September 29, 2022

USA Today raises new call to fire Tucker Carlson

Leftist columnist Steven Petrow wrote an op-ed in USA Today Monday that called on Fox News to fire host Tucker Carlson for his “dangerous rhetoric” — once again igniting an avalanche of controversy surrounding the longtime Fox host. 

“His dangerous rhetoric sounds like Trump’s inflammatory speech before the Jan. 6 insurrection,” Petrow wrote. “That turned deadly. Carlson is taking the same risk.”

Petrow added that Fox News is “courting death and danger by giving Tucker Carlson a platform to incite strangers to confront and harass mask wearers.”

Carlson has become the focus of attacks by many mask proponents for his strong opposition to wearing masks.

“The idea that people were being told, being forced to wear masks outside should shock us,” he said last week on Fox News.

“There was never any meaningful risk of mass transmission outdoors.”

Tucker Carlson may be vocal about masks, but it’s not Petrow’s call to fire him. Many of Carlson’s viewers agree with his thoughts on masks, explaining in part why his program has become so popular.


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