October 22, 2020

Twitter suspends Donald Trump Jr.

If you had any doubts that Twitter intends on suppressing free speech, this should settle it.

Donald Trump Jr., the oldest son of President Donald Trump, has been suspended from Twitter for posting “misinformation.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Twitter has banned Donald Trump Jr. from posting any tweets, claiming he shared ‘potentially harmful information’ after posting a link Monday evening to a viral video of a doctor claiming hydroxychloroquine is a ‘cure’ for coronavirus.

The ban is supposedly temporary, but it sends a clear signal – agree with the liberal agenda or get banned.

If you think that the ban is fair, necessary, or would ever be applied to a liberal figure of comparable stature, you’re naive.

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21 Responses

  1. Riots, fires, destruction, and death. Those are all acceptable behaviors accepted by anti-Trumpers. Their news just won’t print about them so the public does not know the truth. Nice, regular people do not believe it is possible to have such censuring. Now AT&T, etc. are doing it and not even trying to hide the truth of their favoritism. How can we have a fair election with one side being severely censured?? And the other side making up lies. I am getting worried. Has the whole world gone mad??!!

  2. Let’s have faith in the citizens of this Nation. They are not stupid and I think keep themselves readily informed. I think some are just a bit lazy and only rely on what the news media tell them and if they see a picture they seem to misinterpret it, of course with a little encouragement from the left, lib dems and the leaders of the coup that we are seeing. But a thing that hits most people between the eyes and will form theor voting opinion is taking away their right to faith and their right to law enforcement. They can accept crime and riots and looting and even death and fires and lousy supply, but take away their right to law enforcement is going to determine their vote and take away their faith to replace it with hatred and racism and someone telling them it is wrong and they should believe in him and not their Lord and our God is a loss of life itself. Our country is a Christian nation by faith and by the Constitution.

  3. The time has come to break up twitter, Google, Facebook, and all the rest of the big tech companies that are trying to censor free speech. They have to be broken into thousands of pieces like was done with AT&T when they had a monopoly on the whole system. Any company that has this size or volume of the platform to control what people think must not be allowed to censor free speech. This gives complete power to shape everything in this country. This is not something that can be allowed. This has been intentional from the start. When they did not start censoring until they had a tremendous following or market share of the people. Now they intend to direct them like sheep by only letting them have access to certain information. Anything they do not want to be spoken or written is censored, shadow banned, demonetized, or just outright closing accounts of individuals to which they disagree.

  4. I have never subscribed to any of the social media outlets and never will. Mainly because in each and every one of them the inmates are running the asylum. I recommend that anybody who’s already subscribed to any or all of these leftist outlets should get out now! Cut them off at the bank!

  5. Twitter could be blocked from transmitting due to discrimination practices.
    What’s the difference between Trump Jr’s and the Sanders chair woman vs Biden Story?

    Democrats can, however Republicans can’t?

    Racism vs Discrimination same same.

  6. Our news media have hid behind the first amendment much too long censuring what they don’t like. Time to hold them accountable for their actions.Personally I do not like the idea that a news media can decide for me what I should and should not be exposed to as an adult I believe that decision is solely mine and will reject any attempt to jeopardize that freedom. News is not really news any more it is more like conditioning us to believe only what they put out which is sometimes garbage.


  8. Time to Boycott Twitter, Facebook and all other oppressing vile social media Companies that do not allow free speech on their sites, the are UN-American…if they hate America so much then LEAVE this Country! Close your accounts they are awful.

  9. Did I read that Twitter is part of the ATT that explains a lot. ATT in its early days was great. Today after their merge with Direct TV and an experience I had with the Cell Phone via ATT, I dropped ATT in a flash..along with DIRECT TV. Then it took me several months to get a final bill so I could get a rebate from my new TV Provider for switching.

  10. Definitely need to break up these media monopolies. Right out of the communist playbook. Control the news & truth, brain wash young. Americans better pay attention & do their research before it is too late!

  11. Yes twitter is a joke and i have never even been on their website because I have no interested in coming down to there level in the mud and they are a bunch of bullies to all of us good old american’s !!!!!!!

  12. I have instructed my family to sue any and all Doctors and Medical Facilities should they refuse treating me with this drug if I contract Covid-19 and not survive.

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