July 23, 2021

Twitter silences White House coronavirus task force member’s criticism of mask mandates

Twitter is on a mission to squash any news reports deemed unsuitable for the general public — that is, any deviation from the agenda set by faceless leftists activists.

The latest act of censorship happened Sunday afternoon when Twitter removed a tweet from White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Scott Atlas for allegedly violating Twitter’s terms of service. 

Atlas, a medical doctor and government official posted a tweet criticizing the use of masks to slow the spread of COVID-19 on Saturday, writing in the since-deleted tweet:

Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Phlippnes, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO:”widesprd use not supported” + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM:”despite decades, considerble uncertainty re value”; CDC rvw May:”no sig red’n in inflnz transm’n”; learn why.”

Atlas followed up the tweet later the same day, explaining:

That means the right policy is @realDonaldTrump guideline: use masks for their intended purpose – when close to others, especially hi risk. Otherwise, social distance. No widespread mandates. #CommonSense

The White House doctor obviously forgot to obtain permission from the big tech overlords before tweeting medical information that lies directly within his purview, and for that, he was punished.

Twitter quietly removed the post on Sunday, replacing it with a message that “this tweet is no longer available,” along with a link to the social media platform’s terms of services.

According to CNN, Atlas’s tweet was removed because it “sought to undermine the importance of face masks because it was in violation of the platform’s Covid-19 Misleading Information Policy.”

CNN was also quick to label Atlas’s argument as incontrovertibly misleading and false, though neither CNN nor Twitter specifically cited a reason that Atlas is publishing false information aside from highlighting the fact that the CDC recommends face coverings to slow the spread of the virus.

We all know that the CDC is the absolutely final authority on all things COVID-19, and never reverses previously-accepted guidance.

Twitter’s actions make it quite clear that arguments and discussion are no longer allowed — even from qualified individuals. “Fall in line, or be silenced,” the tech gods say — and America nods along.

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52 Responses

  1. Everywhere I go I find mask nazis!! That’s what I call them. I was going to forego a test because I didn’t have a mask over my ears! I held it over my mouth and nose..that wasn’t enough for them. They called the supervisor…I thought their masks would protect them…but obviously they need mine, too, to do the trick.

    1. You are right if masks work so well it should only take one on the person who is so worried about the virus to do the trick. The fact that these people are so worried about every one wearing a mask is proof they do not truely believe what they preach.

    1. Facebook is just as bad as Twitter. Try Parler. Let Facebook and Twitter bury themselves with their bias.

  2. Twitter needs to be throttled and heavily fined. Request the FCC immediately call both Twitter and Facebook out for harmfully silencing conservative views while at the same time impacting the election.

    1. How about demanding our congress people repeal Section 239 of the Communication Decency Act. It protects Twitter and Facebook and other social media giants from being sued for nefarious deeds not allowed by other “news” outlets when Twitter, Facebook and other social medias should be neutered!

  3. Wear ur mask when needed ..dont listen to the dictators from the left ..they want to spread fear and take control over us all .this is not communist china..we know what is good for us..we are not sheep.

    1. Why wear what does not work. The CDC said that 85 percent of all new cases reported that they always or almost always wear masks so what does that tell you. They do not work……………..

    1. I agree. Twitter is the new speech police. But, they only police conservative points of view. Disgusting!!

  4. Put Twitter out of its miserable life. Break it up. Have become to big for its boots. They have crossed the line. Maybe time for the FEC to step up & have a look at the shareholding.

    1. Finally the right decision! I quit Twitter a long time ago and never regret it.
      Often when someone or something became too powerful, there is a danger of abuse.

  5. Gee when the white house cannot even meet their expectations, it is getting bad…Twitter is overstepping their bounds by far!

  6. I’m not interested in twitter. They are lap dogs for Fauci. Fauci and buddies have been so wrong on all of this and the letters fall hook line and sinker. I don’t know anyone that decided not to wear a mask got sick.

  7. We need to be vigil on what info we receive.. double check.. get different views. AND parents monitor what your children are being taught in schools… Do not let your children be brainwashed…

  8. The CDC also agrees with Dr Atlas.. recent study of covid 19 patients found 85 per cent either wore a mask at all times or often.

  9. I don’t wear the masks because I know they are useless just like those who so desperately want everyone to bow down to their overlords and wear one. FTS, Fauci isn’t my boss or my daddy and neither are any of the tin horn dictator/governors. They can all take those masks and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

  10. Have the FCC, or other responsible Federal Agency, launch an investigation on them, then jerk their licenses to do business. The world was fine long before they showed up anyway.
    Do the rest of them too while you’re at it .

  11. YES ! We should all stay away from Google, Twitter, YouTube, all of them. We made them rich, and now they think they are unstoppable.

  12. All of the social media should be fined a billion dollars each time they censor anyone, without exception. Censorship is never acceptable and always evil.

  13. Twitter and Facebook should be closed down – at least until they get their act together. The CEO’s should also be fined and perhaps even imprisoned for censoring free speech and interfering with the Presidential election. Also any and rules about being liable for their actions. etc. should be terminated. I am perfectly able and capable of reading about issues myself, and then make a determination of what the data represents. I DO NOT NEED ANY HELP FORM TWITTER NOR FACEBOOK!!! Their censorship a few days ago shows just how corrupt they are!!! They do not need to be weighing in on government issues. Just because they have their own corrupt agendas does not mean they can foist them off on the American people. WE DO NOT NEED NOR WANT these media outlets (after seeing this little censorship shenanigan they pulled a few days ago) Twitter nor Facebook with all of their corruptness. We like to work with honest people who have integrity and practice in their decision making process!!!

  14. Twitter silenced the New York Post yesterday about Biden’s betrayal and corruption.
    Today, Twitter silenced members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.
    Tomorrow, Twitter will silence Trump and we will no longer hear the voices of freedom. Is this possible in the former free country of America?

  15. What twitter and Facebook are doing is not their own community standards. They have broken their own standards. They have broken the law they cannot tell people what they can or cannot say, they themselves do not follow their own standards. It was in the news that the WHO or CDC stated that wearing masks can cause mental damage. This is where the doctor got his information and he is part of the work force in the white house for the COVID -19. THEY BOTH NEED TO BE FINED BIG MILLIONS.

  16. I never got on the twitter/Facebook train. Do not miss it one bit! I agree that ALL social media outlets must conform to a free speech standard. They are “ supposedly” a free speech forum, but clearly they sensor the conservative posters, but allow the leftist lunatics in hollyweird and elsewhere post the most disgusting, inflammatory statements against our President and conservatives that I have ever seen. If they won’t allow conservatives to have a voice, then they should be shut down! We don’t need them!

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