June 14, 2021

Tucker Carlson sounds the alarm about left’s plans for Americans following riots

A group of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. The only thing that could eclipse that horror is what may be coming next from the left.

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson warned in his monologue Wednesday night that America’s most “basic and ancient freedoms” may now be imperiled, Breitbart reported. Although he condemned the violence that left five dead, Carlson predicted the incident would “be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights were born with as an American.”

The host opened his monologue by recounting the death of “Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot and killed in the chaos.” Although facts are still emerging, it appeared that Babbit — who was unarmed — was gunned down by a Capitol police officer in the scuffle. “It’s not enough to call it a tragedy,” he said before describing the heartache her parents would be dealing with following the death of their daughter in this manner.

“Political violence begets political violence. That is an iron law,” Carlson went on. “We have to be against that, no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext, no matter how many self-interested demagogues assure us the violence is justified or necessary. We have a duty to oppose all of this, not simply because political violence kills other people’s children, but because in the end, it doesn’t work.”

Carlson denounced the attacks but explained the mindset that led up to the violence. “Millions of Americans sincerely believe the last election was fake. You can dismiss them as crazy. You can call them conspiracy theorists. You can kick them off Twitter. But that won’t change their minds,” Carlson said. He blamed their disenfranchisement in the 2020 presidential election, which many people believe was stolen through fraud and unprecedented mail-in balloting, for creating instability.

“If people begin to believe that their democracy is fraudulent, if they conclude that voting is a charade, that the system is rigged and it’s run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people who are acting in their own interests, then God knows what could happen,” Carlson said. “Actually, we do know what could happen. It’s happening right now. It’s happened in countless other countries over countless centuries, and the cycle is always the same because human nature never changes.”

Besides the danger of getting into a vicious cycle of violence, the attack on the Capitol could be “used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights were born with as an American,” Carlson warned. “Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family, most critically,” he continued.  “These are the most basic and ancient freedoms that we have. They are why we live here in the first place. They’re why we are proud to be Americans. They are what make us different, and they are all now in peril.”

While it’s still too soon to know what the extent of the fallout will be, Carlson is right to warn about the attack on freedom that will likely follow.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have both used the incident for another race-baiting power play. With a Democratic Congress and presidential administration, there will be no stopping them from codifying whatever punishment they seek to inflict on the right.

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95 Responses

      1. 1990 Bosnia Jesus Christ himself appeared with his mother to 6 children in bosnia jesus said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, the virgin mary has been appearing in Bosnia for over 30 years she brings warnings from almighty God, before it’s too late, jesus said we’re gonna have to take the country back from the crooked government

    1. 2021 will be the darkest year yet.
      We are walking through “the valley of the
      shadow of death”, but FEAR NOT. The
      Sovereign God is still on the throne.
      The Harris/Biden platform can only do
      what God allows them to do.
      There is much that we must pray
      fervently for, such as that they be unable
      to do away with the 1st and 2nd
      Amendments, that they be unable to
      stack the Supreme Court, unable to
      raise taxes, be unbale to intrude into
      the affairs of the Church that they come
      under conviction of the sin of abortion,
      and not be able to cause taxpayers to fund
      abortions, that they become friends of Israel
      instead of being anti-Semitic, that they not
      be able to enter back into agreement with
      Iran in their nuclear program, that they not
      mandate mandatory vaccinations, not mandate
      continued lockdowns, and wearing of masks.
      etc. But first of all, pray for revival in the Church.

      1. How to pray to God? read it brainwashed illiterate, John 4 : 23, 24,and then a book about Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet, and then Acts 10 : 10, 11. get an education but if you are brainwashed you won’t believe it in the bible, brainwashing make you stupid.

  1. carlson cant figure whos side hes on, he blames trump for the socalled riots , he better check his facts trump supporters dont destory anything !

  2. There is no way you can convince me that there was no wide spread fraud in this election, my heart and gut say it is so. That being the case, we now have a very large problem, how do we as the people run OUR government when we have no say in who are leaders are.

    1. Ummm, Black people loathe Caucasians. Loathe is worse than hate. The brown woman alledgedly entering the White House says, Antifa is not going to stop rioting nor should they. Christian’s and Caucasians are not safe in America. Might want to have a plan “B”.

      1. Get Texas to start there own union I don’t know how it works. But if it means we can depart from the dems. Count me in.

      2. Did anyone else notice from the video showing the shooting that it was a black cop that shot her? Not a word by anyone about a black shooting an unarmed woman.

        Is it time for the Trump people to ask like BLM and Atifa? Maybe.

    2. PRAY often!! The Democrats are communists, Nancy Pelosi has turned the reins over to that crazy girl AOC! God help us all.

    3. There was definitely widespread voter fraud throughout the country and now the demonrats will end America as we know i1!

  3. To: Tucker Carlson: As I have viewed you MANY times and read your commentaries ALL I CAN SAY is GREAT and Keep up your Great commentaries. It is so refreshing to hear a Commentator speak the TRUTH, rather than what the Station/Network Ownership TELLS Him to say. There is FAR TOO MUCH B.S. in the So called News media. Again; My Congratulations on YOUR Honesty !!!

      1. Except that he blamed the rioting at the Capitol on Trump supporters when it was Antifa and possibly a few stupid others who got sucked into it.

    1. Watch News Max if you want to see real news. I like Tucker but President Trump nor his supporters have any culpability in the destruction of the Capital. President Trump is us and he fighting for us and I will always support him. This was a big ruse planned by the left to give them cause to try and oust the President before Jan. 20th. The President is not going away and we, his supporters, will be with him long after he leaves the White House.

        1. And now it is going to be taxpayers that pay them since cheating bidin is planning on giving African American’s reparations for slavery.

    2. I agree! They blame Trump for the break in, where is evidence? Besides eye witnesses saw the bus stop and let out the instigators. Many claim it was a peaceful protest all day. This whole election was fraud and all we asked for was an investigation. So disgusting that Dems jump the gun.

    3. Spot on Raymond, I totally agree, someone or something needs to stop the media mafia, I can’t believe these corrupt journalist can walk the streets of America without someone verbally attacking them, you know like what scum bag Waters told the left to do, these idiots are not above the law and somebody needs to call them out !!!!

      1. Yes, they HAVE been found. Several of the “ringleaders” seen leading the mob on video are KNOWN Antifa provocateurs. There were side-by-side pictures of them at the Capitol, and instigating and leading riots in other cities last summer. Get your head out of your nether regions. and maybe you’ll be able to recognize the truth when you see it!

    1. It was four shuttle busses escorted there by state and undercover police with lights flashing. And once off the busses they were waved in by police.

    2. It was actually 5 busses escorted by the Police. – they managed to take down the smart phone video “in a hurry” I might add.

  4. I’m convinced this was a pre planned event by the left to do what is being done, they coerced Trump people to congregate around the antifa to make it look like they were involved blaming them, the left is pure evil

    1. I happened to be in a restaurant when all this was happening. They had CBS on the TV and their LYING reporters were standing out there talking about Trump supporters “rampaging” through the Capitol, even though the video playing behind the talking head clearly showed people standing PEACEFULLY on the steps. We said something about it to our waitress, and the manager sent her over to say she was sorry, but the manager said she had to change the channel to something non-political. I told her to feel free, because CBS was doing NOTHING except telling brazen LIES anyhow.

    2. I was in the DC march on Jan 6 and we were peaceful. Many of us were still watching the President speaking at the Wash Monument when there was a movement to leave; some of us began followed slowly marching toward the Capitol. It took awhile. Most of us hadn’t reached the Capitol when we heard shots and discharge of tear gas. There were obviously Antifa/BLM among us — I saw them with their usual black masks and clothes and camo pants. I believe they were the ones leading the movement away from the Wash Monument to the Capitol to start trouble while hundreds of thousands of us were still marching.

  5. From what I have seen on the videos so far these were left-winged antifia and blm that broke into the capital building. There is video of the capitol police opening the gates so they could get in. A pure false flag operation, anything to blame it on President Trump. This was all planned out when Trump told the true citizens to come down to d.c. to protest the vote.

    1. That guy out in front leading the mob in the video-the one with the fur and buffalo horns is a KNOWN Antifa ringleader who was photographed in a very similar “costume” leading an ANTIFA riot. SMH. Anybody who can’t see that entire drama was staged, instigated and mostly carried OUT by the conniving Dems and their NASTY little pets is truly blind or just refuses to see the truth.

      1. Your 100% right I saw the same video, pictures and names of the Antifa’s ringleader with several more followers of his.

  6. If the democrats think what happened at the capital building was terrible they better get use to it. You rigged a election.. You lied for four years about President Trump because you couldn’t buy him off. You destroy America with communism. Obama started This mess and democrats kept it up. But true American people with finish this China takeover. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck think they are smart well they are not. You try destroying our freedoms and rights they are going down. Pentagon can keep its nose out of this. They sat there while Obama destroyed our military.. So just sit there old men. Your useless. China joe is a traitor and you know it.

    1. I don’t know who Orange Peel is but I do know that even before Obama was elected on Face the Nation he described how he intended to destroy America and they have been doing it ever since.

  7. I really would love to hear Tucker tell the truth that those weren’t Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. First off there is video showing the barricades being pulled back by the police to let them in, 2nd Trump supporters support law and order not smashing windows and defacing American institutions. Those are tactics used by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and it is a known fact that both groups were present and active in Wednesdays storming of the Capitol. Stand up for the truth Tucker. You are better than that!!!!!

    1. There’s a video of Trump supporters shouting at the person not to break the windows and you can see someone reaching up to pull his hand away.

  8. I suppose that now I’ll have to call Biden with kind words, since he’ll be sitting on the throne. Otherwise, I’ll end up in the Goulag (exchange program). So again, we will hear “he’s niegn mine President! But it will be our side this time. Oh when Biden’s lights go out, just watch Komrad Kamila come out with a whip and jack boots. She’s the one to fear! Whatever Biden dictated, she will double that! Whenever there is a tie in the House, she’ll throw in a dynamite as a sign of the Devil, to cause more destruction.

    Just remember my friends, you will have to decide whether you are a marshmallow, or a smore.

    1. Well when it happens to bidhead, which it will very shortly. Camelhump and pisslosi have to be destroyed right along with him.

  9. i believe that the group that stormed in the capital to destroy everything like that did with other destrutive ways to blame everyone else, they were probably payed to do this i think like they did with the other riots.

  10. As a veteran and a citizen I feel that you tell it the way it should be told. The others are nothing but puppets. If blm and antifa can destroy towns and businesses then others have to stand up. The democrats have been nothing but for them and totally against others. They have divided the people in half hatred is all over the place. I never felt more hate than I do now.

  11. This was ANTIFA. They came from out of town, mixed with the crowds and carried out violence . I know the MAGA people. They speak up but are peaceful. Violence has ALWAYS in the past, currently and in the future come from the Democratic Party. That is why I left them.

  12. If the Biden administration takes his “win” as being a message from his electorate to ram through leftist ideas unilaterally, it would be a great mistake for our country.

  13. order out of chaos that is their mantra and did we see chaos ? we did it’s their finger and foot prints . Trump had a false flag too as did the people dressed up as Antifa and BLM now we have to wait and see which false flag operation gets to the TRUTH.

  14. Who gained anything out of the riot, the left and the demorats, they were the only ones to gain out of this and it probably was all set up by the left. All patriots better get on their knees and pray to the GOOD LORD for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    1. Then it is our job to not let the Democrats divide us. If we don’t fight back, I guess revote then we lost our country. The government now thinks it can do what it wants. They where put there by you and they are or will be out of control Jan 20 of this year. You can count on that!!! and We the People need to stand up. Yes blood shed might happen as it does they history, sometimes you have to clean out the evil. Just saying

  15. Tucker. violence seems to have worked quite well for our founding fathers. Maybe it’s time for us to try it again with all our might.
    Trump: Still My President

  16. The Georgia senate race was also rigged as was the presidential.The dirty dems just repeated what they did on Nov. 3rd. Same mail in ballots flooding the state, same dominion voter machines ,Stacy Abrams sister ( a judge) voting in favor of unverified ballots and most important the spineless Republicans sat by and did NOTHING to change the fraud.

  17. The American People need to stand up. The theift of an election can not be tolerated. But the Swamp will not give up with out a fight. We know this. So we must stand to gather and stand strong.

  18. Maybe it’s time to go underground the communist and the Democratic geistapo are villianizing patriots time to regroup and figure out a plan to take back our country First thing is to protect the constitution before Pelosi burns it !!!!

  19. The police let Antifa into the capitol, no doubt with orders from a demonrat. Was there also an order for them to kill a definite MAGA innocent, unarmed person by the same demonrat? Sounds highly possible!

  20. Well since the corrupt demon crats also rigged the Senate runoff ,it looks like we have a one party system now.
    They will get away with everything and anything for the next four years.
    America we are now a communists country.

  21. Banning conservative websites, rigging elections, preventing conservatives from publishing books. This is the stuff that happens in Nazi Germany. What’s next rounding up conservatives and placing them in concentration camps
    Seig-Hile chancellor Biden.

    1. The time has come to join Texas exit from USA and start a new union. Let the liberals live in there own crap. Without conservatives. They will fall apart

  22. Or find a crack in the swamp, dig it out and let the whirlpool take them all down. I hope I am right, but I still have a feeling that Trump isn’t done yet. Even if he is not the President I believe some things will still come out. After the way the Dems have treated him for 4 years I believe that he has plenty of collected evidence from that 4 years that he was privy to and he will put it out there.

  23. I refuse to accept sleepy Joe as a legitimate president for the next four years.
    Donald Trump will always be my President.
    God Bless America and God Help Us All.

  24. I believe every other country in the world should whilst these democratic criminals are in the White House ,should completely distance themselves,trade with other countries ,not China or anyone who is affiliated with Biden ,his son ,the deadbeats Obama clan or the Clinton clan,true patriots should demand everyday that these pathetic democrat are in power to impeach the Biden’s and the Obamas for treason against our country and for the death of our veterans in Benghazi.

  25. Welcome to the United States of California. Now that the demirats have complete control they will run this country the way they have run Ca. Since 2016 with their ballot harvesting Good luck ever getting another Republican President or controling the house or Senate They not only hate President Trump but fear that he will tell us just how corrupt they really are I fear good hard working people are in for a world of hurt Please Lord God watch over us!

  26. What non-sense! The “Rights”, “We the People” have are not given to us by the government. They are God -given rights. They are inalienable rights! Therefore they can not be taken away by government or man. That was an ignorant and a foolish thing to say.
    The dems have tried time and time again to change the Constitution, even sending bills up to change the Constitution but always failed.
    The people are ignorant of their “Constitution” because it has not been taught in our public schools for decades. That is why when you talk to your senator/congressman on the phone or in person, they have no idea of what it is you are talking about. Today’s “constitutional lawyers are not taught w/our Constitution. They never even seen it. They are taught the supreme court’s version of the constitution. It is a book that is 3,000 pages long. And the book is added to every time there is a new case dealing w/their Constitution. Not the 7,000 + word version “We the People” were taught in school many decades ago. The scotus constitution is made up of their court cases and that is why they can find things in their constitution that are not found in our Constitution.
    Are you starting to see a trend here? Like maybe the undermining/substitution of “our Constitution”??? The scotus is not a “God-given” Constitution, but a government/man driven constitution that can be interpreted however they determine. Do you think you can “see” open boarders? Homo marriage? Sanctuary cities getting fed funds while disobeying fed orders? etc.?

  27. Obviously, we need to have GOD intervene since the human race isn’t capable of governing itself. The Devil is at hand and very strong. Human beings alone can’t fight against this evil because we just aren’t smart enough in numbers and we let the weak get their way and in our way of greatness. To me, that is just disgusting and appalling. How did we as a society ever get to a point where we destroy our own country, our own communities and our futures? It is very simple. Too many of the wrong people have been in charge of our government. Too many politicians have sold out America for their own gains. Too many teachers have left the path of education to drive their own political agenda. Too many adults haven’t the brains to know when someone is lying to them. Which brings me to the media. The media should never be allowed to be an extension of any political party. The media is now in the business of telling you what to think rather than honestly reporting the facts. Instead, they are now controlled and used to hide the truth and fill your head with falsehoods. The my friends is a Treasonous act and should be address as such.

  28. Speak father, wife, son, brother, daughter, are descriptors and saying you cannot use them is flat out censorship, a violation of the first amendment. Blm and antifa was in the riot of the capitol. this has been happening for months and did not get this much coverage. Wake up people! Illhand Ohmar is drafting impeachment?

  29. Lock & Load—-Dem’s feel they (COMMUNISTS) can dictate their mentality? to anyone at any time—I just found out that RESISTANCE is on the way SHORTLY! Buckle up for the ride and pray–Country is coming to an end as we knew it!!!

  30. In God we trust, with God, all things are possible. Pray and keep the faith and God will be with us and he will see us through these evil times. Good will prevail over evil. We shall win!


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