June 25, 2021

Tucker Carlson exposes media and big tech collusion suppressing COVID-19 vaccine skepticism

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is never shy about asking tough questions on his nightly show, and his Tuesday show was no exception.

Carlson just revealed a controversial take on the health implications of the much-lauded COVID-19 vaccines, questioning big tech’s collaboration with oligarchs such as Melinda Gates to shut down any transparency or even questions about vaccines

Carlson noted right off the bat that “Most Americans already supported vaccines. They didn’t need to be browbeaten in order to be convinced,” but that the government and media’s heavy-handed treatment of the vaccine rollout has made many suspicious.

The Fox host explained:

After months of hearing that life could never return to normal until we get a vaccine, we got a vaccine (two, actually), but life did not return to normal. In fact, life got worse. We were instructed to take the new vaccine as soon as possible and then to put on more masks. Anyone who complained about that was punished. Most people obeyed the orders (not like they had a choice), but the whole thing made them nervous.

Why exactly did the rules change all of a sudden? Was there a good reason for that? When are we finally going to repeal corona law? And what about this vaccine? Why are Americans being discouraged from asking simple, straightforward questions about it? How effective are these drugs? Are they safe? What’s the miscarriage risk for pregnant women? Is there a study on that? May we see it? And by the way, how much are the drug companies making off this stuff?

These questions are not conspiracy theories, they’re the most basic questions in a democracy. Every citizen has a right to know the answer, but instead we got fluff and propaganda. The media rollout for the vaccine came off like a Diet Pepsi commercial at the Super Bowl. Tons of celebrity endorsements, not a lot of science. It was totally disingenuous and naturally it had the opposite of the intended effect.

Carlson noted that “The tech companies announced early they would not allow anyone to criticize this vaccine, and anyone who did would be kicked off their platforms right away. Corporate media then took it upon themselves to enforce this rule,” adding that any stories about vaccine injuries and deaths following the administration of the vaccine were immediately suppressed.

It doesn’t make anyone anti-vaccine to wonder what the side effects of a vaccine that wasn’t fully tested on a number of demographics could be, but the media is treating anyone wary of the health implications as an outright conspiracy theorist.

“Effectively, “COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Stories” no longer exists. CNN shut them down, erased them. Search for the word “vaccine” on Facebook now and you will find a lot of material that precisely matches the storyline approved by Melinda Gates and her fellow non-scientist billionaires,” Carlson noted. He continued:

The line is clear, you’ve heard it a million times: The COVID vaccine is morally good, period. Don’t dare say anything else. So if your neighbor drops dead after getting the shot, keep it to yourself. Facts like that are not allowed on Facebook nor on Twitter.

“I posted that there were multiple reports of adverse reactions [to the vaccine],” wrote one Twitter user, “and that the vaccines were still not fully trialed on pregnant women and kids. Twitter banned me until I deleted it for false information.”

Science can’t live in an environment like this. Without relentless skepticism, science dies. That’s what science is, relentless skepticism. And when it leaves, inevitably it’s replaced by witchcraft and superstition. Are we there yet? You decide.

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63 Responses

      1. This is for Tucker’s question of: why are we being pushed to more mask wearing and staying in?
        The answer is, they got us to follow so many orders already, they’re going for more brain washing by seeing just how far they can push us before we rise up and kick back!

      2. Your WITNESSING the implementation of STASI like control system! Everyone should speak out loudly against this tyranny. It’s just liable to come to another 1776!

    1. Same here. However, should the side effects get done away with, maybe, just like the initial flu shot there were problems.

    2. I agree with you Choctaw girl, not enough information on it, they seemed to have started using it right away. I am allergic to so many meds I won’t will not take it! It has not been tested enough to just start poking everyone in the arm that will let them! Although like you I will never take it! God help those that do.

    3. Me either, MOderna, Pfizer has the mRNA in it …sterilization, autoimmune disease, takes away the DNA for transhumanism onslaught; millions are dying from the vaxx and here…guess where…the rest homes where they are forced, an hour or two later they are dead…or may live to the next day…most of these beat the fraudulent covid…just another seasonal flu that is rough on some, some don’t even know they have the flu but are diagnosed as ….only to be murdered in the rest home…Civil liberties, or how about against our human rights … that is a Constitutional violation but the FEDS have most over a barrel…they put money into these homes so they dictate the murder of same. Merck quit making it after the first deaths…good for them.
      This is a man made vaxx it is written and developed by Fauci…now his lab, compliments of Gates is a VAXX lab and it just happens to be in China…could that be Wuhan or close? Think about it…then, the bug was developed using different bats…like from different clans with different dna, etc…so, if this is true what research put out in Australia, man made can be given back to us over and over and over…a true virus that is alive and not man made will not spread this way…the vaxx was never animal tested and the Dr. that came out with that info was killed within 24 hours..not doubt Big Pharma…they are kind of like HRC…

      1. I don’t trust the vaccine either, and to think they want to force it on us should make
        us very suspicious! Think about it!

      2. My senior residents were fine after receiving both doses and they were not forced. They were able to refuse if that was their choice

    4. Me too! It is all about filling their pockets with kickbacks from the vaccine that is “free to all” and you know what that means….it really is our tax money paying for it! No thanks! I would rather keep my money and decide to spend it on more “scientifically proven” things, like hydroxychloroquine +zinc and other cheap and curable treatments. Too many instances of side affects from the vaccine….we should not have to be guinea pigs.

  1. More of the same race for the treatment. Have they ever found a CURE for anything since polio. It’s all just junk science to make more trillions.

    1. oh, they’ve got a LOT of cures —- but the drug manufacturers want the people dependent on them so they can haul in the cash that people pay for their crap that doesn’t do a bit of good !!!!!

  2. I won’t surprise me that one day twitter will be sued by many lawyers for suppressing legitimate information about how deadly this virus vaccination is and when the truth comes out twitter will vanish off the face of the earth and good riddance

    1. Imagine that! Ambulance chasing lawyers are stopped before they even get started. What’s that expression about silver linings?

  3. While the vaccine is generally effective and doesn’t cause a whole lot of bad reactions. There are some rare few. These shouldn’t be silenced by media. Virtually all vaccines can have problems for some people (rarely). These media idiots created all this virus fear and now they are silencing anyone who may want to bring up the fact that the vaccine is not perfect. Its asinine and more troubling what the media is doing than the virus itself.

    1. Remember, this is not animal tested; a true vaxx, a safe one will take up to five years to develop one that is also effective…no animal testing at all…in MY view…the animal is you, you, me, etc…we are animals and that is what this vaxx is doing…murdering millions of older people being forced to take it.

    2. But Prizer CEO will not take his own vacc…tell you anything?
      This one is murdering the elderly at the demand of the governments.

    3. I remember it was the dems who were casting doubt on the vaccines early on because they were President Trump’s vaccines.

  4. I’ll hold off and watch how the human guinea pigs respond over time after receiving the vaccination that I’ve heard has become a $69 billion dollar industry.

  5. First of all, problems with vaccines are not rare. What is rare is reporting on what all the problems are. Take a good look at how healthy kids who don’t get vaccines are compared to those who do. Kids who catch childhood diseases and develop their own immunities are ten time healthier than those kids whose parents walk in lock-step and obediently get their kids “immunized” against dozens of illnesses. Stop and think about who is paying the pharmaceutical companies the billions of dollars for the vaccines. We are. The government is paying for the vaccines and giving them to those millions of sheeple who line up to get jabbed.

    1. Too many murdered….DNA gone for transhumanism/slaves for the elite…puberty interrupted and usually stopped…our poor children…get your children out of Government schools…home school…I know there are groups of homeschooling now being formed and the teacher(s) are parents … far safer..VAXX only tear your immunity down …. that and stress is how CANCER starts most often…


    1. The PCR is not effective; cannot tell a live virus from a dead one or a piece of one…they run it until they get “something” to report and that is a flu bug that is anything but Covid…

  7. Because I worked at a Middle School in my community, I was forced to take a shot along with all of the teachers and and other school workers because there was a virus going around. Had mentioned that I didn’t take shots too well without a reaction.

    I caved and took the shot. Ended up getting Guillian-Barre Syndrome which took me a long, tedious time to get over with weeks of rehab so that I could walk safely again, plus a lot of other issues!


  9. It is not about the vaccine it is about control. As long as the virus is” dangerous” government has control. Fauci in one of his lucid moments said it is no more dangerous than the flu. It is about control the federal govt is now full fascist. We do not have rights guaranteed us in the constitution because of the covid(sic). Watch what happens from here.

  10. I’m a senior citizen. I’ve read too much info and will never take the vaccine. I don’t know how to tell my dear friends about what will happen to them because they took it. It’s all about control.

  11. I am not going to take the vacine and I pretty the fools that try to make me this is still a free country as of yet the drug companies are rich enough I have lived this long without it

  12. Who cares what Twitter or Facebook think, they are in the tank anyway. Just go to some other alternate site to get your news. The more you use other sites the less you will depend on Facebook or Twitter, the less you will feel the need for them, and the more you hurt them, by taking away their users. This hurts their ratings it hurts their pockets, so find another way to go, alternate sites are just one way.

  13. The biggest problem with any of the vaccines is that billy gates and his wife melinda are involved and they both want the population of the world decreased. Many people have died from the vaccines from all of the companies producing it!

  14. You know that the drug companies will get rich under Biden, just as they did under Obama. Why do you think that Obama is getting richer since he is retired. He isn’t get all that money from speaking engagements, although he wants you to think that he is. Obama made a killing off of Obamacare. Does that answer your question.

  15. I really do believe that Americans should have been given the choice as to whether they wanted the shot or not with out fear of penalty. Covid 19 is still climbing higher in a large number of states. Some states are not even enforcing CDC guidelines.

  16. Lets be honest this girl is 90 years (young). have lived through many pandemics and I took about every vaccination that was out under the sun. Lived through no electricity to with electricity. from horse and buggy to automobile to train and airplane. And here I am faced with the corona virus. So this old lady is doing her homework on the virus which is a flu virus much like the swine flu virus. Yes people died from that also but the country moved on. No mask no fuzz. Now a whole bunch of people are dying from this Covid-virus also. It attacks the lungs. Lots of people dying from corona virus. But nothing said or mentioned of the thousand and thousands dying in the streets from accidents, road rage, drunk drivers, drive by shootings, murders, house invasions, Antifa, BLM rioters, leave alone our military boys that quietly and willingly give their lives on the battle fields. That total should top the corona flu victims pretty much I suppose. Yet with all that, the media doesn’t talk about those victims. I myself does not trust the flu vaccine it is not tested long enough for my taste. The flu came from China and the antidote is manufactured in China. Enough reason not to trust it. Yet I am now being forced to get a shot and here come the “ifs” and the do nots : You have to go on house arrest, you can not be in public, you may not board a plane, you will loose your job and the list goes, you have to wear a mask or double mask. I took the nose test, tested negative. No that is not enough and only good for a certain time. Groceries you have to call in and then pick it up on the parking lot. Halleluja for meals on wheels and or the Swans driver. I haven’t seen a grocery store from the inside for a year now. But all this extra service cost extra money and now my husband just recently died got my own social cut and given my husbands social. Which is great but yet amount to $400 less a month income. That’s bad for me. To make ends meat I have to go to foodbank now. Yet I am still restricted and forced to get that shot. Talking about oppression and having no say so over your own body is really pushing the word freedom in the wrong direction. For now, I just hold up in my little cabin in the mountains until they come knocking on the door and administer that shot to me at home. Why you may ask. Well at 90 I like to die at home in my own bed. Don’t I have the right to do that. I think so.

  17. Liz Cheney isn’t very smart, she has already been censored, but I think that is not enough for her, she wants to be recalled. She just keeps running her mouth like a Democrat. She knows that she is wrong, so why does she keep up with this phony BS, why is she trying so hard to help the Democrats. What did they give her, or I have to ask what do they have on her???

  18. Big Tec. needs to be put completely out of this country forever for all their lies to the American people about the fake covid 19 news.

  19. I believe when you “included” mothers, you went a bit overboard. Although they may be hiding, I don’t know many 70 year old “new mothers” running around and it’s OBVIOUS children don’t need to be inoculated. Anyone receiving this vaccine SHOULD KNOW it was developed as a “war time” special and certainly has some risk involved. However, this risk is followed by reward — something the “old folks” are happy to accept as a trade off. And, by the way, every vaccine carries a risk for susceptible recipients.

  20. They want you to have this vaccine SO BAD! First 2 shots then every 3 months probably because it mutated and you need more protection! For a virus that has a 99% survival! You don’t need any shot for that! It’s all fear tactics to control us, something has to give or we will be forever under control!

  21. 2/11/2021 I’m almost 82 and my wife is 79. We both had the Moderna vaccine, two shots, starting New Years Day. No problems at all. Not even a sore arm. I’m a scientist and I studied the implications of the vaccine before I and my wife took it and for us, and most people, there’s a 95% immunity against Covid. I believe anyone, except those who are allergic to its ingredients, should take the vaccine. I still wear a mask because it is possible that people who have been vaccinated can be carriers of Covid (they were exposed, the virus got into their bodies and remained for a while, possibly infecting others but not themselves) but only to protect the non-vaccinated. I like Carlson a lot and watch him, but in this case he is WAY, WAY OFF in his declarations.

  22. Hmmmm the vaccine maybe once we have it the govt can track us like animals
    There’s a Kurt Vonnegut book I read in grade school and I’m old folks. It was how the govt installed chips in people
    I feel as though the book has become our new normal reality
    Worried yes I am , prepared not so much
    My children I very worried for especially my youngest whom isn’t even in high school yet. Be well mentally and emotionally everyone get fit and stay alert

  23. I would never take the vaccine for COVID 19, because I don’t believe it’s any good, and too many people are dying right after they take it. As for the dreaded disease, I believe it’s merely one of the stronger flues we get every year, that the Democrats have hyped up to make us think it’s a deadly virus. Every year, a lot of people die from the flu, but there’s no pandemic. It’s was the Dems, trying to keep us inside while they rigged the election against Trump, and sooner or later, we will prove it.

  24. If they hadn’t scared us to death with lies in the beginning, inflated the death rates, and forced us to take precautions that most sane people didn’t understand and didn’t work, there wouldn’t be a vaccine making the elites richer and the common people slaves. Mask don’t work! Isolation doesn’t work! Ventilators only work if applied by trained professionals! School closings didn’t work! Hydrochloriquine worked, but suppression of the truth caused thousands of deaths! Doctors tried to tell us the truth, but media suppressed them. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the media trying to make my decisions for me. Why can’t they just report the truth and allow me to decide what is best for me? Oh, I guess that would take too much time and cost too much for investigations, when they would much prefer to just read the list of talking points handed to them by our corrupt American corporations/government.

  25. very good most of your articles, many years of quality posts, i admire you in many things and i disagree in others, but still love your posts.

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