October 22, 2021

USA Today raises new call to fire Tucker Carlson

Leftist columnist Steven Petrow wrote an op-ed in USA Today Monday that called on Fox News to fire host Tucker Carlson for his “dangerous rhetoric” — once again igniting an avalanche of controversy surrounding the longtime Fox host. 

“His dangerous rhetoric sounds like Trump’s inflammatory speech before the Jan. 6 insurrection,” Petrow wrote. “That turned deadly. Carlson is taking the same risk.”

Petrow added that Fox News is “courting death and danger by giving Tucker Carlson a platform to incite strangers to confront and harass mask wearers.”

Carlson has become the focus of attacks by many mask proponents for his strong opposition to wearing masks.

“The idea that people were being told, being forced to wear masks outside should shock us,” he said last week on Fox News.

“There was never any meaningful risk of mass transmission outdoors.”

Tucker Carlson may be vocal about masks, but it’s not Petrow’s call to fire him. Many of Carlson’s viewers agree with his thoughts on masks, explaining in part why his program has become so popular.

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Lena Pop (@guest_1238042)
5 months ago

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Reply to  Lena Pop
5 months ago

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mike anthony gullatt (@guest_1238314)
Reply to  H. Engel
5 months ago

go away!!!!!!

Mad as Hell (@guest_1238137)
5 months ago

WOW these people don’t like Tucker cause he tells it like it is. The main news idiots will use lies, deceit, & anything else they think that will make them look good, but it only shows what they really are, people who hate America!!!

PlumLady (@guest_1238218)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
5 months ago

It is refreshing to hear Tucker tell the truth without the spin. Keep doing what you’re doing, the others are just jealous that they don’t have the spine or guts to tell the truth

Robert Smith (@guest_1238315)
Reply to  PlumLady
5 months ago

That’s exactly right plus the fact that pissrow’s paper doesn’t have the following that Tucker has ,and it coz he doesn’t hold back he calls it as he sees it, and it expose the lies of the paper… keep up the great work @Tucker Carlson

Donald H McGowan (@guest_1238295)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
5 months ago

These billionaires want to control America, and are buying these media outlets to spill their hatred of the American public that does not go along with their narrative. We are tired of being called racists, Nazis, we are Americans who are proud of our country despite the idiots running the country. I am ashamed of the media going along with this bull$hit because they want to stay relevant and money is the power also that keeps them lying. Please vote for the people that love this country, VOTE TRUMP 2024.

Helen (@guest_1238301)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
5 months ago

Petrow is plain jealous because he will never have a following like Tucker Carlson. I love him and I love that he tells it like it is. No fake news. No waxing like the other idiots on CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. All fake news. Keep it up Tucker.

Bryan Dorfmeyer (@guest_1238335)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
5 months ago

Screw them he tells the truth that’s why they want him fired

Linda Frye (@guest_1238370)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
5 months ago

Im glad Tucker has a spine to stand up against evil propaganda and lies Promoting FEAR instead of FREEDOM in our now communist nation.

horntex (@guest_1238210)
5 months ago

Stop acting like a little boy, Petrow. People don’t get fired because crybabies don’t agree with what they say. My suggestion is, you should be fired.

Nancy Portia Barberis (@guest_1238216)
Reply to  horntex
5 months ago

I bet he wets his pants as well

frank roselli (@guest_1238265)
Reply to  horntex
5 months ago

you took the words rite out of my mouth!

Stephen Osterday (@guest_1238302)
Reply to  horntex
5 months ago

Frankly I think he should be tarred and feathered.

Helen (@guest_1238303)
Reply to  horntex
5 months ago

Don’t know why Petrow still has a job!!!

Joanna (@guest_1238353)
Reply to  Helen
5 months ago

Who is this Petrow I never heard of him!! sounds like a damn cry baby!! If Fox fires Tucker there plenty of people who will leave FOX!!! Someone please tell me who this guy is!!

Ana Taveras (@guest_1238212)
5 months ago

Tucker Carlson is only saying what most of feel. We are tired of the mask wearing and the control that comes with it.

Joanna (@guest_1238355)
Reply to  Ana Taveras
5 months ago

That’s all it is Ana CONTROL

Ray Janusz (@guest_1238213)
5 months ago

you go tucker!!

mas (@guest_1238217)
5 months ago

TRUTH invites scrutiny.
ERROR demands tolerance.

Steve (@guest_1238219)
5 months ago

DITTOS Long Live RUSH!!!!

Bob (@guest_1238221)
5 months ago

Tucker is one of the few that tell the TRUTH!

Tam A MacArthur (@guest_1238223)
5 months ago

Tucker Carson tells it like it really is. Steve Petrow is a 3 ring circus clown. This idiot thinks we are going to listen and do what he wants is a joke. We like Tucker and we are going to keep listing to him. So Mr. Petrow, you can go to HELL.

Phil (@guest_1238226)
5 months ago

I’m blocked again, and again
Go tucker

Sharon (@guest_1238228)
5 months ago

GOD Bless Tucker. He’s saying what we all are except he has the platform to get the word out.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1238229)
5 months ago

Go Tucker keep it up, screw the Estd Media.
Were on your 6

Sid (@guest_1238232)
5 months ago

Amen to Mad as Hell. Tucker is right on. The sheep that follow Fasei are typical of the sheep that followed Hitler till they noticed too late what the govt was up to.

Michael Troy (@guest_1238237)
5 months ago

Just another Marxist Journalist speaking BS to get a man who says what the majority of Americans believe. What Tucker says is not knew, his thoughts on mask wearing isn’t a new thought, Americans has been saying what Tucker has been saying, before Tucker has brought it out, it’s just that, Tucker has a larger platform. and the Marxist just don’t like it, Tucker’s response doesn’t fit the Marxist platform.

Phil (@guest_1238239)
5 months ago


Roger Yaste (@guest_1238243)
Reply to  Phil
5 months ago

WHY am I blocked

Eddie Price (@guest_1238244)
5 months ago

Tucker tells it like it is! If Jethro(Petrow) can’t take it, don’t watch. We live in a free country where different people have different views. My view is synonymous with Tucker’s. If you don’t like what he has to say, DON’T WATCH!!!

Phil (@guest_1238246)
5 months ago

Wow……what a world
Google blocks certain words
No free speech

william s baldwin (@guest_1238247)
5 months ago

tucker tells the truth like it really is 100%

PATRICIA J PINSKEY (@guest_1238253)
5 months ago


Cheryl (@guest_1238256)
5 months ago

What???? Maxine Waters can say what she said and not even get her hand slapped but Tucker doesn’t say half of what she said and they want him fired…we have a 2 tiered Justice System. It just boggles my mind that any person would say anything to someone wearing a mask, I’m not a fan of Tucker saying what he did but I don’t think what he said was anywhere near what Maxine Waters has said. She actually instructs these idiots to do illegal things, she pushes it to the edge & waits until someone does the dirty work then it’s all Trumps fault. Mrs. Waters needs to retire & if she doesn’t she needs to be impeached before she instructs someone to do something that they will be sorry for & possibility be put in prison for the rest of their lives.

James Semsch (@guest_1238352)
Reply to  Cheryl
5 months ago

That’s exactly what I was thinking!

Candyce Lee Clanton (@guest_1238261)
5 months ago

Let’s fire Petrow – we like Tucker. Who’s Petrow? And who listens to him? Not I!

Barb (@guest_1238262)
5 months ago

If Tucker should be fired then I guess so should Waters for saying to get in people’s faces. Plays both ways Petrow. Stop crying.

Stephen Geiger (@guest_1238270)
5 months ago

So according to this bone-head Tucker Carlson’s rhetoric is dangerous but Maxine Waters telling BLM to be more confrontational is not. What a pea-brain.

John Riedel (@guest_1238279)
5 months ago

Leftist columnist Steven Petrow is just another puppet spreading the lies of the left. Who is he gong to beg for help when the Extreme leftists come for him?

Martin Braunstein (@guest_1238282)
5 months ago

Making children wear masks outside for no reason is “cruel and inhuman”. What Tucker has pointed out is that
there is no scientific or factual evidence that A) wearing a mask outside, especially when not in a large, closed group has any benefit and does anything to stop the spread of a virus or anything else, B) that wearing a mask outside or inside on a continual basis is bad for children health and their psyche, and C) wearing a mast to make others “feel comfortable”, when it comes to children, is an abuse of power by adults and an abuse of those children in general.
Question? When did all of those maskees become so “STUPID”? GO TUCKER!! Love your program!!!

Robert Wayne (@guest_1238286)
5 months ago

Tucker Carlson tells it like it is. It IS child abuse to make small kids wear masks all the time. But then these left wing radicals are all for child abuse. Just look what’s going on at the border with all those South American kids. I’m sure they hate American kids too.

bruce (@guest_1238290)
5 months ago

There is no evidence, no science that out door mask wearing does anything but make you sweat. Children don’t need masks. In fact, unless you have covid with a fever and are getting right in someone’s face and breathing on them for 10 minutes or more, no one is getting covid, whether you have masks or not. Even if you get it, you have a 99.8% chance of getting over it. This is biggest scam/farce in the modern era. I’m 66, had it. For me, it wasn’t even as severe as many flus I have had… I know, people have died, but people die every year of something including the flu. The Nazi government and the propaganda media need to drop the whole false story. No one and nothing should shut down.

Barb2554 (@guest_1238291)
5 months ago

And I suppose that BLM and others on the left including Biden and Harris promoting the myths of white supremacy and systemic racism being pounded every day wouldn’t incite people to act aggressively against those being demonized in the eyes of the victims? But mocking mask wearing incites a revolt? If that’s the case, then Bidrn, Harris and the Democrats need to go because they too should be considered a danger to our republic.

Old (@guest_1238293)
5 months ago

Grow up. this is the
USA not China..
The University’s and media are beds of
Marxism.. maybe you haven’t noticed..
It’s why we have brains .. to “THINK”
Not to be indoctrinated to social justice

janice holt (@guest_1238294)
5 months ago

Faucian Bargain #1 book on Amazon for over 2 months; gives truth, facts, and more footnotes on where to find info. on charts, words of real doctor experts than Fauci. Steve Deace is author

Dean (@guest_1238300)
5 months ago

God Bless Tucker — one of the few voices of reason on the airwaves

Helen (@guest_1238309)
5 months ago

Tucker Carlson is real and tells the truth. If petrow doesn’t like him, he does not have to listen to his program. He can turn on biden and harris since that is who he sounds like. Left wing liars who lie with straight faces. Petrow can go staight to hell and stay there.

JC (@guest_1238311)
5 months ago

USA Today Petrow is a foolish liberal reporter. Tucker tells the truth and the left and their fake media folks just can’t stand it. Too bad suckers…

Helen (@guest_1238319)
5 months ago

Tucker tells it like it is-the truth. You have to ask yourself what is USA Today afraid of? Steve P-look in the mirror-that’s who YOU should be afraid of-not Tucker. Perhaps USA Today needs to let you go.

Thomas Duhs (@guest_1238322)
5 months ago

Tucker Carlson is the Winston Churchill of our times. Like Churchill, Tucker’s warnings and descriptions are not well received. Tucker’s wit, manner, decorum, and treatment of guests is an example of how to do it. I wish the guy who follows him in the next time slot could be a little more like Tucker. He is one of the very best of the FOX stable of personalities. Love the guy.

Jeff Stalnaker (@guest_1238328)
5 months ago

Tucker Carlson is RIGHT! USA Today needs to start reporting the news from both sides. Stay with the science. The problem is USA Today is afraid, they are afraid of what they have helped to create, it is a shame. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are not reporters, they are not journalists, they are blind, brainless sheep following the blind, brainless leaders that want to continue to think they are in control and have power over the AMERICAN people. Which they don’t.

Jan (@guest_1238339)
5 months ago

Hooray for Tucker. He calls it like it is and those panty waist Liberals and Democrats cannot take it. i’m sure Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and ol’ bug eyes hate Tucker. Just keep the pressure on Tucker as I’m sure many are behind you.

Tex (@guest_1238340)
5 months ago

I would rather see all Democrats dead, than fire Tucker !

Greenlight (@guest_1238343)
5 months ago

Well isn’t this irony, once again. Part of the media attacking another part that doesn’t agree with their bias and political agenda. Tucker actually has some scientific proof in his position, the opposition does not, so he is attacked.

Folks look at this…it is exemplary of the cancer happening in our society. Free speech is under attack because there are radicals trying to jam an ideology down our throats, that they know is unacceptable to the majority of Americans, so ‘they’ try shut people up and cancel them so others can not hear a counter position that makes sense. The left plays to emotion, not facts. Test me and prove it to yourself.

Be on the lookout for our Constitution being undermined it and don’t succumb to their bullying.

Edward G. Bertam (@guest_1238351)
5 months ago

I’m firing Fox. –Ed Bertram



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