August 16, 2022

Tucker Carlson says politicans are benefiting from ‘pain and chaos’ of border crisis

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson confirmed that leftist leaders in the US are “benefiting” from the tragic events occurring at our southern border. 

 Carlson said during the Friday edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the United States could take some notes from the nation of Hungary, citing their immigrant crisis from six years ago.

Carlson said that they traveled to the southern tip of Hungary earlier in the week six years after hundreds of thousands of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East attempted to cross into the country.

The commentator said that today, the border is peaceful, quiet and there is no violence or mayhem, despite there being only a chainlink fence guarding the country’s border, and it’s all because Hungary stood strong against illegal aliens arriving from Syria, and other disturbed countries.

“When illegal aliens arrive at the Hungarian border, they’re photographed and then politely escorted back across the line,” Carlson said of the crisis years ago. “The whole process takes about half an hour. It is the most civilized thing we’ve seen in years. As we watched it, we thought to ourselves: why can’t we have this in America?

“The answer, as you know, is because our leaders don’t want to have it. They benefit from the chaos and pain of illegal immigration. When the rule of law collapses, they become more powerful. That’s why we have open borders.”

According to Carlson the problem of illegal immigration is getting substantially worse, even than the trajectory of the numbers indicate.

While the steady increase in border apprehensions and crossings are rising, they’re doing so at an even more alarming rate when it’s taken into account that summer months are typically the slowest for border patrol:

“June and July have been light months for border crossings from Mexico,” Carlson said. “It’s too hot. This year is different. The worlds poor understand that America that no longer has borders.”

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