May 7, 2021

Tucker Carlson is under fire

You know that Tucker Carlson is speaking truth to power because the left is going after him on all fronts. Carlson has been the most powerful voice of opposition of the left, most recently going after the Marxist organization masquerading as a civil rights group, Black Lives Matter. The left’s rage has spiraled out of control as Carlson’s ratings eclipse those of all other TV commentators, and Carlson is now being brutally attacked for it. 

The leftist media outlet, The New York Times, responsible for legitimizing the destructive Russia Collusion hoax, is attacking Carlson on the home front. On Monday, Carlson ran a segment on his show demanding that the Times abandon its plans to run a story revealing where Carlson and his family live. The last time a news organization revealed Carlson’s address, his home was surrounded by protesters that threatened his wife and four children. His wife was frightened enough to hide in a closet while dialing 911. Carlson had to relocate to protect his family. The New York Times is about to unleash another mob on Carlson.

On another front, Carlson is also facing a lawsuit charging sexual harassment filed by leftist media personality Cathy Areu, who appeared frequently on Carlson’s show as the “liberal sherpa.” Fox News investigated Areu’s allegations and dismissed them. Areu included Fox Personality Sean Hannity in her lawsuit as well.

Areu, the founder of Catalina, a magazine for Latinas, frequently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight as “the Liberal Sherpa” to provide liberal commentary on issues like “toxic masculinity” and whether the word “man” should be removed from the word “woman,” and “Manhattan,” etc.

It seems that neither the right nor the left took Areu seriously. At least one leftist watchdog organization believed that Areu represented Fox News’ caricature of the left. According to Media Matters:

A lot of the time, Carlson does this (with the help of Cathy Areu during a regular segment called “The Liberal Sherpa.” Areu is introduced as the founder of Catalina magazine and, as Carlson said during his July 4 show, as someone “willing to defend pretty much any new fad on the left, whether it’s hiding in cry closets or getting consent before you change your baby’s diaper.”

Watch Areu on Tucker Carlson:

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16 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work Tucker. Get a concealed carry license! Arm yourself and your wife. Signage “I will defend my property with deadly force.”

  2. Way to go Tucker! these idiots after you, are just making themselves look tough instead of Stupid! you and the Fox crew are Part of the real America first!!

  3. We love you Tucker,…..a truthsayer,….. we support you so don’t let the MOB distract you.

    1. We love you Tucker.!!!!! STAY safe, carry a gun, GOD potect and BLESS you & family always.!

  4. I agree with all 3 replies above! Tucker is great-he does not color the truth and has guests with various points of view and is an all around great commentator!

  5. Tucker is one of the best at telling the truth. I trust him and Hannity above any lying liberal. This is right out of their playbook slander making up stories to ruin people’s lives. Fox better stand by their people. The left does this same thing over and over its not working anymore.

  6. I Think Tucker Carlson should get his list of all the Times employees addresses and release that , along with their salary’s. What is fair for them should be fair for our side.

  7. Doing a good job Tucker – the more they hate you – the more they try to shut you down means that your too close to the truth. No one out here will stop you from doing to them what they do to you. It would be justified with many of us.

  8. I wonder who pay these two women lot of money to LIES? Fox news need to remove them from the show! Or is Fox news going the way of CNN? Carlson and Hannity can move over to OAN!

  9. Praying for you and your family. Thank you for standing up for America. The truth will set you free.

  10. Cathy Areu is crazy as a loon. I wouldn’t believe ANY THING that piece of garbage says. As for the Eckhart, don’t know who that ding bat is but these women anymore are totally sickening. A real sad thing for those women who really are assaulted.
    Makes me sick.

  11. Stop these liberal idiots from being on your show, Tucker. I don’t even like to watch the show when they are on. We already know pretty much what they are going to say.

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