May 12, 2021

Tucker Carlson investigation reveals more Biden family mischief

The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden in the lead-up to the 2020 election might have been buried by a vast majority of the media in the days since, but there are still a few out there — including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson — who are not keen on letting any potential Biden corruption be swept under the rug.

According to the Washington Examiner, during a show this week, Carlson uncovered the extremely disturbing revelation that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has hired the former business partner of the criminal defense attorney who represented Hunter Biden. 

Nicholas McQuaid, a former federal prosecutor who worked with Hunter Biden’s attorney, Christopher Clark, as partners at the law firm Latham & Watkins, was recently selected by the Biden administration head up the DOJ’s criminal division.

Remember, Hunter Biden is still under federal investigation, which is overseen by the DOJ’s criminal division. This means that a close associate of Hunter Biden’s personal attorney is now in the upper ranks — the acting assistant attorney general — of the very division that will oversee Hunter Biden’s federal investigation.

But as Carlson confirmed, the situation gets even worse, as Biden’s DOJ — when contacted for comment on the matter — refused to answer one simple question that should be answered immediately.

“We reached out to the Justice Department for a comment on this,” Carlson said. “They refused to say whether McQuaid would recuse himself for matters involving Hunter Biden and his former partner, who is representing Hunter Biden. It’s all pretty amazing. Another reminder, there’s a lot going on within the Biden family.”

As the Washington Examiner previously reported, Hunter Biden has been the subject of a federal investigation since sometime in 2018. After the news of that investigation broke, then-candidate Joe Biden promised that there would be no conflicts of interest in any cases regarding his son.

“My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict, with inappropriate distance from the presidency and government,” Biden said at the time.

As it stands with McQuaid’s new role at the top of the DOJ brass chart, one could easily argue that President Joe Biden certainly didn’t hold true to that promise.

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59 Responses

    1. REPUBLICANS and “any DEMWITT with an ounce of sense” needs to stop this new US DICTATOR from taking and making his own LAWS without Congress! I mean, if we don’t have Congress and the Senate, why do we PAY FOR THEM if they are sitting IDLY BY WITH THEIR THUMBS UP THEIR A__!

      1. Remember that Biden is fake & before too long, it’ll all be revealed. All his EOS will be null & void. Also, those EOS look like they have no writing on them.

    2. I hope Carlson has a tickle file going on the Hunter case and continues to follow it closely. I’m sure China Joe and the DOJ is in the process of sweeping it under the rug. I think it is time to disclose the contents of the hard drive for all to see thus making it difficult to dispute and hide the evidence.

  1. The Biden family is corrupt pure and simple!
    They have their feelers in China and else where.
    They are not Americans so they should all be
    convicted of spying and sent to jail. Once they
    are gone I pray Trump will take over!

    1. McQuaid must recuse himself or be removed from his post by Traitor Joe. Anything less gives grounds for Traitor Joe’s impeachment.

  2. Beijing biden has NEVER held true to ANY PROMISES he has ever made, when it comes to his CYA ideology and any actions against any opponent, especially on the other side of the aisle.

    1. Who here already knew their corruption would be swept under the corrupt governments rug, CNN reporter says the american people will have to take the country back by Force !

  3. Promises to joe biden are nothing but a means to an end. Just to get to the top lie cheat steal, the biden/democrat way

  4. This is the way the dim’s work to control everything. If a stink comes up, put someone in charge to cover up the stink. We will probably never hear anything about it again. Just like the fake election.

  5. No surprise here! Biden truly knows he can do and get away with ANYTHING he chooses, because he is protected by the democratic party, the democratic media and now has control of the military so no worries!


  7. None of the Biden’s should be allowed in the people’s House because all of them are corrupt. The White House belongs to we the People. I think all the People that voted for Trump should be able to go to Congress and let our voices be heard. We the people own the Senate and the House not the people that is voted in. They should be listening to the people and they never do. These people do what they want to do not what the people send them to do.

  8. BIDEN, liar liar pants on fire. We are not stupid! We are fully
    aware of what commie Joe has up his sleeve. We will be at war
    with him if he continues to bring America to its knees. Lord please
    bring Trump back!!!

  9. I will never accept the criminal Biden and his whore, Harris. They, along with Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, and Schiff, are nothing but TRAITORS to AMERICA. They will do anything to gain power. Biden and Pelosi are acting like dictators, just like Hitler and Stalin.

    1. Totally agree, Betty Jay !!!
      This is exactly what they are : dictators !!!
      Just like Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Castro and all the rest of the criminals!!!!!

    1. Of course, this is another website that will censor the comments that they don’t like !!!
      This is what they do in kommunist China, in Russia by the KGB , and now in America by the
      Kommunist thugs in the WH

  10. Biden could care less. He wouldn’t recognize a promise if it walked up and kicked him in the shins. Face the facts folks, we (you) have elected a crooked POLITICIAN who sees the American citizen as just another ‘Rube’ who WILL BE taken to the cleaners. Just remember, when the shell game is in full swing, and the question “where’s the pea”? is asked, the ANSWER is “between the thumb and forefinger of your ‘left’ hand :^)

  11. Since when did Veggie Joe Biden tell the truth? He’s lied so much in his lifetime, that he actually believes that they’re truths. Sadly, there is evidence confirming them as being blatant lies.
    What I think is ironic; is that one of his campaign slogans was “Truth Before Lies”.

  12. here we are again. the democrats after trump again for someyhing he didnt do. yet biden and all his lies] treason AND SELLING THE COUNTRY OUT TO CHINA and not fit to be president and nothing being done about it.. and pelosi who is crooked as they come along with schumer and their friends wanting to punish trump for what they are guilty of. are the ones who should be impeached and throwed in jail.these are the ones who are destroying our country .republicans start working together and save our country for our children and grandchildren.

  13. There is nothing right about any of this, and you know now Biden Jr will walk scot free and nothing concerning Biden Sr will come to light. The people are being screwed big time and even when the tax is is going to be raised to feed the illegals it will all be OK. I can’t believe any that support Biden in the security department can look at themselves in the mirror.

    1. Have some faith in our creator…he sees it all & will let us all see it soon. He’s guiding military intelligence & Trump.

  14. First of all 78 million Americans agree that we have no government. What we have is a bunch of thieves that have, by placating the ‘Snowflakes’, stole the election and now have barricaded themselves in Washington’s vacant government buildings. Face it…we have no president, no vice president, Speaker of the House nor the Senate. At best we have a whole bunch of politicos that will draw millions of taxpayer’s dollars over the next for years for nothing. At worst, they will push the radicals on both sides to start a civil uprising to witch they will blame the ‘domestic terrorism’ representing the majority of the population of this country. We cannot win if we follow that path because that is what they want. Why do you think they ‘found’ ‘unexploded pipe bombs in the RNC and DNC headquarters. They were planted as evidence of their need to ‘clamp down’ on we the people. The more unruly the populace, the more power they get. What we need to do is follow our own constitution with concrete resolve. Start now…attend city hall meetings and be vocal. Vote in local elections and do what I am doing…volunteer to be a poll worker. Then watch to make sure the election, no matter how insignificant it seems, is done honestly. THEN VOTE no matter how you feel about it.

  15. Biden and Pelosi are terrorists I am afraid of what they have done to the country and what they are planning to do. Any fool can see this.

  16. Well I guess that ends the investigation into Hunter’s Traitor and treasonous act now the will just be swept under the Democratic rug in daddies office. This is a total double standard. Why is he not being arrested for Tax evation in the least.

  17. As we have seen in the last election, volunteering as a poll worker does no good if the idiots at the helm are trained Marxists willing to steal an election, I was a poll supervisor and a Democrat kept “forgetting” to get signatures adn I was having to run after the ones I caught to get them to come back and sign the book to show they were the ones who came in to vote. I was not able to catch a few before they drove away. At the top, they can disappear ballots and substitute others.

  18. Doesn’t this remind you all of a few years back with biden, little hunter and obumer concerning a payoff to a foreign country to keep little hunter in the money and daddy keep getting his paycheck? Just asking.

  19. There should be a law or a ruling in the constitution that anyone being investigated for corruption or criminal charges can NOT be entitled to run for any government office. Biden should be disqualified immediately and so should Harris since she was funding the rioters to get out of jail.

  20. After reading about all of the fraud that is constantly going on within the government, and the guilty politicians who are well known to the public, everything just seems to go on, as usual. These politicians have the know-how to escape punishment . . . . . Even more disturbing to me is to look at the lack of justice due to those who have been hurt by these perpetrators. How their lives will never be the same ! ! !

  21. I truly appreciate your site ! ! ! There are not many places left on the internet where people can get interactions from those who have the same values as my family. I know that they are out there, but at this point in our society, they are no longer acceptable to be discussed on the internet. Many thanks for having a site where we can freely discuss going on in the world ! ! !

  22. Well, with that information we can all rest well knowing that the Biden family will see justice. Just not the way we would see it if we were a corrupt syndicate that use the government positions of power to make more money, king of like the Pelosi crime family, the Kennedy’s and pretty much any Democrat party member in office that are now millionaires when they didn’t start that way. Are you missing President Trump yet.

  23. SO THE DEMOCRATS TRIED TO IMPEACH OUR LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT WITH THEIR FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND B.S. LIES TO GET RID OF A GREAT UNCORRUPT PRESIDENT, and now we have an illegitimate SUPPOSED PRESIDENT who was a crook and now he is going to try and have his SON’S INVESTIGATION SHOVED UNDER THE TABLE, so the DEMOCRATS who are worthless, to begin with, and have been spying on our PRESIDENT and then tried to IMPEACH him twice, to look like the fools they are and BIDEN IS GOING TO GO WITH HIS OLD TRICK’S, so if the FBI or THE DOJ stop these investigations, the people will have to take the LAW in their own hands, PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP how much crap do we have to put up with.

  24. The “PRESS” has NEVER been a friend of any nation it is involved with! The Media/press always seeks to stir up trouble and thrives on Drama, and controversy and always lies about the outcomes of wars and nation events and stirs up people against each other! The Media always supports athletes w/tremendous skills, who have the morals of an alley cat! They pump up self-promotion and perversion in the movie industry! They support Mayors and past govt leaders who are perverse as “gods” and yet the TRUTH has NO place in them! 2 Corinthians 4-4/Ephesians 2:2 KJV

  25. The demonrats all do the same thing,they do wrong,& promise high positions to those who cover for them. It happens time and again, but the ignorant people in this country re elect them over,& over,fully believing their lies. When called out for their lying they accuse those who expose them of lying,& accuse them of what in fact they themselves have done. The corruptness will never end as long as the media continues to cover for them, instead of telling the correct story!

  26. This needed a special prosecutor from the very beginning. The whole family is crooked supported by a crooked government.

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