October 3, 2022

US can’t afford a Harris/Biden administration

America cannot afford a Biden/Harris administration in the White House. Democrats and the left either do not understand how economies prosper or they do, and every policy they suggest is purposefully designed to destroy America’s economy — and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are no exception.

Both of them have already promised their radical supporters that they will abolish the fossil fuel industry and all the prosperity it brings if they win the 2020 election. Look no farther than California to see what they have in store for the US.

California Democrats are hostile to fossil fuels and have passed many laws and policies to reduce their use in the name of climate change. Democrats demand more and more solar and wind power to replace fossil fuels which are unreliable and have led to rolling outages when power is needed most. California, an oil-rich state, suffers from high gas prices because the oil fields lay undeveloped and the state refuses to build any more refineries. Governor Gavin Newsom has promised to end fracking by 2024.

These nonsensical energy policies designed to reduce carbon emissions appear ridiculous as California wildfires burning millions of acres spewing pollution and smoke over the state, reducing the efficiency of their precious solar systems by a third. But the governor won’t be deterred in his ambition to abolish fossil fuels to save the planet!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promise to bring the same bad policies impoverishing California to the entire nation if they are elected.

Both Biden and Harris denied in their respective debates that they were for banning fracking but they are on record for promising that very thing to their radical left supporters. If elected, they would throw away the prosperity of the fracking revolution and thereby plunge the whole country back into dependence on middle eastern oil just like the bad old days, endangering economic and national security.

Harris promised to end fracking:

Biden will put an end to fracking:

Both Biden and Harris have repeatedly denied that they will work to ban fracking, but their track record of flip-flipping and their leftist base’s clamoring for them to ban the practice makes it clear which side they’ll fall on when the time comes.


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