August 7, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Pete Buttigieg ‘a disgrace’ who needs to resign

Never one to hold back when it comes to skewering ineffective leaders at all levels of government, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Friday let loose on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for seemingly concentrating on everything but his actual job, and called for him to resign as Breitbart reports.

Carlson began by outlining the sorts of tasks on which most Americans would assume Buttigieg spends his days addressing, and in the host’s estimation, the issue areas are relatively obvious, given the name of the federal agency he leads – the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“[E]very Secretary of Transportation has the two same concerns, the overriding concerns, and despite what they may tell you, neither one of these concerns has anything to do with systemic racism,” Carlson noted.

According to Carlson, Buttigieg’s focus these days would presumably be trained on the price of diesel fuel, given the fact that “[v]irtually everything you buy in America arrived by diesel engine, our entire trucking fleet runs on diesel, so does every single freight locomotive in the United States.”

As such, “if diesel prices get too high, transportation – and you’re the Secretary of Transportation – stops. The price of nearly everything becomes unaffordable. So inflation is directly connected to transportation and transportation requires diesel,” he stated.

“Your second concern if you were Transportation Secretary would be domestic air travel. This is a huge country, it’s far too big a country not to have reliable commercial flights from one place to another. Businesses depend on the airlines and so do families,” Carlson emphasized.

“And yet remarkably,” Carlson added, “in less than a year and a half, under Joe Biden, both of these things, fuel costs and air travel have gone dramatically in the wrong direction,” with diesel fuel hitting its highest ever recorded price and airlines cutting startling numbers of routes just before the summer travel season.

However, despite those critical American problems falling squarely within his job description, Buttigieg, according to Carlson, is busy telling poor Americans to buy prohibitively expensive electric vehicles, decrying what he describes as the racist design of America’s highway system, and, of course, weighing in on abortion, as he did during the Detroit Regional Chamber’s recent Mackinac Policy Conference just days ago.

To Carlson’s mind, because Buttigieg is spending his time on anything and everything besides the collapse of the nation’s transportation system he purports to oversee, he is “a disgrace” who is “not even doing the bare minimum to fulfill his job requirements,” and should resign, and that is a position with which it is difficult to disagree.

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Antogeny (@guest_1288420)
1 month ago

The FJB administration is a TOTAL clown car. They should ALL resign!



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