May 23, 2022

Ukraine enacts it’s own ‘Ministry of Truth’ to arrest those who speak out of turn about the Ukrainian military movements

The nation of Ukraine is also setting up a truth enforcement agency, according to a recent report by Hot Air

The publication reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has also greenly a program to allow the country’s legislature to put together a similar program to the United States’ proposed “Ministry of Truth” that would allow for policing of free speech.

Zelensky, however, is going after those who are spreading misinformation about the country’s conflict with Russia allowing them to identify “traitors” and those who support the Russian invasion.

Any citizen who has “materially” aided Russia is subject to prosecution, but no arrests have been enacted for those who show support for the Moscow-led incursion on social media.

Just this month, that very thing happened to a man known as “Victor,” according to Hot Air. Victor was arrested at his apartment by Ukrainian security officers who appeared in full riot gear to talk to him about his social media posts before taking him to jail.

“Yes, I supported (the Russian invasion of Ukraine) a lot. I’m sorry. … I have already changed my mind,” said Viktor, reportedly with a trembling voice showing clear signs of duress in the presence of the Ukrainian security officers according to The Associated Press.

“Get your things and get dressed,” an officer said before escorting him out of the apartment. The SBU did not reveal Viktor’s last name, citing their investigation.

Some reports indicate that Viktor is one of almost 400 in the Kharkiv region alone who have been detained under anti-collaboration laws which were enacted by Ukraine’s parliament and signed by Zelenskyy.

It is believed that a similar legal precedent exists in Russia, and has since the start of the invasion, with anyone who speaks poorly or in some unapproved way about the invasion of the neighboring country, including journalists, being taken out of the public eye and detained.

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scot_belle (@guest_1286663)
18 days ago

During World War TWO….posters were everywhere, cautioning people:
……………….”A slip of the lip, can sink a ship!”
During a War situation, this is a very serious concern and reality.
As a long-time Military wife, and mother of 2 sons also in the Military,
THIS concept has long been a daily concern for me, and it’s my “soap box”.

sandycandy (@guest_1286664)
18 days ago

ANYTIME the”AMORAL-TRUMP tries to leed “HIS version of “MORALITY,it is “ALREADY DEAD on ARRIVAL.!!

cozycalico (@guest_1286665)
Reply to  sandycandy
18 days ago

What in the world are you talking about? Your response has nothing to do with the subject.

Psycho Mike (@guest_1286674)
18 days ago

Oh, with a war-torn country, and still at war doing it, that somehow makes it ok for America to do the same to its citizens. Your subject of choice here is a clear political play for us here in America as we lead up to the mid-term elections. And I’ll bet you are quite please with the SCOTUS leak, Are at war? Are we in an unannounced civil war? Unless that be the case, then why don’t you go report on some unsensational topic such as the butterfly migration from Mexico to California’s central coast or something so mundane as our fuel prices or how stealing from our own oil reserves will weaken our military.



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