July 2, 2022

Unsealed testimony alleges Bill Clinton stayed at Epstein’s infamous private island

Documents from Jeffery Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre’s 2015 testimony in a civil defamation lawsuit have been unsealed, and they reveal shocking new evidence that puts former President Bill Clinton back in the hot seat.

According to the documents unsealed on Thursday, Clinton stayed in Epstein’s villa at his infamous “Pedophile Island,” contrary to previous claims that Clinton had never been to any of Epstein’s many residences aside from one appearance at Epstein’s Manhattan apartment.

Guiffre told lawyers that Clinton had come to Epstein’s island with “two young girls” from New York, though further details about Clinton’s doings on the island were not divulged.

Fox News reported:

 Jack Scarola, one of Giuffre’s lawyers, asked her if she had any recollection of Epstein telling her that Bill Clinton owed him “favors.”

“Yes I do,” she responded, according to the documents. “It was a laugh, though. He would laugh it off.  You know, I remember asking Jeffrey [a] ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor.’ He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke.”

The lawyer asked her to clarify what she was referring to when she mentioned Clinton, and she said the former president was on the island. She said Maxwell was also there, as well as a person named “Emmy” and two young girls.

“And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island, including Bill Clinton?” Scarola asked.

“That’s correct,” she responded. “He had about four or five different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we stayed in the villas.”

Clinton has denied any knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing, releasing a statement last year admitting that he had flown on Epstein’s private plane — the “Lolita Express” — but that “he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

According to a 2016 Fox News report, Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane at least two dozen times in the early 2000s — at times without his Secret Service detail.

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hmm (@guest_1030292)
1 year ago

We all knew Billy boy is a pervert!

Jan Schilling (@guest_1030313)
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

FOR SURE! What part of Billy flying and his name on the plane’s manifest over 21 times, are we not supposed to believe!!! The man was a skirt chaser from the get-go…and still is! Hillary never divorced him as it would put her out of the White House, of course, and sully her name with the elite. She liked being able to rub elbows with the R & F ( rich and famous) and wanted to continue on in politics which she did…and is still married to the HUMP! She doesn’t know or want to know how many women are disgusted with her…but I guess enough based on 4 years ago’s presidential campaign which “she had in the bag” according to world famous Nancy Pelosi!

Ginny (@guest_1030363)
Reply to  Jan Schilling
1 year ago

Bill still is chasing skirts at the inauguration he couldn’t take his eyes off of Melania Hillary kept looking back at him and giving him dirty looks

Teresa Day (@guest_1032989)
Reply to  Jan Schilling
1 year ago

Absolutely, Jan, you are spot on!

Barbara (@guest_1030375)
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

And we know it all started even before he was governor of Arkansas, and possibly even before he married Hillary. Oh, and the women Old Bill had his way with, Hillary threatened, bribed, and even attacked.
Well, so much for her famous statement, “I believe all women should be believed!” All that is except Bill’s.

Janittie J Bennett (@guest_1030402)
Reply to  Barbara
1 year ago

True… bill sang in the choir at Emmanuel babist church before he
Made governor… he was all over everything in a skirt… even me who at the time was 7 months pregnant…. hillary rarely entered the church. My mother and sister went to his inaugural ball… i have pjotos and negatives from the ball

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1030549)
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

Now, if only we can find sufficient evidence to prove him guilt before the CCC (Clinton Crime Cartel) conveniently kills all the witnesses.

John (@guest_1034995)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

Billy Bob may want to watch his back or see if he can find out who is on her bucket or better hit list?

Barney (@guest_1030570)
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

Can you imagine waking up to hillary every day? No wonder he does it.

Karin Isbell (@guest_1030832)
Reply to  hmm
1 year ago

Who is surprised at any of this?

Samuel Yoon (@guest_1030294)
1 year ago

Slick Billy is now in trouble deeply. Last time he killed Epstein and got away. This time there are plenty of documents showing his involvement. What will you say, Slick Billy Clinton?

Mary (@guest_1030297)
1 year ago

Well, Clinton lied about a Monica so he’s probably lying now . The truth isn’t in him . Bill.. go quietly to jail and we will even see if we can get Hillary too. It’s time for justice to be served .

charles cook (@guest_1030299)
1 year ago

if it came out of Clinton’s mouth its a lie.He and his wife at two of a kind ,both dirt bags

unclejim (@guest_1030302)
1 year ago

Good Afternoon does anyone actually think the truth will come out if you do you’ve got a better chance being hit by lightning Drain The Swamp re-elected President Donald J Trump

Wendy (@guest_1030309)
1 year ago

I totally agree with Charles Cook’s statement. The Clinton’s need to be held accountable for all their crimes!
Hopefully justice will finally be served!

Pamela Wuertz (@guest_1030399)
Reply to  Wendy
1 year ago

I call them Teflon Hilly and Teflon Billy. Wish they could be held accountable for some of if not all their dirty DEEDS

Terry C Turner (@guest_1030316)
1 year ago

I believe that American’s are more upset about politician’s always getting away with crimes that they know would put them in jail if they had committed them. I also believe this another reason that keeps so many of the voters from actually voting. So sad to see what is happening in our GREAT country today. Our fore fathers would tar and feather most of them and run them out of town. We pay them with our taxes so they need to work and work for what the people would benefit the most from. Just being in office to use and abuse the tax funds they get from us has got to stop. This is why people want term limits and it seems to make sense.

Joan (@guest_1030332)
1 year ago

I think hoping the Clintons or any of the Deep State Swamp dwellers will ever be held accountable by anyone in this government is a pipe dream. They and their cronies know too much about where all the bodies are buried; they will protect each other to the end. Many in Congress are part of this horror, and the American people are complicit. They continue to reelect the most heinous criminals and treasonous America haters possible. Anyone with any integrity has no chance of gaining office or any power, no matter how little. THAT is the reason people do not trust that their vote counts. Americans, with few exceptions, are woefully and deliberately ignorant of their history, their government, and what is actually going on in the world. Much more important to be on your phone, playing games, texting friends, and living the “good life.” Freedom requires diligence and attention to character. We have not done that for many years.

Steve (@guest_1030338)
1 year ago

Slick Willy is a whore dog. But who would f*ck Hillary ??

cc (@guest_1030437)
Reply to  Steve
1 year ago

To answer your question–If Bill is away the CAT would play.

Donna (@guest_1030442)
Reply to  Steve
1 year ago

No one!

Esther (@guest_1030339)
1 year ago

What a porker!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1030344)
1 year ago

Sick Billy better hire Ted Kennedy’s lawyer. Never know when the pant suit may come after you.

Jeffery D Davis (@guest_1030345)
1 year ago

Jail him. An keep a close eye on Maxwell. Or she will killed next don’t let that happen

Kevin Kiley (@guest_1030354)
1 year ago

You got it wrong, Bill was the sponsor of the two young girls in first communion at St. Hillary’s Church on Pedo, Isle. Father Guido Sarducci officiated.

Jan (@guest_1030510)
Reply to  Kevin Kiley
1 year ago

Are you stupid or what. He sponored two young girls, for what??? Communion???? Communion of what????

Sharon Graff (@guest_1030591)
Reply to  Jan
1 year ago

It is satire! Read it again. St Hillary’s church?

GW (@guest_1030368)
1 year ago

Bill Clinton and his wife are both as low as you can get, Clinton had his girls when he was President and is still doing so, and Hillary is as low as he is and no one wants to admit it.

Barbara Charis (@guest_1030381)
1 year ago

Read that there was a portrait of William J. Clinton in Epstein’s palatial apartment in NYC of Clinton dressed in a blue dress wearing red heels. Anybody else, ever come across this info? I have to believe they were more than just acquaintances…after all the information that is finally surfacing about his 29 logged in flights with Epstein; and now this info related to Pedophile Island.

RLedwards (@guest_1030417)
Reply to  Barbara Charis
1 year ago

it also said he was sitting on the edge of the desk in the oval office in the picture and the dress was Monica’s

Michael Pilgrim (@guest_1030395)
1 year ago

When sicko Willie was atty gen of ark , he was a drug importer/ distributor as well as a whore dog! Then hiway patrol used to take names,addresses and fone numbers acting as enabelers, lining up girls for him when he was in different parts of ark! He always liked (still does) younger girls! They both are killers! His drug site was nina ark! Just a wide spot! He had two young blacks tied to railroad trax! Had his bookkeeper killed and promoted his henchmen as he got more power? Then arranged for them to die? Semper fi

jd conger (@guest_1030409)
1 year ago

You can talk about it all you want but nothing is going to happen. Our elected representatives won’t move because they’re afraid they’ll be next to get ‘nailed’. The big problem is that they, all of our congressional personnel, are a bunch of low-lifes who will do any thing to line their own pockets at the expense of the tax payer and feel safe in doing so because “everybody else is doing the same thing”. This country has the sorriest bunch of SOB in government of any country in the world. It won’t get any better until the people demand, insist, and get a through house cleaning in government. Then we need to institute some new rules to govern our ‘elected’ so we don’t fall in the same hole again.


Skip Plummer (@guest_1030447)
Reply to  jd conger
1 year ago

Many don’t give much time for elderly views, at 77 I remember the interview Pres. Trump had with Oprah where she asked him if he had given any thought to running for U.S. President in the future. He said he would consider it should the country need him. Did we need him in 2016? You bet we did! Did any of our previous Presidents get overseas U.S. companies to return in part or whole to improve the balance sheet and create jobs? No!!!!!!!!!! Pres. Trump has done nearly everything he promised. Dems hate him because he doesn’t think like them, speak like, or perform like corrupt politicians. He’s doing what they couldn’t. We were in great shape up till CoVid-19 arrived. Please don’t forget it was Fauci who illegally provided millions of U.S.$ to China for the Coronavirus in 2015 on Obama’s watch. If I’m not mistaken that’s treason. The Dem’s have had a plan before Pres. Trump won the election to throw everything possible at him in the hopes of angering the nation against him. What they didn’t count on was his business acumen getting the job done without stooping to the lows opposition. Going forward his task to get our country back on track will require real focus and effort and with citizen support he can do it. No other previous President has ever had to deal with such an unprofessional opposition. If allowed to focus his attention on national repairs during his next term, VP Pence would do a great job carrying this effort forward in the term following Pres. Trump’s second term. The Clinton’s, Obama, Fauci, Pelosi and many others will be dealt with according to our laws. Many are trying to say our countries troubles can’t be fixed. I’m old enough to know it can be done if we back the best man for President and continue to have faith in him. I want our country to retain all of our freedoms just as much as Pres. Donald Trump. I pray you want the same. Send a strong message to the Dem’s. NO ONE MESSES WITH OUR FREEDOMS! Vote for Pres. Trump to continue.

Fred Sams (@guest_1030534)
Reply to  Skip Plummer
1 year ago

Very well written, agree 100%.

KATH (@guest_1030816)
Reply to  Skip Plummer
1 year ago


Loydl (@guest_1030422)
1 year ago

More and more testimoney is coming out and the swamp is just a bit swrenking when all info come out our what we can hear and see what our hard earned money has been buying, i don’t know about you folks but it churns my tummy a bit and anger at the so called upper crust are turning out to be a lot of dough. Money is a sought after item when you don’t have it,but a lot of crumbs are being looked at and heard that have it but no peace.

Loyd (@guest_1030423)
1 year ago

More and more testimoney is coming out and the swamp is just a bit swrenking when all info come out our what we can hear and see what our hard earned money has been buying, i don’t know about you folks but it churns my tummy a bit and anger at the so called upper crust are turning out to be a lot of dough. Money is a sought after item when you don’t have it,but a lot of crumbs are being looked at and heard that have it but no peace.

paw paw (@guest_1030465)
1 year ago

So what’s new? Bill Clinton, the eternal pervert. Of course he denies it; that’s what these people do!!

Greg (@guest_1030506)
1 year ago

Ole Mr. Bill Clinton is a c__t hound, Hillary should have cut his nuts years ago, oh! wait! she’s worse yet, a crook!

larry waugh (@guest_1030580)
1 year ago

Do you honestly believe anything will be done about any of it? These political A-HOLES all cover each others back! Sure there will be a lot of noise made and all sorts of exposure. And then suddenly it will all go away. Because if they get just one. Then the whole house of CORRUPTION will collapse. And President Trump could focus all his attention to returning our country back to its original greatness. Because Mr. Trump wouldn’t have to waste time and effort to drain the swamp as he calls it! Its so imbedded that in order to stop it. You would have to kick every one of them out and start with fresh new faces in every office! And judging by what you see as to opposition to our President in such amounts and lies even from the news media an other “hangers on” that you know NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO BE RESOLVED! They have done this for years and have a big head start which one honest man doesn’t have much of a chance of changing it! But GOD I wish he could!

Keith Underwood (@guest_1030598)
1 year ago

I teased a buddy of mine today who is a solid Democrate supporter. He mentioned the released 8k prisoner’s from the Cali jails. I responde, ” We are preparing room for all the corrupt Democrates! Hillary, Barrack, Billy, Nancy, Adam and of course OMAR!

Lhhb (@guest_1030628)
1 year ago

They have had soooo many people killed, the Devil loves their “work” for him, whom they worship.

Ann Gallien (@guest_1030702)
1 year ago

I have read that Hillary loves the women as much as Billy Boy. I believe their marriage is nothing more than a front. They both set out for power and money. Chelsea is not even Bill’s child. Can’t remember her father’s name but she looks just like him. I hope one day they will be brought down. They are both the scum of the earth. They are evil.



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