October 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson reports on emails between Hunter Biden CNBC executive that point to illegal campaign donations

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has reportedly brought to light previously unanalyzed emails between first son Hunter Biden and a CNBC executive that cause a questioning pattern of events. 

According to a report in The Washington Examiner, the Fox News anchor has some questions about emails found in Biden’s laptop where the questionable first son asks if a former top CNBC executive directed his wife to make inappropriate donations to political organizations.

Former senior vice president of communications at CNBC, Brian Steel, received the communication from President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, on Sept. 2016.

Carlson introduced the email saying that “These documents show that a CNBC executive used his wife to dodge company rules that barred financial contributions to political campaigns.”

The Fox News host went on to say that it was 2015 when Breitbart first reported Steel’s wife was a donor to Hillary Clinton, “A big Hillary Clinton donor,” Carlson said.

Carlson said. “That report came to light after a CNBC Republican debate that featured several biased questions favoring Democrats. It was pretty over the top, actually. It’s on YouTube. Treat yourself some time.”

“The emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that Brian Steel’s wife was spending that money and his direction, which we think is illegal actually, we’ll leave that to the lawyers to determine. But here are the facts,” Carlson continued. “In September of 2016, Hunter Biden emailed Steel to invite him to a fundraiser for a former Biden aide who was running for Congress in South Carolina. The candidate was called Francis — ‘Fran Person.'”

Steel said in response: “‘I’d love to support [congressional candidate] fran [person] but unfortunately as the evp of cnbc I’m not allowed to donate to political campaigns. In years past I would get around that by having my wife donate but after cnbc hosted a controversial/aggressive republican primary debate earlier this year, breitbart and rush limbaugh outed me as the husband of a ‘max’ hillary donor so I can’t even have eileen donate any more.'”

According to Carlson, Steel was at CNBC for the better part of 15 years, beginning his tenure in 2007 and ending it about a month ago. During that time his wife has donated $16,000 to Democrats, according to Carlson. 




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