May 24, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard ridicules Kamala Harris over inability to handle foreign policy amidst Ukraine invasion

Vice President Kamala Harris has no idea what she’s doing. Even members of her own party are beginning to speak out about how inept she is now that the stakes are so high.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) ridiculed Harris for her showing at a press conferencing following a meeting in Munich about the impending aggression between Russia and Ukraine, Breitbart reported. Gabbard said she was “embarrassing” and pointed out that the vice president has “no foreign policy understanding.”

“My gosh, this is embarrassing,” Gabbard said on Monday’s “Hannity” program on Fox News. “It’s hard to keep track of all of those jumble of words. And it’s clear she was sent there to be the voice of the United States as a purely political calculation,” Gabbard charged.

“You and I both know she has no foreign policy background, no foreign policy understanding,” she said to host Sean Hannity. “She has no concept of the cost of war, nor does she have the temperament necessary to be the voice of the United States on the global stage,” Gabbard continued. “So, it is embarrassing to see this play out.”

Harris seemed ill-prepared and spewed “word salad” at the press event following the Munich Security Conference in Germany, according to the New York Post. The vice president was sent on a mission to quell tensions as Russian troops amass at the border with Ukraine, but so far has only offered to impose sanctions.

“How do you deter someone by punishing them before they do it? It’s very simple,” Gabbard continued. “This is kind of like grade school understanding where if you say I’m going to punish you before you do something, wouldn’t the kid would say, ‘OK, fine. I might as well go ahead and do it anyway.’ This is not rocket science here,” Gabbard said.

Harris and President Joe Biden are quickly squandering what former President Donald Trump built up in his term. Trump was tough enough to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Biden and Harris are now putty in the leader’s hands.

Moreover, Harris has been terrible on every domestic issue she’s tried her hand at fixing but was sent halfway across the world to patch up an international crisis. Gabbard is correct that Harris has no qualifications and no business being involved in any of it — and that goes for her entire tenure as vice president.

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