October 3, 2022

Tucker Carlson says he’ll release ‘shocking’ recording of conversation between Michael Cohen and Chris Cuomo

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed on Friday that he’s preparing to release a tape-recorded conversation between former Trump associate Michael Cohen and top CNN pundit Chris Cuomo — a tape that Carlson says will “confirm your perceptions” of mainstream media pundits.

Carlson told viewers on Friday that the mysterious tape has been “floating around” for some time, but hasn’t been extensively reported on, and said he plans to debut the tape sometime within the next week.

“Television is a famously phony medium, grown men wear makeup to work. Hate to admit that, but it’s true. But television also, over time, is revealing. If you watch long enough, you can tell who is real and who is fraudulent. Well, you’re about to have all of your perceptions confirmed,” Carlson said on Friday.

Carlson explained the context of the forthcoming tape:

Remember Michael Cohen, the president’s former lawyer, the one who went to jail for tax evasion? Cohen was a committed sleazeball, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that he was very friendly with a number of well-known media figures.

Underneath it all, they had a lot in common. The unethical lawyer and the unethical talk show hosts. Cohen talked to all of them recently. Well, it turns out those conversations were tape-recorded … Copies have been floating around for quite some time now, none has aired publicly yet. Who is he talking to? A lot of people.

Chris Cuomo at CNN was one of them. Cohen and the governor’s brother had a pretty shocking conversation. Bottom line, Chris Cuomo is not the person he pretends to be on CNN. And there is more. This is a developing story. We’ll have all of it for you next week. Tune in.

Carlson did not offer any further details at the time, nor did he confirm when, precisely, to expect the full report.

Carlson has been on a roll recently, breaking ratings and viewership records right and left as Americans seek unbiased and truthful reporting on issues that the mainstream media tries to suppress. Carlson’s reach is massive, so whatever he has up his sleeve likely has CNN — and Chris Cuomo on edge.


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