April 18, 2021

Twitter mob erupts in calls for Fox to remove Tucker Carlson for Kenosha riot comments

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has become an unstoppable force in recent days, and the mainstream media and leftist activists can’t stand it. Carlson’s comments about the Kenosha riots on Wednesday evening touched a nerve amongst leftists, and they’re now mounting yet another campaign to get him removed from the network. 

During his Wednesday evening monologue, Carlson offered his take on 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly traveled from his home in Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin to defend businesses threatened by the riots currently consuming the city.

Rittenhouse reportedly shot three people — two fatally — while standing guard outside a Kenosha storefront, and has now been charged with 1st-degree intentional homicide.

Carlson commented on Wednesday:

Are we really surprised this looting and arson accelerated to murder? How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would? Everyone can see what was happening in Kenosha. It was getting crazier by the hour.

Twitter immediately erupted into furious cries for Carlson to be fired and for Americans to boycott Fox for ever daring to air his show, and mainstream media outlets such as CNN and The Guardian accused Carlson of defending Rittenhouse’s actions.

I will answer @TuckerCarlson,” gun control activist Fred Guttenberg tweeted. My daughter was killed by an 18 year with an AR 15. Just walked into her school. Tucker, you are a f***ing lunatic who will get people killed. I hope advertisers dropp you immediately today. You should be removed for the safety of our kids.”

Former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich tweeted “If they don’t take action after this, every one of Fox News’s executives, directors, and advertisers is complicit in Tucker Carlson’s racist, murderous rants.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted on Thursday “A domestic terrorist executed two people, and according to Tucker and his supporters this is “maintaining order.” Their murderous rants have inspired many mass shooters and now they aren’t even trying to distance themselves from it, they are excusing it. God help us.”

Carlson has become one of the most — if not the most — powerful voices on the right in recent months and leftists are desperate to take him down. This isn’t the first time a campaign to fire Carlson has taken off, and it certainly won’t be the last.

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221 Responses

  1. Do those who call for firing in such a situation have any idea that I might want to get rid of them as a danger to sanity and society? And that what they want to is much more outrageous and socially dangerous than anything Tucker said had it been loaded with obscenities. I may get a Tee-shirt made that reads ” CANCEL THE CANCEL CULTURE”.

  2. You have a right to peacefully protest, and if you do, the police will protect that right.
    Without the courage and protection of the brave oath takers, this right could not be exercised.
    With protest there is emotion.
    When the action is anarchy, not peaceful protesting, who protects the citizens ? The Police.
    If the Mayor’s enabled the Police to do their sworn duty, their would be no Anarchy.
    The Mayor’s are the direct cause of ALL the rioting, looting, property damage and violence.
    The Mayor’s dereliction of duty, to the people as Constitutional oath takers, is quite alarming, if not criminal.

  3. Good people have had enough of you delusional DemonRAT politicians and your non ideas. You hand cuff the police, you allow violent protests, you watch as your local business’s are destroyed and looted, you Allow your police force vehicles to be burned, you even have the balls to join in the fun. Well that’s total B#llS##t. Then you blame the president. Real Americans that fear for their lives have to do what your scoundrel selves won’t. You will reap what you sowed.

  4. I agree with ALL the positive notes. He’s definitely on the right. If he continues to maintain his loyalty for the Right, in 3 years we need to encourage him to run for President.

    1. I think Tucker and the good ones left should bail and go to NEWSMAX or OAN. Fox is losing allot of viewers because they have turned left and have betrayed their loyal viewers. We could barely stomach Juan, Tarloff and the other liberals but having Brazil on just wasn’t worth watching our favorites. We still watch Greg,Waters, Judge Jeanine, on weekends and Levin. And Dobbs. Mostly watch OAN AND NEWSMAX. TUCKER NEWSMAX WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN THEM.

  5. Agree whole heartedly with Tucker. CNN never puts the actibist shooting innocent people and the violence. The democrats just remain silent to get votes. Tucker you go !!! And Fox should be happy to have you

  6. It’s ok for looters and rioters to burn steal and murder but one 17 year old kid can’t protect himself well maybe the leftists haven’t seen anything yet keep it up leftists karma is coming
    SEMPER FI. Tucker you are the man and FOX don’t you dare cave

  7. Looter should be shot on site, thats the only way it’s going to stop. Cops are failing. Courts are failing. Tucker was right. Fox can be proud of his voice.

  8. Darn shame a 17 year old is the only one up there with a set of n-ts on him. The rest of the pansies should hide in shame. Kissing these hoodlums butts will not stop this crap. Only a superior force will get it done. Time to stop this terrorist attacks.

  9. Lot of people gonna be standing there to tell those leftists where to go and they will be ready and wiling to help them get there too! Leave our Tucker alone or pay the price!

  10. I just read ford car company and good year are funding blm and riots I can’t believe they want to harm Americans this is very sad I hope they go out of business

    1. If this to be true and not Fake News then they will lose a ford customer and all relatives for many yrs and only drive fords for ever long..please find out if this is actually true..GOD HELP US.

  11. Terrorist Organizations BLM and ANTIFA have murdered more than 100 people and officers since they began their senseless rioting. They have destroyed the lives and the livelihoods of millions of innocent Americans.
    The following individuals, and/or groups support, direct, participate, encourage and WILL NOT CONDEMN these terrorists’ violent criminal activities. They are all complicit by aiding and abetting, or financing these criminals’ activities.
    The Deep State; Barack Hussein Obama; George Soros; the Soros Family; Bill & Melinda Gates; Tom Steyer; The Leadership of the Democratic Communist Party; the Communist Mainstream Media; Communist Red China; FORD Motor Co.; Numerous Hollywood Weirdos; Mitt Romney; A Number of Democratic Communist Governors, Legislators, Attorney Generals, Mayors, Council Members, and many, many more.
    A Military Tribunal should be convened and ALL these, and many more tried for Treason, and upon conviction, they should be summarily executed.
    And they’re concerned about a 17 year old boy who killed two rioters.


  12. Tucker tells the truth. The people, we the people should recall the mayors of Minneapolis Kenosha Portland and Seattle we should also recall the Democratic Governors that cannot control the crime in their state. Take them out of office, my opinion, Tucker is telling the truth.

  13. The incredibly negligent DEM mayors and governors who welcome rioters from out of state are up in arms about a youngster, overly influenced by the constant blare of virus panic and BLM rioters coming to everyone’s town by the MSM, blame the analysis of a free thinker, instead of recognizing their own responsibility for driving the frenzy. I am sure the radical leftists would love to see Carlson silenced as his network is rated number 1, and he has the highest rating at his network. Throw your tantrums, Tucker is going nowhere.

  14. Tucker is spot on. Leave him alone. Let him do his job just like he is doing. Letting the viewers hear the truth for a change.

  15. When truth is spoken dems fear, people will hear the truth. If anyone should be tremoved it should be the pundits from msnbc, cnn for not reporting the truth. These pundits spread so much false stories or incomplete stories they spread fear. Truth is to power . Tucker tells the truth and always prefaces his commments with this is what we know at the time. He updates as well. If incorrectt he states so..more than anyone on msnbc or cnn. The bias from these stations are violations and they should be held accountable.

  16. Stand strong against the mob, Mr. Carlson is spot on. Someone has to stand up to these mental midgets.

  17. Don’t stop Tucker, keep up the good work, it’s going to take drastic measures to stop this S _ _ _.

  18. Tucker is one of the best! He said nothing to get all upset about! The media.. in general this entire media is corrupt. Not showing what is really happening in these riots is awful and because we have Tucker who tells the truth and what is happening is refreshing!!

  19. Tucker was speaking truth and today’s society can not handle truth unless it aligns with their thinking. Not condoning what the young fellow did but I can understand the situation. People across the country rioting burning and destroying property of others attacking police with no apparent repercussions has gotten awful disturbing and frustrating as it seems our laws no longer apply. We as a nation are in a mess and there doesn’t seem to be any solution. Most everyone is quick to criticize but no one has stepped forward with the solution.If our president attempts to control the situation he is criticized and if he does not he is also criticized so just exactly what is the solution? I think most of us will agree that if God does not intervene there really isn’t one to satisfy all.

  20. The truth is out…people need to know the facts. Check the video…the kid was defending himself…and was on the ground where he had been knocked down…one of the men was reaching for his own gun…and his very words were that he was sorry that he had not killed the kid first by emptying his mag into him. Three of the criminals.that were shot..a burglar, a pedophile and a domestic terrorist. These are lawless criminals, not peaceful protestors; they are looting and burning property; and physically attacking any who disagree. They are the ones breaking the law…and the National Guard should be permitted to act in accordance with what most lawful citizens want,,,to see them get immediate justice. They are responsible for the deaths of 90 policemen, since May 25th; and are guilty of using Marxist-taught tactics to blind them.
    BLM and Antifa are Leftist sponsored and are responsible for the deaths of many innocent people all around our country. They have no regard for others; so why should anyone have any regard for scum like them?

  21. Tucker Carlson is the best and so very to the point about the truth, we watch him every night. We all have eyes and see what is going on. Can’t fire someone being honest , people would be innfuriated! And we all have a right to an opinion as incidents unfold.

  22. Thank You Tucker Carlson for telling America the truth and Please don’t ever stop. I second the comments: Fox News don’t you dare cave and if Tucker goes… I go.

  23. Each night I look forward to The Tucker Carlson segment. He tells it like it is…the TRUTH. Several news outlets are “yellow News” a joke and laughing stock mainly for entertainment. keep up the good work Tucker. Today only certain folks can ask a question . Don’t you know the world is now one sided.

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