August 18, 2022

USA Today raises new call to fire Tucker Carlson

Leftist columnist Steven Petrow wrote an op-ed in USA Today Monday that called on Fox News to fire host Tucker Carlson for his “dangerous rhetoric” — once again igniting an avalanche of controversy surrounding the longtime Fox host. 

“His dangerous rhetoric sounds like Trump’s inflammatory speech before the Jan. 6 insurrection,” Petrow wrote. “That turned deadly. Carlson is taking the same risk.”

Petrow added that Fox News is “courting death and danger by giving Tucker Carlson a platform to incite strangers to confront and harass mask wearers.”

Carlson has become the focus of attacks by many mask proponents for his strong opposition to wearing masks.

“The idea that people were being told, being forced to wear masks outside should shock us,” he said last week on Fox News.

“There was never any meaningful risk of mass transmission outdoors.”

Tucker Carlson may be vocal about masks, but it’s not Petrow’s call to fire him. Many of Carlson’s viewers agree with his thoughts on masks, explaining in part why his program has become so popular.

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isidro Jesse garcia (@guest_1238368)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is the only news caster with the guts to tell it like it is and ask the questions that need asking. Many think he’s a conspiracy theorist but in reality he’s a realist with the nerve to point out exactly where our government is heading and what they are doing to us to get there. he is non-partisan since this both the Dems and the GOP are equally guilty when it comes to supporting the people, neither party is doing a good job addressing the peoples demands

Huffman (@guest_1238456)
Reply to  isidro Jesse garcia
1 year ago

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Lan Huynh (@guest_1238693)
Reply to  isidro Jesse garcia
1 year ago

I agree with you.
Tucker Carlson, Hannity & Laura Ingram, Judge J. Pirro, and Gutfeld are the only TV personalities worth watching.
All other stations are full of anchors with muddy heads. It’s scary!

Judith marlowe (@guest_1239166)
Reply to  Lan Huynh
1 year ago

Absolutely true. Fox understands that if there was a hint of firing Carlson Fox they would be finished, no ands, ifs or buts.

robert (@guest_1239227)
Reply to  Judith marlowe
1 year ago

they should be asking who cares what some left wing dingbat has to say .

Jerry R Steffey (@guest_1239446)
Reply to  Lan Huynh
1 year ago

Totally agree!

sandra dennison (@guest_1239524)
Reply to  Lan Huynh
1 year ago

OAN is a good news channel that tells the truth,with Dan Ball,Kera ?,and others.They are not afraid to tell it like it really is.

Frank (@guest_1239646)
Reply to  isidro Jesse garcia
1 year ago

you are correct, Tucker is smart and knows what to say without hate but with brain an d heart!

DOLORES Freeman (@guest_1238374)
1 year ago


alicia cervera (@guest_1238484)
Reply to  DOLORES Freeman
1 year ago

USAtoday can go pound sand. Tucker aint going NOWHERE! but USA today can go to the AVERNUS as far as im concerned.!!!

Jim (@guest_1239129)
Reply to  DOLORES Freeman
1 year ago

The days when USA Today was worth reading are long gone. Today it’s just another worthless left leaning rag that belongs in the outhouse. They need to get their act together and get back to where they report the truth the whole truth and not this woke garbage. Take a page from Tucker and you might increase your readers. Stop being stupid.

Barbara (@guest_1238384)
1 year ago

Thank God for Tucker and Fox for speaking out about all the screwball ideas and laws the evil democrat politicans are forcing on the lowly rest of the country. Lowly meaning the Dem politicans way of looking at the rest of us.

Linda Morisch (@guest_1238688)
Reply to  Barbara
1 year ago


jerry d. bresee (@guest_1238699)
Reply to  Linda Morisch
1 year ago

NEWSMAX is 100% conservative, FOXNEWS have two blatant Liberals!

Cleo Bascomb (@guest_1238391)
1 year ago

I totally agree with Tucker Carlson’s opinions. He seems to be the only logical and intelligent journalist who isn’t afraid to ask the logical questions that require immediate answers. His narrative style isn’t at all confrontational but inquisitive. He did not ask people to confront mask wearers who incidentally regularly confronts people not wearing masks, but said when confronted by them for not wearing a mask, ask them to unmask in the same manner…. stand up to the bullies! It should be our own personal choice as to whether to wear a mask or not, especially when haven been vaccinated.

Louise (@guest_1238395)
1 year ago

So it’s OK for AOC and Maxine Waters to encourage people to engage in violence, to ‘get in people’s faces’ and to actively riot, but it’s not OK for Tucker Carlson to express his opinion on children wearing masks?

Pene Murdoch (@guest_1238431)
Reply to  Louise
1 year ago

Exactly, I agree. Where were these people when Mad Maxine told people to get in white peoples faces and say “we don’t want you here. Get out.” ?

Frank Amorosano (@guest_1238396)
1 year ago

Hey Peltrow take your mask and the U.S.A. paper and stick it where the sun does’nt shine

not fooled by scum (@guest_1238457)
Reply to  Frank Amorosano
1 year ago

you are to kind to that mutt

Roland Ferguson (@guest_1238397)
1 year ago


Batch (@guest_1238411)
1 year ago

HOW ABOUT WE FIEW USA TODAT AND PETRO you people can not live with the truth COMMIES

Jeff (@guest_1238414)
1 year ago

Peltrow just a hack working for a leftist driven RAG who isn’t worth the time. They all are still trying to call in favors Hillary owes them for the billions they spent when Trump and the true voting American people sent them packing. They are still owed they feel and have no other recourse. They need to truly wake up.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1238439)
1 year ago

I am sick of the propaganda attempt of calling the Jan 6th crowd control fiasco at the capital THE “INSURRECTION”! There are still many questions about what happened that day, and the more we hear, the more it sounds like a Pelosi set-up and an attempt by the DEMS to paint MAGA supporters as DANGEROUS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! BLM and ANTIFA are “mostly peaceful” protesters! I WILL REMIND YOU THAT BLM REGULARLY THREATENS TO BURN DOWN THE COUNTRY. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SAID SUCH THINGS AT THE JAN 6TH RIOT WERE RADICAL LEFTISTS WHO WERE NOT MAGA PEOPLE ANYWAY! In other words, if you support MAGA policies YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTEST! As far as Tucker Carlson goes, HE IS THE MOST VIEWED BROADCASTER ON CABLE NEWS! HE IS ALSO AN “OPINION” SHOW, MEANING HE IS SPEAKING HIS OPINION! THAT IS HIS RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! THESE DEM TWITS JUST WANT TO SILENCE THOSE WHO OPPOSE THEM! Go ahead, Fire Tucker, he will go someplace else, and a vast number of people will follow him, FOX ratings will crash as they still won’t fire WALLACE AND WILLIAMS, the two most despised people on FOX. GO AHEAD, KEEP TRYING TO SILENCE US, WE WILL EVENTUALLY PREVAIL! BLM RIOTS AND LOOTS FROM TOWN TO TOWN, BUT THEY ARE CIVIL RIGHTS PROTESTS!? WHAT DO YOU THINK MAGA SUPPORTERS ARE DOING?

CC (@guest_1238450)
1 year ago

TUCKER CARLSON is the AMERICAN WAY. He has become the nightmare of the Left.
The Conservative spokesman of the year. Go, go, go Tucker–I watch every episode of your show.
You’ll always be No. 1 to a lot of us–cuz you’re doing the RIGHT thing.

Kris (@guest_1238455)
1 year ago

Tucker Rocks – He is honest and freedom of speech We like it – continue your great work Tucker Carlson and leave the whiners and complainers back in the “dust”

Bob (@guest_1238482)
1 year ago

u r 100% rite!!! there just mad cause they want to keep the people brainwashed with these masks that do nothing for any virus, u need to have a full faced ,gasketed mask that covers your eyes also and u cant have a beard either, cause if somebody sneezes or coughs on u and u just wear the regular mask it still gets in the fluid in your eyes ,so the mask is useless.

Carol Ann Taylor (@guest_1238487)
1 year ago

They can’t handle the Truth Tucker is the Best in telling like it is . No Fake News with Tucker!

G Mek (@guest_1238521)
1 year ago

Everybody knows that when the MSM seek someone’s termination, especially Tucker Carlson, is because they are telling the truth and they hate the truth. Tucker ain’t going nowhere.

BC (@guest_1238557)
1 year ago

Petrow and USA TODAY can KISS MY A$$ on the Brown spot!!

Pollty (@guest_1238567)
1 year ago

Green eyes monster at work

Me (@guest_1238604)
1 year ago

Tucker tells it like it is. Yeah.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1238609)
1 year ago

Whatever the media says is trash to me.. no matter how they try to convince we the people all is good the more we know it is not.. tell it like it is carlson.. more pain in the as for the democraps bs plans the better.. all tohailwithkingbiden

Robert Whitty (@guest_1238612)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson tells it like it is. We all need to have an identity. Do we not when we speak w/family and friends?

Many people who lie or live dishonestly are living in the dark and they do not want anybody bringing the light to
their dark lies or lives. Live honestly, love GOD, and love others. What a life. to bad for the liars.

CJM (@guest_1238619)
1 year ago

The lefties would enjoy nothing more than to see Tucker Carlson off the air because, at that time, the lefties would be able to announce they control EVERYONE and ALL should do their bidding. Good for Tucker; he’s a breath of fresh air in this toxic political world we currently have. People like joy reid should be kicked off the air waves because they do nothing but incite riots. FOX needs to keep Tucker on the air if they want to survive this newest political jungle war.

Sandra (@guest_1238620)
1 year ago

USA Today has become junk mail. This is no longer a reputable printed medium.
They have turned into another lackluster bomb. They have lost all of their integrity,
morals, and intellect. The are one of the representatives of the fact that journalism
is truly dead. Sad and pathetic is what they have become.

Judy Gray (@guest_1238641)
1 year ago

Tucker is telling the truth. Fox News rating will hit an all time low in ratings again if they get rid of Tucker. But this time they will not recover. He is the only one with any courage to tell it like it is. The rest including Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the other Fox News reporters keep repeating the same talking points. I will not watch Fox News if Tucker is fired!

John B (@guest_1238651)
1 year ago

Tucker is the man.

Amy F Lewis (@guest_1242666)
Reply to  John B
1 year ago

Yes, he is. I stand with him.

MrLiberty (@guest_1238705)
1 year ago

The Left wants Tucker out so bad they can taste it . Tucker,Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and most of the hosts like Geraldo,Chris Wallace and a few other lean so far to the left its a wonder they don’t fall over. Juan is amongst the other left leaning the left can do no wrong. I know they keep them on to make it fair and balanced but as far as I am concerned they need to fire all the lefties because being a conservative I don’t agree with anything they say. If i wanted to listen to BS i’d watch ABS,CBS,NBC’ PBS,MSNBC,CNN and any others preaching leftist views. I watch Fox,One America News and NewsMax

Krell51 (@guest_1238711)
1 year ago

Thinking about taking the shot? Better read this first!

Our pandemic is mirroring this almost word for word!

Annette (@guest_1238820)
1 year ago


Annette (@guest_1238822)
1 year ago

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Don (@guest_1239110)
1 year ago

USA today is a rag not fit for a bird cage.

I user (@guest_1239277)
1 year ago

don’t worry if you run out of toilet paper you can always use the NY times or USA today

Greta (@guest_1239435)
1 year ago

Who is that there Justin? Tucker is the only program we tape to watch at our leisure, he is on at 6 here, dinnertime. Usa today or whatever is another rag.

Katydid (@guest_1239520)
1 year ago

Love Tucker and disregard any information coming from the fake news media or reporters.

patrioted (@guest_1240079)
1 year ago

Time to check out of USA Today. When they find that Communism can’ survive in America, then they may wake up instead of Woke.

Richard Lee Bailey (@guest_1240590)
1 year ago

Tucker is telling it like it is. I have many things to say, but what’s the use. We kicked God out of our country and so now God had giver us and evil President. If you don’t believe me, just watch what’s coming down the pike with open eyes.

Altagracia Sheldrup (@guest_1243195)
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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Stephanie Cordero (@guest_1255063)
1 year ago

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