May 6, 2021

Tucker Carlson warns leftist purge could extend to offline life

President Donald Trump was already effectively cut out of polite society before the recent purge from social media. It isn’t stopping there for him, and some worry it won’t stop for his supporters either.

Among those concerned about the slippery slope was Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who mused that the powers that be could take their cancellations much further than they are right now. “How long before they cut off your water and electricity?” Carlson questioned on his program Wednesday, “before UPS won’t deliver your packages?”

After a group of Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol last week in a skirmish that left five dead, the president and some high-profile supporters have since been cut off by companies at a breakneck pace. This is a troubling trend that is beginning with the famous and powerful on the right but could eventually extend to anyone who supported the president — including private citizens.

The president was banned from social media sites, had his contracts with New York City canceled, and was dropped by a major bank based on the events of last week — or rather the narrative that it was his fault. The social media site Parler, not directly affiliated with Trump but friendly to the president and conservatives, had its app taken off Google and Apple and was refused web hosting by Amazon in a move that effectively shut the media company down completely, the New York Post reported.

Trump had no direct role in the incursion at the Capitol, yet he and anyone who supports him are now on the chopping block. Carlson shared how former Major League pitcher and BlazeTV commentator Curt Schilling was dropped by his insurance carrier for expressing support for the president.

“Curt Schilling wrote a social media post defending Donald Trump,” Carlson said. “And in 2021, that’s not allowed. You can lose your insurance for that. You can also lose your bank account, your website, your access to email and social media, your ability to communicate with the outside world, and there’s nothing you can do about it because you can also lose your lawyer,” Carlson continued.

The host warned that Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was somewhat complicit in the impeachment proceedings recently brought about by Democrats, don’t understand that this attack will extend beyond Trump.

“At no point does it seem to have occurred to McConnell or any of the geniuses clustered around him that what is really at stake right now is not the future of Donald Trump, but instead the future of his voters, tens of millions of them, who in the space of the last seven days have seen themselves recast as domestic terrorists,” Carlson warned. “That has happened, but Republicans in Washington don’t seem to have noticed.”

“How long before they cut off your water and electricity? Before UPS won’t deliver your packages? And not to wreck your day, but guess what? Amazon is now one of America’s biggest grocery providers,” Carlson warned. “Good thing you don’t need to eat.”

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71 Responses

  1. Your report of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol is far fetched. Reports are now saying it was Antifa, BLM, Qanon & maybe a few Trump supporters.

    1. It is all a big lie! Yes the anarchists were at it, like BLM and Antifa – you are wrong about Quanon – do some research and you will see that they are NOT a violent or anarchist group, they are ordinary families and people who work, go to church and still have a dad in the home.

    1. Haven’t we seen this movie played in Cuba and Venezuela? The Left cannot tolerate dissent because the truth burns them like fire!

    2. I am waiting for the eruptions that will take place and I feel it will be sooner then they think.many- many patriotic Americans are chomping at the bit watching what the Dems and libs are doing to our’s a matter of time

  2. We support Tucker Carlson! This country is very close to a point of no return, with big tech and the liberal social media effectively running the government.

  3. Hey Christine, How do you know the people who entered the Capital were Trump supporters??? It seems that they were NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS but anarchists!!! Christine, WTFU!!!!

      1. Rb,Trump invited his supporters to walk,an protest the false voteing,the falsely reported votes,the votes from thousands of dead people, Dominion voting cheat machines,that turn Trump votes to Biden Votes? An fact is there is evidence of them doing exactly that in Arizona,Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan ????????
        He didn’t invite Antifa, or BLM to get there by DC Bus,an hour before trump’s speech was over????? False flag!!!!! False supporter of Trump dressed as MAGA ,breaking out windows,trashing the people’s house????? Complete disregarding the United States!,the Constitution, American Life!!!!!

      2. Because thats what they were told to say! Where have you been for the last 4 yrs? Even if he made a speech it was NOT to cause trouble! And NEVER EVER FORGET ALL THE LOOTING< FIRES< MAYHEM< we have endured the whole summer? Also read on a site the rats did not have control over yet, a blm was seen in the rats office wanting his pay and where were the offices and positions they would have in the rats promise party!
        You only had to see what the rioters were wearing as opposed to the REAL protestors!

      3. That’s like e saying “Hi, I from the Federal Government and here to HELP. WOULD I LIE TO YOU? Trust Me!

  4. DJT was the Great Roadblock to the Commie Dems . They had to steal it to get back on their Road to Perdition.
    They stuck in the biggest Stooge they had who believes the “Smartest Guy He Knows is Hunter” Pretty Sad

  5. I feel that people need to get off Twitter, Facebook and stop watching CNN, MSNBC, NYT and the rest of the propaganda, lying media. YES, I watch Fox News because unlike the others they SHOW proof in forms of tapes, recordings of what they are talking about whereas the others just have their little panels of “SO CALLED EXPERTS” talking trash with nothing to back them up.

      1. They are talking puppets! Last yr or longer there was a report and had names of all the people in DC who were related in some way to the heads of the stations! Then DC would send what was to be reported and they could twisted any way they wanted, BUT get that message out! Just watch a few stations if you don’t gag. BOMBSHELL THIS JUST IN WE HAVE IT ON GOOD SOURCES They are NOT real reporters!

  6. What really pisses me off is that they keep saying “Trump supporters”. They KNOW it wasn’t, so STOP saying it!

  7. I pray President Trump keeps fighting proving there is voter fraud and proving the democracts are friends to the chinese and communists.

  8. “After a group of Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol last week in a skirmish that left five dead” is somewhat misleading. True, many. perhaps most of those entering the Capitol were Trump supporters. However, current information appears to show (i) that antifa and BLM members played a significant role in the breakin; (ii) that many were actually let in by Capitol Police and most, if not all breakage was done by the previously-cited groups, (iii) one of the dead was an unarmed Trump supporter unfortunately shot by an unidentified guard, (iv) second was a security person brutally hit with a fire extinguisher by a person whose identity has not yet been established and (v)the other two apparently died from medical conditions not related to any “skirmish”.

      1. That was the one shot by the unidentified guard! Which may be an other false flag,by the swamp creatures! video I saw showed the gun was pointed down in hallway ,if so how did it not her I the neck or head? Bullets don’t curve up,three feet to hit target?????Are we so sure ?she’s not living ,on the Beach somewhere ,till this blows over?

    1. Absolutely..correct .Have proof that this was an organized coup..NOT Trumpers .Think…Who was the ones burning businesses, attacking people eating , Beating up people for months ..! Brains people …

  9. Led by ANTIFA and BLM the stupid people who followed them undid four years of positive good done for America by the Donald and gave polosi and the American hating democants just what they wanted a chance to ruin the Republican party like they did to the Jim Crow domocants and now they hope for communism in America is the real deal Dah TRUMP 2024

    1. Don’t make a lot of sense. If Trump supporters had not shown up neither would Antifuka or BLM. What the Trump supporters did wrong was listen to the activists. What they should have done was attack the activists, and sent them packing.
      BLM=Burn Loot Murder little children squad
      Antifuka=Anti Fukin American

  10. Trump supporters, yeah right. That goes against everything we believe. The real truth is it was a deep state exercise from months ago carried out by antifa, blm, MSM (someone had to tell antifa which windows to break and where to go). And the 20,000 troops in DC are not to keep supporters out (who would go to that cesspool again?) indictments have come down for the rats it’s to keep them in.

    1. Thank You for Your Service. Lt. i Pray that you are right. I heard something on the airwaves, well, maybe you did too.

  11. The whole anti Trump movement is like A movie with the inocent good guy being framed for A made up crime . Just because he ran on A drain the SWAMP campaign , they all hate him.

    1. Yes he ran draino down the swamp sewer, and destroyed a lot of their crooked income. He has cost the swamp billions and they will not forgive him. He has exposed a lot of them, by putting them in exposed positions. Now we get out the sniper squads and finish them off.

  12. Welcome to ” Marching the path to the Gulag”. How’s the rat meat today! All I got is Mush with Maggots. In the Name of the Living Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen,

  13. Christine, you said in the first paragraph that “After a group of Trump Supporters broke into the Capital Building”, you didn’t include Antifa which was proven they were there and organized the break in. Stop spewing out partial facts and leaving other facts out.

    1. Including the ‘Good Boys’ who was in Pelosi office and, ransacked it, and took a piece of paper with her name on it and, left 25 cents….

  14. Shhhhhh. It is not safe to say anything against the overlords. Bow down and expect the worst. It starts here now. Chinese our new language and religion. No more need to vote just leave your offerings/praise for our new gods and your crops will grow. Other than that hope they can get the biden impeachment thru. Though i doubt it will ever happen now that the biden gang enforcers are on the job. Soon no more talk about hunter deals will be allowed. Oh yeah that is already happening. Crime is not suppost to pay.

  15. President Trump would have been much more beloved if he had smiled MORE OFTEN like he did in this
    picture with President Obama. Big mistake. President Reagan was loved — for a lot of reasons, one of them
    was his ‘smile.’

  16. I am horrified and disgusted at what is happening just because we are so called deplorables and domestic terrorists. Remember sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me! Life goes on. We will get through these next four horrendous years and come out stronger because of it. I don’t believe President Trump will ever stop fighting on our behalf and this tyranny from the left side of the aisle will someday end. And remember what goes around comes around!

  17. One thing you can say for sure. All the people that cast a vote for biden/hairs are a Traitor to their neighbor, their country & the Constitution ! What the Traitor Trash democrats have planned for America is unbelievable. The democrat party is THE RIGHT ARM of SATAN. they are Anti-Christ, Anti-America, Anti-Constitution, Anti- EVERYTHING GOOD. That POS biden , hitlary, obomo the muslime, & the rest of the demonrat party don’t deserve to breathe air period. they all deserve to be lynched at the nearest tree. Conservatives expect to be treated poorly by the Demonic left, but all those that voted & the Traitor Trash that Helped RIG THIS ELECTION of evil are too STUPID & will be blind-sided by it. In the end, it will be those low-lifes that will be hiding but there will be nowhere to hide. Patriotic Citizens will hunt them down & make the Traitors pay. GOD HELP US ALL & GOD BLESS AMERICA & HER PATRIOTIC CITIZENS.

  18. I stay away from all of those networks that spread falsehoods.
    I prefer to watch NewsMax and OAN.
    The only reason I watch Fox is to see Tucker and Hannity. I wish they would move to NewsMax,

  19. Trump isn’t fighting on your behalf, it’s only on HIS behalf. Don’t you just love a president that called our soldiers who died for our freedom “FOOLS AND SUCKERS”

    1. It wasn’t Trump that said that It was Biden having one of his senior moments, Trump was just paraphrasing what Biden said. Don’t you ever what the news, I saw this on the Communist Network News, with a lemon.

  20. An old saying as I recall; any firefighter will tell you that water works well to put out a fire, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Talk is cheap for the left, the body count won’t be.

  21. I urge all true republicans not to work with the Rhinos, Cheney, McConnel, Romney and others in the leadership of the party as they are working to help the Dems, and will only cause problems with in the party. We need to remove them as quickly as possible, and deny them access to the party organization, or any help from the party. If they are going to help the dems, they will have to find another way. They have betrayed the people, and are no longer deserving of their support.

  22. All in all, Tucker Carlson does a good job, holds back no punches no matter what political party. He can only use the information in which he’s been given. However FOX as a whole has went more left with it’s reporting. Started during the first debate with Chris Wallace. Tucker will run on anyone if he thinks they’re wrong or hiding something.

  23. No wonder they are trying to erase history…have you notice…democrates are following Hitler’s playbook step by step

    1. I always wondered what the difference between a Nazi and a Communist was??? Well I think I figured it out. Nazis kill Jews, and Communists kill Christians. I think that they are working together, because Antifa and BLM kill Jews and Christians.

      1. By killing Jews and Christians, they think that they are being inclusive, that’s what Hitler told them. HahaHaheeheehehehehehe!!!!!

  24. They knew what was going on, they approved it. 70 buses full of Antifa and BLM. It is time for the Democrats to take over these people and make them clean up their mess they started it all on their own. President Trump is the Is the President!!!!!!

  25. Someone said that the Dems need to get a life;
    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brain. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  26. The real question is: What happens when a group or groups of people are declared enemies of the state? They just don’t shut off your electric power and water, they confiscate any and all of your property. You are sent to a “Reeducation Camp”, aka “Concentration Camp”, and your final destination is the Gas Chamber! Then disposal becomes a major problem. Therefore, the hastily constructed the Crematorium. This is what happens when you get one Political Party Rule. If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

    Leave while you can still get out!

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