October 5, 2022

U.S. and South Korea holding war games with goal to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The world is full of dangerous leaders. America’s role is to stop them from carrying out any of their threats, even if it isn’t politically expedient to say so.

The U.S. and South Korea have teamed up for war games that would culminate in assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the Washington Examiner reported. This comes amid news from intelligence sources that North Korea is set to launch its first test of nuclear weapons in five years.

The exercise runs through a so-called “kill chain” scenario. It begins with sending soldiers in to dismantle nuclear weapons and the sites that support them and moves to the endgame of “decapitation,” referring to cutting off the head of the snake.

Simply put, the scenario would involve invading North Korea to take out Kim. “Decapitation is a mission to capture or kill a high-value target, e.g., manhunting,” retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel David Maxwell explained.

“If you get the head of the military forces, theoretically you gut the head of the snake.” This will be the first time the exercise has been held since 2018 after former President Donald Trump canceled it following his successful meeting with Kim, which kept the adversary quietly at bay.

In June 2019, Trump and Kim met in the demilitarized zone for a summit that was controversial even is at proved to be fruitful, Fox News reported. The meeting managed to quell tensions and stabilize relations for a time.

However, last weekend U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and South Korea’s defense minister, Lee Jong-sup, agreed to resume the joint exercise. This also comes on the heels of a statement from Kim warning he’d be willing to launch nuclear weapons against the two nations.

The U.S. has always faced threats from dictators like Kim, but leaders like Trump were able to keep them on a short leash. Now that President Joe Biden is at the helm, the world is a more dangerous place.


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