October 6, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Voice of reason

While most Republicans were caving to the Democrats’ narrative concerning the events of January 6, 2020, Tucker Carlson warned Americans that the narrative and rhetoric concerning the events of the day would endanger the freedom of all Americans.

Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters were in Washington D.C. to support the president and to protest what they consider the stealing of the 2020 election. After many failed attempts to correct election fraud, from lawsuits to audit, the president’s supporters were hoping that something could be done in Congress to “stop the steal.”

President Trump spoke to his supporters just before the joint session of Congress convened to certify the electoral college votes. The president wrapped up his speech and encouraged his supporters to march to the Capitol building.

They did march to the Capitol building and then into the building to occupy it. Lawmakers went scurrying as people milled around in the Senate and the House chambers and offices. The “siege” lasted four hours, during which one Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran of 14 years, was shot while climbing through a window (she later died).

Plenty of video is available of people pushing and shoving. Some of the most aggressive “protesters” looked suspiciously like Antifa dressed in MAGA gear. Some windows were broken in the building, but no one set fire to the building or destroyed any statuary.

The rhetoric used by the media and the Democrats to describe and characterize what happened was extreme and obviously designed to put the president and his supporters in the worst possible light. Watching the events unfold and hearing the developing narrative was surreal and frightening. The occupation of the Capitol did not turn out well, but it hardly compared to the chaos of the last eight months. Most Americans watched destructive, dangerous rioting triggered by George Floyd’s death in cities like Washington D.C., Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Seattle night after night. D

America watched as BLM and Antifa yelled, screamed, smashed windows in minority neighborhoods, looted stores, set fire to businesses, attacked and sometimes killed people, attacked law enforcement, injuring hundreds. Americans watched as Antifa and BLM attempted to breach the White House, Federal court buildings, and police precincts. America watched as Antifa set fire to St. John’s church near the White House. Democrat mayors and governors let the rioters destroy their cities and rarely tried to stop the destruction.

If you are on the left your protests are deemed peaceful and constitutional.ย  If you are on the right, you are dubbed a domestic terrorist, a racist, violent, ugly, and your protests are deemed insurrectionist riots.ย As always, Democrat leftist rhetoric is always designed to empower the left to strip Americans of their rights and their money.

Many Trump supporters may be boycotting Tucker Carlson, but his take on January 6th is necessary, important, and clarifying. Trump supporters, conservatives, and Republicans need to stop flying around in a panic attack and fight to win the narrative war with the truth. Words matter. Watch:


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