May 24, 2022

Two officers shot in Ferguson, Missouri, Latest shooting to illustrate terrifying rise in crime

America’s police officers are constantly facing backlash from politicians amid baseless charges of racism and brutality. Meanwhile, these same officers also have to fend off the usual dangers from criminals while they readily take it on all in a day’s work.

Two police officers were shot during a routine traffic stop Wednesday afternoon in Ferguson, Missouri, Breitbart reported. The suspects were taken into custody and one of the officers remains in critical condition.

The St. Louis officers were approaching a vehicle just after 1 p.m. in an attempt to apprehend a suspect wanted from an alleged homicide that had occurred overnight, KTVI-TV reported. The vehicle crashed while trying to evade police, and at least three occupants got out with one opening fire.

“He jumped over and he started shooting at an officer,” an eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous told the news outlet. The officers fired back, wounding the suspect, who was taken to an area hospital where he later died.

The officers who were wounded were also taken to the hospital for treatment. One had a bullet wound to the leg and is expected to recover while the other is in critical condition with a wound to the abdomen.

St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden said during a news conference on Wednesday that this latest incident adds to the difficulties already mounting among the area’s first responders. Another officer was shot during a traffic stop Monday while two additional officers were struck on the highway while responding to an accident.

“This is a rough time,” Hayden said, becoming emotional. “This is a very rough time for law enforcement and of course fire departments.”

The brave men and women who keep our streets safe often put themselves in danger and sometimes lose their lives in the process of protecting others. They deserve the utmost respect for their willingness to sacrifice so much but instead face derision from the left.

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