improperly access and update the voting machines and comingle jump drives. This is problematic for the verification process and could hinder a proper audit.

The non-profit watch dog law firm said that these incidents mostly occurred in Democratic areas, and that they had both photographic evidence of the vote machine tinkering as well as “a detailed eyewitness account of the breaking of sealed boxes of ballot jump drives and commingling of those jump drives with others.” The Society said their evidence also revealed  “multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.”

Many states have already certified their election results, but there is mounting evidence that this year’s election had serious problems. It’s not that there’s some top-down conspiracy, but rather the logical end to the reckless and calumnious establishment media that spend years convincing half of the country that Trump was a racist, white-supremacist, fascist dictator that had to be stopped at all cost.

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57 Responses

    1. Ok, Dominion is 60% owned by Nancy Pelosi’s husband, partly by George Soros, and I can’t off the top of my head say who the other is !

      1. Can you prove that? I would love to see some proof. I want Trump to stay in office, but idle comments aren’t cutting it.

        1. My mail-in vote for Trump was not counted. It somehow disapeared in the postal service.
          I checked the local voter registration site and it stated vote not recieved.

        2. These aren’t idle comments ok….stop this nonsense of wanting proof…do your research and you will see ample proof besides in this very article they show you photographic evidence of what the USPS whistle blower said in a signed affidavit under threat of perjury if he lied…you people all wanting proof when all the lawyers and Trump’s team and Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani who are two highly respected lawyers the best in the country have reams of evidence and have been….sharing this with people like yourself…they hold up wads of affidavits and even share some…graphs have been shared as well….and you keep saying this is idle talk give me a break and grow a pair….Lawyers of this caliber are hardly likely to lie and people signing written affidavits of this nature where they know there is a serious penalty of even imprisonment if they have been found to be lying…..Affidavits is EVIDENCE BY THE WAY OR ARE YOU SIMPLY NOT AWARE OF THAT.???…DO YOUR RESEARCH YOU WILL FIND AMPLE EVIDENCE OF HEINOUS FRAUD COMMITTED BY THE DEMOCRATS AND YOU WILL FIND VIDEO FOOTAGE OF SUCH FRAUD TAKING PLACE….THESE USPS WORKERS HAVE THE COURAGE TO COME FORWARD AND SHARE AS EYEWITNESSES TO WHAT THEY SAW AND EVEN WHAT THEY IN ESSENCE FOUND THEMSELVES UNWITTINGLY INVOLVED WITH……SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE OBEYING ORDERS AND THEY WERE JUST DOING THEIR JOBS….BUT THEN SOON REALIZED SOMETHING WAS SERIOUSLY WRONG….AND HAD TO COME FORWARD WITH THEIR OWN TESTIMONIES OF WHAT THEY EXPERIENCED FIRST HAND…..THEIR STATEMENTS TAKEN UNDER OATH ON SIGNED AFFIDAVITS IS PROOF AND EVIDENCE…SOME EVEN HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF WHAT TOOK PLACE WHEN THEY REALIZED SOMETHING DID NOT QUITE ADD UP……GO AND DO YOUR RESEARCH INSTEAD OF MAKING NEGATIVE COMMENT AND LISTENING IT SEEMS TO FAKE NEWS MEDIA…..IF THEY ARE YOUR RESEARCH THEN I HAVE NO WORDS TO SAY…EXCEPT TO REITERATE START DIGGING AND YOU WILL FIND A LOT MORE EVIDENCE OUT THERE THAN YOU EVER EVEN DREAMED OF…..

        3. Have a question for those asking for proof of voter fraud. Stop and take the time to review the news videos of all the campaign rallies for both candidates. Look carefully at each one. Trump had between 25,000-50,000 supporters at each and every rally, Biden had hundreds? Then when he came to Phx. airport President Trump had Thousands at the rallies, and meeting him at the airport. Biden had zero when he landed in Phx. Can you explain that if so many people voted for him why so few at the rallies?


    2. Yep. It is WAY PAST TIME to arrest dozens of these TRAITORS WHO ARE ALSO CRIMINALS. Arrest them, throw them in jail, have them tried, and then put them in prison….or worse. They have been and always WILL try to destroy our once great nation. The leftists are not worth giving up our nation….they detest it and the dumber ones actually “think” democrats will make everything right, which, of course, the opposite is what will happen. Dumb, dumb, dumb they all are….I could care less what “education” they have had, “how high their “intelligence” is.

    1. Amen. Hold another election by the end of December and have the winner announced before inauguration day. All monitored by the armed services. All hand ballots. NO computers. No late votes and nothing mailed in . Military can vote with counts sent by a general to the US. You want to vote you go to the polls.

      1. Great ideas, Kate, in the end would be none of this mess we are in with paper ballots. THE ONLY WAY to be damn sure there is no cheating is to hold the Presidential part of the election over !!! The Armed Forces should be the ONLY ones who are not biased with who votes for whom !!! Or tempted to change the chosen candidate on the ballots. Be cheaper to do this than what we the taxpayers are going thru now. NO VOTE without a Photo ID and your signature to match your registration card..no on lookers or election official in the voting area and where you turn in your ballots, Military to take each ballot and drop in locked boxes ….NO machines to count or send out results to others on a memory stick……wat a wide open door to commit fraud big time….and they DID !! Be easy to change the data on a computer, dont’ care what Dominion says……teenage kids can do that little number some are so computer savvy. How can something so simple as voting turn into this total failure ?!!! HOW can ballots be lost and others coming in by the huge numbers still to date ? And HOW can accurate recounts be certified as the gospel truth ? Betcha there would not be more votes than registered voters this go round if they decide cast to revote !!!

        1. Here we have to ENSURE THE MSM STOPS LYING ABOUT ABSENTEE BALLOTS, AND THE NEW “MAIL IN BALLOTS” BEING THE SAME! They are NOT! Overseas service people VOTE ABSENTEE BALLOT! I voted that way from TAIWAN! With ABSENTEE BALLOTS. you need to contact the COUNTY CLERK in your voting district AND REQUEST A BALLOT! I had to give them my address in Michigan and Taiwan, the last 4 digits of my SS#, my Michigan Drivers License #, and sign an affidavit that if I lied about ANYTHING I would face both State and Federal felony charges! Then I had to sign another affidavit when I voted and MAILED MY BALLOT IN, AT MY EXPENSE! The DEMS in Michigan removed all the legal penalties and mailed blank ballots TO EVERYONE ON THE ROLLS! THAT IS WHY DEAD PEOPLE HAD BALLOTS SENT TO THEM THAT ACTIVISTS INTERCEPTED, FILLED OUT AND TURNED IN! We knew this would be a disaster BEFORE THE ELECTION BUT THEY JUST LET IT HAPPEN! Judicial Watch has been fighting for years to clean up voter rolls FOR EXACTLY THIS REASON. Contact Judicial Watch for corroboration!

    2. The only way to fix this is have another election this time only on paper ballots, absentee only with ID and signature, and no machines. Sorry, but even the dems didn’t want this back years ago. Now I wonder why? If they say there is no problem with the count then open everything up and have a full scaled audit and verification. And if the envelopes were destroyed they are not legal. Also, observers will be present on both sides

    3. Good idea, and I have another idea. Every vote should be checked by both a democrat AND a republican in every state. If one state refuses to do just that, then they should not be allowed to vote at all.

    1. If BIDEN gives citizenship to the 11 to 22 BILLION illegal aliens True Americans will never have another chance!

      1. I totally agree, and I believe the political LEFT also agrees and I personally believe the leftoids in the USA will do ANYTHING to destroy our once great nation, the best in the world and STUPIDITY IS DESTROYING IT . They are either filled with hate OR they are merely as stupid as I believe them to be.

  1. The democrats new that the only way to win was to fix the election they have been doing it for years this time they got caught. Shame shame shame on you. They are poor losers

    1. The Demacrats have cheated every single Election year do we really want lying cheating stealing person to be our country’s leader I think not and we need some one that can stand up to enemies Biden sure can’t stand up to anybody he can’t even stand up to play with his dog without doing something stupid

  2. Fidler—What is going on??? I’ve been watching everything that they have put in front of Judges and they say they can’t find anything wrong! People aren’t stupid. I don’t know how they would be able to Biden in there for President. And as far as the claimed Vice President. They can’t get away with the pulling her in because they think Biden can’t control the office of the President.

      1. This is true, planned and TERRORIZING! BLM will take over our government and her friend SHARPTON will be head of the DHS!

  3. Why can this election be debunked and have new one middle o Dec walk in vote only no mail in. If can’t come in have FBI do it at there cars nursing homes there only bring in machine do at home and so forth MY GOD WHAT IS GONE WRONG THAT WE WOULD LET THE BIG SNAKES OF THE DEVIL ENTER THIS GOVERMENT OK SEND TO SEP COURT LET THEM DO SOMETHING I WOULD REALLY NOT WANT MY GRANDCHILDREN AND GREAT GRANDCHILDREN TO BE PUT IN A COMMUNIST /SOCILIST RULED WORLD. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY

  4. Recounting the ballots? It may help trim a small amount of the fraud. It will clear up the ones that were run over and over between two to eight times according to one witness. It doesn’t help the stolen ballots…288,000 on one truck? It won’t help the mail in ballots being backdated. It won’t help the mail in ballots that were removed and replaced with Biden ballots. It won’t help the mail in ballots that were filled in by dead people, by people who don’t live in the state and voted in two or more states. It won’t help the ballots that were stolen from mail boxes, that were not requested, and filled out by Biden supporters. Nothing short of a complete re-vote will guarantee a fair election. This is unacceptable. This will lead to the complete destruction of our voting system, thereby the complete destruction of our nation. We are NOT the Communist States of America…..just yet anyway.

  5. what would make it possible to scrap this election and have a (new) re-election ??
    start from scratch with no mail in ballots —and properly supervised
    a stupid suggestion ??!!!
    probably impossible but it would be clear what would be looked for with all precautions
    and the results would be undeniable

    this present situation is unbelievable –and a sorry state of affairs–national and international
    so much Proof(?) of indiscretion

  6. Trump needs to call the the executive order he did in 2018 saying anyone who cheats will be charged with treason. He also needs to put the insurrection in law now! He needs to call Marshall Law and punish those who betrayed us for treason. Go to httpsgov.com your name now that’s the only way we can win. Love ok it up and demand Marshall law

    1. Hi Laura I’m so damned pissed off I’ve been saying the same exact thing as you Insurrection Act back up our great POLICE!!! These WEAK DEMOPSYCHOPATHS GOVERNOR’S & MAYOR’S stand down while these ANTIFA n BLM SCUMS destroy PROPERTY’S cause BILLIONS in DAMAGE OVERTURN THIS SHAM 2020 ELECTION??

  7. Trump needs to get on national television and ask all his supporters that voted for him to send proof they voted for Trump to his personal mailbox and let’s see just how many true votes were cast for President Trump!!!!
    That will prove whether Trump won or the devil !!!

  8. hope for a resolution on this election mess, how many of them voting machines have been altered allready ???
    they should investagate all them so called gemocratic states ,too
    i cant see why biden won tn them states !democrats have destroyed them citys in them states!people cant be that dum letting democrats get away with destroying their homes and livelyhoods and defunding the police !

  9. It time to wake up since we have NO news just media commenters. Act immediately and reduce the election. At polls no mailin. And a valid I’d

  10. What about Biden saying, they have put together the most extensive fraud team put together! Nobody mentions that!

    1. Call me Daffy..but a recount the same way the first votes were counted would still be open to cheating the numbers…..unless counted by those who don’t care who wins just that the votes are correctly counter for each candidate and without ” supervisors” to issue odd orders to the ones who physically counts. Again military personnel would not be a bad idea compared to the ones we had election day…….and one more thing !!! NO MORE night votes….if delivery of ballots were made all night long WHO signed off to receive those votes and not just one or two but a group of the two parties, how can a state tell if their votes were legal ones ?, Ya’ll. Close up cameras on all who vote AND count should be installed…….sounds drastic, huh? Well look what NOT having things better worked out has gotten us !!!!

  11. Well, if the corrupt lying treasonous FBI is involved in any investigation, legal US citizens can be confident any illegal activity will be skillfully concealed, wiped out, erased, destroyed…

  12. I seriously doubt Dementia Joe’s panicking, because, “He’s running for the Senate” don’t you know? On a serious note, I doubt he’s still capable of wiping his own butt.

  13. Alot of ballots are Not going to be able to be confirmed, and alot of the ballots have been deleted from the counting machines…AND DON’T FORGET WE HAD DEAD FOLKS VOTING AS WELL !..WHAT A MESS……REVOTE !!!! HOW COULD ANY ONE SORT THRU THIS MESS AND GET IT 100 CORRECT????? CAN WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND A REVOTE ?

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me. My husband and myself are willing to go vote again and have our votes properly counted!

  14. Anybody know what the “live” American citizens have to do to demand a REVOTE before January and for them to be properly handled and counted?

    1. Can we start a NATIONAL SIGNATURE survey to document our demand for a re-vote, WITH NO MAIL IN BALLOTS!? If the ACLU wasn’t pure BLUE maybe they would help, get a lawyer? How do we express our demand for equal justice and fair election voting?


  16. I voted ABSENTEE BALLOT, from Taiwan. The Michigan system said my ballot was “received”, but there is no way to see if it was processed. I would also like to know if anyone tried to use my MAIL IN BALLOT, that went to my last address in the US in a Detroit suburb! Due to the fact of international postage, and possible delays, I voted as early as I could!


  18. MOST people can’t SEE that Immigration, BOTH legal and Mostly Illegal have all but destroyed this nation. The example is George Soros and BHO two foreigners who had influence and still have the same! One has major amounts of money where he is buying the destruction of this nation to bring about the New One World Order and the other, he is one who was used to change the order in this nation, and to make a new order! The U.S.A is the last remaining obstacle to fall, before that ORDER is completely in control! You will KNOW this order as Communism! Don’t tell me, give me your poor your tired and delapidated refuse! This always destroys nations and someone knows this and uses this to do JUST that! These two above are just what Satan used to mess up Israel when they came out of Egypt! The Bible calls them a “MIXED MULTITUDE!” Mixed Multitudes always mingle, and mangle societies! they take what GOD made PURE, Psalms 12:6-7KJV and water it down and destroy what was TRUTH and make it a fraud!

  19. We need to demand a re vote! Paper ballots only, in person with a valid voter I.d.! No undocumented persons allowed to vote! And have military at every polling place checking voter I.d. Before entering, and also military observing vote counting. That way, we might get a real election. Also proof of at least six months residency in the county or state.

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