June 19, 2021

Tulsa health chief says Trump should postpone rally indefinitely

Donald Trump is planning on holding his first campaign rally since the coronavirus crisis forced him to indefinitely postpone his planned campaign events.

The City of Tulsa, OK, green-lit the event some weeks ago, but now the Director of the city’s Department of health has reversed course on his approval of the rally less than a week before it’s slated to be held, and now Trump is in a bind. 

Trump already received pushback for originally scheduling the rally for Juneteenth, a holiday that celebrates the declaration of the end of slavery in 1865. He announced last week that in honor of the holiday, he would reschedule the event for June 20.

Now, Dr. Bruce Dart, director of the Tulsa City-County Health Department, has said that he wants Trump to postpone the event indefinitely due to concerns about the potential to spread coronavirus at the massive event.

“COVID is here in Tulsa, it is transmitting very efficiently,” Dart told Tulsa World on Saturday. “I wish we could postpone this to a time when the virus isn’t as large a concern as it is today.”

Dart pointed to a marked rise in COVID-19 cases in the county as the basis for his request to postpone the rally. He said that Tulsa is experiencing a “significant increase in our case trends,” and that “A large indoor rally with 19-20,000 people is a huge risk factor today in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Democrats and health officials alike have been suspiciously quiet about the risk of coronavirus outbreaks at the large protests that have been conducted unchecked for several weeks now, but the media is already fomenting hysteria about Trump’s rally causing an outbreak.

Trump has not yet responded to Dart’s comments.

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82 Responses

    1. How come Biden and all the other damns didn’t cause a covet threat ! Just cause it’s President Trump but it is prophesied he WILL win !

      1. Maybe the president should call them protests instead of rallies, that seems to be the acceptable protocol these days. Absolutely ridiculous to allow rioters and looters free reign yet try and stop the president of the United States of having a re-election rally. Covid 19 as well as these protest are only for the purpose to divert attention from what is happening in our country with all the illegal activities of the FBI and department of justice and only Joe Biden as a candidate they Democrats are in a panic. They will stop at nothing to regain power even if it means destroying this country we love AMERICA. No more! I took off my mask weeks ago, I’m 65 and not afraid to call it like I see it, Mr President do not back down stand your ground. Vote America Donald Trump for president 2020.

        1. These people are desperate. What they don’t understand we the true Patriots are not that uneducated. There base is. Trump in a landslide wait and see

          1. AGREE 1000.00% They Are All Under a Delusion just like last time only maybe worse, Poor Souls!

        2. Wonder how much the health chief got paid to tell President Trump they are worried about the virus if he comes there?

    2. Agreed it has to be politically motivated as we have heard nothing about criticizing protesters/rioters guess they are immune to the virus. Seems any more only Trump followers are the ones we need to stop. I’m not saying his rally is or is not an acceptable thing however so long as not one CDC official condemns our protest neither should they condemn his rally after all the protest are about equality and police reform they say.

  1. It is funny that it was okay for the protesters, rioters, and looter, not to social distance themselves. But please do no protest your 2A right or have a rally. COVID-19 is not racist and effects everyone the same way. I’m tired of the hypocrites from the Public Health Departments.

    1. I agree. The thousands of rioters in the street and they didn’t social distance. But let it be a Trump rally and all of a sudden everyone is afraid of Covid. This has got those cheating Dems written all over it!

      1. Oh their not afraid of COVID. Their afraid of a massive Trump show of supporters. Protests- crickets, riots- crickets, looting- crickets, Trump rally?? Aaahhhhhh.

      2. Oh their not afraid of COVID. Their afraid of a massive Trump show of supporters. Protests- crickets, riots- crickets, looting- crickets, Trump rally?? Aaahhhhhh.


    2. Also seems the fact show the Dem controlled cities+ are allowing there reports on the COVID-19 to show a higher count than actual cases. All to use it to control the rest of US. YES, I’m tired of the hypocrites also!!!!!!

  2. Check his bank account for recent deposits from the DNC or Hillary or Fauci or Bill Gates or Redfield or Tedros.

    1. U forgot money from Soros. I think the best place to have the convention is the Whitehouse. They have the very best virus testing and monitoring, as well as a top security system.

    2. Amen to that. These Health Department officials are for the most part frauds, and Democrats to boot. They refuse to even acknowledge herd immunity which works. See Swedens example. Trump should find a Republican city that will tell the damn health departments to go to hell.

  3. I read there has been some new out breaks in Florida and two other southern states but Oklahoma wasn’t one of them. His rally would not do any more harm as these rioters out there that is causing this to come back if it is really true. It seems to now be in the states where Trump wants to hold his rallies. Is this true or is this a coinsinces. Some thing is just not setting to good . The Americans are starting to see this whole thing as a way to cheat in our Election. Just wondering how much is true.

    1. these rioters maybe infected with the virus and like the chinese that came here and world wide to spread the CCP 19 virus, and all paid for by the demo-communist party

  4. Now, here is the question, are they just saying this so Trump and everyone else will stay home or are they telling a lie so Trump cannot speak to thousands of people , knowing they will listen well and the Dems don’t like it? Two things…if inside doesn’t work, how about outside, chairs set apart and masks worn ?

  5. That’s just the democrats pushing the same old crap. What about the protesters. Marches were safe??are they kidding. They just can’t stand the amount of people that would show up wearing masks and shields and cheering. Wait till us old ones that lived thru the Corona vote. The democrats didn’t kill us all even when they tried.

  6. The increases across the country are between 0 & 1% according to the WH health gurus and attributed to increased testing.

  7. Did this political hack tell the hoodlums and thugs rioting in the streets not to do so because of the coronavirus? Nothing but a puppet for the democrat party.

  8. This just an attempt to keep the President from speaking to the people who want to hear what he has to say. Of course, if it was Joe Biden, it would be quite alright to have a rally with Dr. Dart’s approval!!!

  9. …….Have the rally outside in the park, field or stadium ……PROTEST are fine… but RALLIES are DANGERS…..
    ……????????? Do not UNDERSTAND ????????…………ALL LIVES MATTER……..

    1. The Whitehouse has some of the best testing equipment and monitoring equipment. Also, security will be at its highest level. It would spit in the face of the left and the lying, corrupt media.

  10. I think this corona virus is going too far and we need to go back to normal. The people that are afraid can stay home if they want but let the rest of us do our thing. It was ok for the rioters to have NO distance but now it seems to be a problem. Double standards. If the people want to go to the Trump rally – Let them.

  11. Nothing as bad as a specialist uses his specialty for political reasons. What a great way to discredit all medical people. What did he have to say about the careless, reckless protesters, looters and rioters spreading the Wuhan virus? I bet he did not ask them to postpone their planned orchestrated actions. Also, I bet you more of the PRESIDENT TRUMP supporters will show up wearing masks than did the protesters, looters or rioters because they are RESPONSIBLE adults.


  13. I believe the Democrats are playing everyone on this virus, if the thugs and riots can destroy our city’s for days and day, Trump can have his rally for One day.

  14. This is nit going to stop people. Flood the streets with riots so it will spread then Democrats are going to say mail in voting is a must the coronavirus is dangerous. This has been the plan all along. This is a planned movement cause a Pandemic, create the riots and close this country until after election. I will not do another lockdown and I hope all Patriots take to the streets and not let our freedoms go. This is orchestrated by Soros and a Obama. If they can riot they can vote in person with ID. Don’t be fooled people the left is the biggest danger to this country has ever seen. Not anymore liberals we are aware
    Of your plan and we will not obey

  15. Why was there not all this concern when the damn demerrats and rioters where walking the streets. If PRESIDENT TRUMP lets them get away with this he can pretty much kiss it good bye. The same thing will happen on the next one.

    TRUMP 2020

  16. The only way for an honest election is to declare Marshall Law. Voters would be the only ones on the streets; all others jailed or shot.

  17. All I can say is that they don’t want to watch the storm of people standing for Trump! They think that if they call these off the people won’t get to listen the greatest President ever!

    Don’t worry Dems we already know who we are voting for and it isn’t for the likes of crappy Joe Biden! Oh yea Joe you won’t have to take Trump out of the White House because you aren’t going to win! Trump 2020 Make America Great Agsin!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. I know this Virus is real, I believe ever whom will get it will get it, whether it is peaceful protesters or the rioters or just other Americans. President Trump if you go in peace for a political rally and you are not accepted in that city and you go in for Jesus, do like Jesus told his deciples do not bless that city and as you leave wipe the dust off your feet.

  19. Protest & Riots Are Just Find With These Corrupt Governors… But Trump Rally is evil? This Demonstrate That People Need to Vote In Droves for Trump in November. The Corruption That In Washington And in the media Must Be Completely terminate or We the People Will lose our nations if these Evil people take over Now. They are Playing to Manipulate us all and control our way of life. Trump Is Surrounded By Traitors at every turn. JUSTICE MUST RULE….

  20. Let’s have another full house of Trump Train supporters go and raise the roof off that building. They didn’t stop the rioters and no concern for safe distance so hey let’s go havea Teump Rally and tell them Democrats what for.

  21. Let’s have another full house of Trump Train supporters go and raise the roof off that building. They didn’t stop the rioters and no concern for safe distance so hey let’s go have a Trump Rally and tell them Democrats what for.the

  22. M A G A…. just try to look for another venue, or another date with open spaces, the hypocrisy of the blue states governors or mayors is in plain sight to see. … Don’t worry Joe Biden can’t do anything better anyway… he’s hiding in the basement & President Trump occupy the airwaves by doing good press everyday… Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

    1. I think that would be a winner!!
      There are enough Trumps perhaps, the youngest will be old enough to serve also..
      I think President Trump should hold his rallies any time and anyvwhere he wants to!!

  23. I am looking forward to the debates between Sleepy Joe and president Trump. Of course, I don’t think there will be any because stuttering Joe won’t come out of his basement.

    I have a new expression for all. Ready ? PINO…..President in name only. That is if the democrats cheat enough for Biden to win the nomination. You talk about blasphemy. UUGG.
    If anyone thinks that Biden will ” call the shots” they can’t be very bright.
    Remember the expression, ” DANCE WITH THE ONE WHO BRUNG YOU.”?
    Let’s all dance with Donald J. Trump because he earned the right because of the multitude ( too many too mentions here) of accomplishments that truly was making America GREAT again.
    If Biden were to win, Elon Musk would be overwhelmed with people trying to go to another planet.
    Please explain to me the difference between a ” citizen” and an American.

  24. They are opening up in CA and it’s convenient because of the virus increases. 991 in a prison. Not sure if they were arrested at riots. The riots didn’t distant or use mask.
    Floyd had the virus. More to the Floyd case!?. I wonder if it was a drug deal gone bad? The look on the officer’s face.

  25. These idiots are either exceptionally STUPID OR are ordinary liars when it comes to the corona-virus. Were I President Trump, I would do whatever I want, wherever I want it, whenever I please. No mayor, no governor holds tighter reigns than does the President of the United States. The left is going all out to destroy our President’s goals and his goals happen to be half of America’s goals, so I believe the left will hug corona illness until they die of old age. How I wish we could meet tomorrow and form us a NEW GOVERNMENT WITH NEW RULES. That’s what the leftists are after but THEIR forming a new government will be to form a communist government wherein they make ALL THE RULES and take ALL THE MONEY and worst action being to destroy the United States that they are so ashamed of. The political left are Satan’s
    Servants and Satan hates decency and honor…so does the leftoid group ……We cannot destroy Satan, but we CAN keep him on the outside……ditto our leftoid traitors.

  26. President Trump DO NOT CANCEL, they want to Keep You from doing RALLIES, But Covid-19 is still alive while the RIOTERS were Rioting, stealing, burning, killing two black police Officers and no one has yet stopped the Uncivil behavior.

  27. I believe the president should have a group of his advisers or just some other people to get out there in the opening of city’s town’s and hospitals and medical facilities to find out if the outbreak of Covid 19 is as bad the health department says.

  28. This is all BS trying to block President Trumps rally. Nothing said about all the rioters, mayhem makers, no mask, packed in like sardines. Definitely a double standard, they don’t want you to see how big and successful they would be.

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