May 23, 2022

Tucker Carlson gets into heated argument with Republican leader over Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson held a heated argument on his program Wednesday with Republican Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar over Ukraine and immigration.

Salazar urged the U.S. to at least consider a no-fly zone over Ukraine and to give the war-torn nation the weapons it needs.

Carlson argued with her whether she had thought through the implications of such a decision.

“I just can’t help [but] notice the contrast between your desire to send MiGs to Ukraine to preserve its borders, but not here. Should we send the U.S. military to the Mexican borders since you have admitted that tens of millions of people have come here illegally?” Carlson asked.

“That is why I have created a whole plan so we can really seal the border,” Salazar replied.

Carlson ended the interview with the same frustration many Americans have. The same administration that wants to fund Ukraine to protect its borders fails to take care of its own borders.

The contrast is unsettling, regardless of the grim reality facing Ukraine. America’s border needs to be protected, as do the people of Ukraine.

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