May 23, 2022

Tucker Carlson responds to congressman accusing his show of hating America

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is fighting back after a congressman claimed “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is “hating America.”

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) recently made the remarks against Carlson.

“The very same politicians who claim the United States as systemically racist, a White supremacist hellscape defined by slavery. In other words, an evil nation. Those people are always the first to claim that you hate America if you dare to disagree with them. That happened to us over the weekend,” Carlson said on his program Monday.

“For months, we have criticized Joe Biden’s lunatic push for war with Russia, nothing about that makes sense. It’s not foreign policy, it is self- harm and it is a lie,” Carlson added.

In contrast, many on the left have shown their hatred for Carlson. In addition to public criticism, he has reportedly been spied on by the government in the recent past.

Instead, Carlson invited Cicilline onto his program to debate the topic. So far, no response from the congressman.

The interesting twist shows it’s not Carlson who hates America, but many of those he criticizes do, as shown in their angry responses to his patriotic views.

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