October 6, 2022

Tulsa health chief says Trump should postpone rally indefinitely

Donald Trump is planning on holding his first campaign rally since the coronavirus crisis forced him to indefinitely postpone his planned campaign events.

The City of Tulsa, OK, green-lit the event some weeks ago, but now the Director of the city’s Department of health has reversed course on his approval of the rally less than a week before it’s slated to be held, and now Trump is in a bind. 

Trump already received pushback for originally scheduling the rally for Juneteenth, a holiday that celebrates the declaration of the end of slavery in 1865. He announced last week that in honor of the holiday, he would reschedule the event for June 20.

Now, Dr. Bruce Dart, director of the Tulsa City-County Health Department, has said that he wants Trump to postpone the event indefinitely due to concerns about the potential to spread coronavirus at the massive event.

“COVID is here in Tulsa, it is transmitting very efficiently,” Dart told Tulsa World on Saturday. “I wish we could postpone this to a time when the virus isn’t as large a concern as it is today.”

Dart pointed to a marked rise in COVID-19 cases in the county as the basis for his request to postpone the rally. He said that Tulsa is experiencing a “significant increase in our case trends,” and that “A large indoor rally with 19-20,000 people is a huge risk factor today in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Democrats and health officials alike have been suspiciously quiet about the risk of coronavirus outbreaks at the large protests that have been conducted unchecked for several weeks now, but the media is already fomenting hysteria about Trump’s rally causing an outbreak.

Trump has not yet responded to Dart’s comments.


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