May 12, 2021

Tucker Carlson exposes Fauci as ‘high priest of the COVID cult’

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser shocked the nation this week by re-naming Christmas Eve — a longstanding Christian holiday — as “Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day” in the city in honor of the physician’s 80th birthday.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wasted no time slamming the outsized “worship” of the infectious disease specialist in his Wednesday monologue, calling Fauci “the high priest of the COVID cult.”

Carlson — as usual — pulled no punches in exposing Bowser’s outrageous declaration and pointing out the greater issue with the undeserved veneration of “the experts” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People describe the political divide in America as between the religious and the secular. But that’s not really true,” Carlson opened.

“Everyone in this country has a religion, the question is whether you worship God, or whether you worship yourself. Those are America’s two competing faiths, and Washington DC is the capital of the latter sect,” he continued. “DC is the Rome of spiritual narcissism. In Washington, human power is worshipped as the living God. You’ll see temples to human power throughout the city, as well as smaller shrines to its saints.”

Carlson pointedly joked:

The latest holy man to be beatified there is a diminutive federal bureaucrat called Tony Fauci. Fauci is the high priest of the COVID cult, a paper mask is his sacred garment, cable television is his pulpit.

The people of Washington bow before father Fauci, they throw their Patagonia fleeces before him to ease his way as he passes like palm fronds in the streets of Jerusalem. They consider him holy.

“Fauci is the high priest of the COVID cult. A paper mask is his sacred garment, cable television is his pulpit,” Carlson said, remarking in response to footage of Bowser’s formal declaration: “A holy day indeed.”

Fauci enjoys the distinctive status as the nation’s foremost infectious disease expert, but the facade is crumbling. Despite claims of only “following the science,” The New York Times reported on Thursday that Fauci has purposely manipulated and lied about said “science” to the American people in order to encourage compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

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50 Responses

  1. Tucker is right. Fauci is part of Satan’s plan. Another betrayer of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church like Biden and Pelosi.

    1. Even the Pope is opposed to true CHRISTianity . A guy has a You Tube called something like “Why I no longer am a Catholic” . He went into a BISHOP’s office. I was appalled to see there was NOT A SINGLE BIBLE in his office !!

      1. Democrats are obviously Satan’s Servants and should never again be called “liberal” OR Democrat. They are soooooo much more hate filled than Satan, and stupid enough to be his servants.

        1. It has been my contention for some time that if it were not for the devil leading democrats asound by the nose they couldn’t wipe their own rears let alone find the toilet.

          1. All limp wristed Democrats are blind and in desperate need of a surgically implanted diamond in their belly button so they can see where they are going with their head up their rear.

    2. The sad part is that many are blinded by the thought that they will receive lots of “freebies” and “benefits” with Biden in office. They should realize already that he is,definitely, not for helping Americans nor are the Dems. Just look at the “pork list” of asking for money for foreign countries, which many are our enemies. Pitiful is all I can say. I ask God to intervene everyday. He is our only hope. Merry Christmas all. Be safe.

      1. Your right. Pray the lord teaches all the people who are out for themselves. What can I get free. Help us Lotd

      2. God will intervene when the time is right. Even God has standards that must be met: the wicked must reach a certain level of wickedness (which we are fast approaching) before God can unleash His forces.
        The coming war is actually a war between competing sources of evil. It is just that the righteous of the earth will get caught up in the conflict. But God has a plan in place to preserve most of the righteous.

    1. I wander how much money was Fauci paid to carry the lay. How much damage he has done to people
      making believe him. He went on with the corrupted Democrats to still the elections. That is how how corrupted Washington has become. Fauci should be put in prison together with the media, Pelosi, and a few more.


      1. Yes they all need to be put in prison. Faucet is a liar and backstabbed President Trump. God will prevail over all of them. Washington Democrats are pure evil.

      2. That’s why I call the Democratic Party the DemonRats, any party that condone the Abortion of a late term abortion is pure evil! And for anyone to condone this murder if innocent babies in the womb right up to the birth of a child is pure evil. I had this same conversation with the deacon if myLutheran Church. I was kind of reminded of Jeremiah 1:5 I knew you in the womb before you were born is very important to protect the rights of the unborn as once that child has a heart ♥️ beat its out of the mothers hands regardless of one preference of a woman’s right to chose. Thus I could no longer follow my church after learning our church also was against mainstream religious beliefs! I dear these fact checkers to print the truth who the real Democratic Party is today!!!

      3. Fauci sits on the Board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has invested millions into the Covid-19 vaccine. His water boy is Father Fauci, who keeps pushing for a mandated vaccine (lest Bill Gates lose millions, which he will not let happen.) Look soon for vaccine mandates, without which the unvaccinated can neither “buy nor sell.”

  2. The MAYOR of DC is NUTS, Fauci is NUTS, Biden is NUTS, Pelosi is Nuts, Schummer is NUTS, and the list goes on and on and on Waters, Swalwell the SPY, Shiff, Nadler, AOC, OMAR, and on and on! What kind of country IS THIS where we elect these DEMWITTS! Are they all on CRACK?

    1. one thing is true David they are not on the side of the people that is for sure. they are greedy perverts at best and at worst the paedophiles against all the people of the USA but, They voted for them, well that is what they would have you believe

    2. It is called “the dumbing down of America” as Rush Limbaugh so artfully articulated many years ago. The changing of history and geography by major schoolbook publishers has been happening for years to accomplish the brainwashing of our youth and incorporate them into the Liberals way of thinking.

      1. The brainwashing education system started with Dewey in the 1960s who created the Dewey Decimal system. It makes me sick. We need to keep PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRiUMPh, Sr. to wants to change our school books to reflect TRUE history and not be bent to indoctrinate students. He put prayer back in schools . Yay ! Then we continually need to have conservative presidents after him or we are going to deteriorate like Venezuela did. Read about its history. Instead of going to liberal Wikipedia, go to Conservapedia and spread the word like I do. It starts with believing in JESUS and listening to the international CHRISTian Satellite Network like I am now while typing this, and reading a correct accurate version of the BIBLE such as the King James Version.

        1. I beg to differ. The KJV is a translation from the original Hebrew and Aramaic of the Old Testament and the Koine Greek of the New Testament. Fortunately, we don’t have any “exact” original manuscripts of either the Old or the New Testaments. If we did, there would be some folks who would worship the original manuscript, instead of the God of all creation who gave those writings.

  3. I totally agree!! How can he say we are going to have a worse pandemic in 2021? He is in bed with the people who are releasing this germ warfare as I call it!! He stands to mKe billions off of this pandemic!! He is evil and a liar! No one need to lookup to this evil person!

  4. Fauci used homeless children for experimental HIV testing in which some of them died, this parasite along with Obama will have to answer to someone in the future & it won’t be pretty… Karma can be a _itch…

  5. I actually called out fachi to the PRESIDENT of the United States
    EARLY after watching him on television. I have been fighting with
    The medical people for 40 plus years. They told me my dtr. Would not live past ten. I am now a great
    Grandmother to her Grandchildren
    & grandmother to her two children 23&24. She is alive & beautiful
    Loving & Talks to Jesus all the time. Everyone needs to start wearing white smocks instead of masks that by the way steal your oxygen. The breath of all Life🙏

  6. Not surprised These people have sold their soul to the devil And He Will Come To Collect Them No one on earth can upstage God! Thank you Jesus for saving us!!!

  7. To survive this problem you must get born again like Jesus said, to cope with the craziness that the world (man) created.

  8. Dr. Flip Flopci flies South with ducks going “Quack, Quack, Quack.”
    He’s the Poster Child of an Entrenched Medical Establishment Bureaucrat.

  9. Six years ago, I was having a discussion with a good friend about all the corruption in our government..He said sooner or later they will end up in jail..I told him, the corruption and the swamp is so deep that none of them will go to jail..They will die of old age first. With all the money they stole, They were the ones who got to live the American dream.

  10. Two things I have noticed about libs. First, they are bullies. Name calling, insults, foul language, anger: just a few of their more conspicuous tendencies. Second, when I try to engage them in political conversation, they either lose their temper (see above) or they turn around and leave. Pathetic!

  11. As a long-standing, very active Catholic, I am ashamed of the Pope’s liberal opinions and actions. I have not lost my faith, however, I cannot support his views. Maybe there should be “term limits” for all positions of authority?

  12. I have been saying that Fauci is a DEM FRAUD ever since he came on the scene. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO HE IS, EVERYONE CAN LIE! No one yet has “debunked” the fact that Fauci, and the NIH GAVE THE WUHAN INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY A $12 MIL GRANT TO STUDY BAT VIRUSES! The BIG PHARMA/BIG UNIVERSITY criminal ring, of which he is a proud member, defrauded the US Taxpayers of millions of dollars to develop a vaccine from scratch, while rejecting hydroxychloraquinne BECAUSE IT WAS CHEAP AND AVAILABLE! They couldn’t make any money off HDC! The corrupt DEMS now ensure that RADICAL COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS GET THE VACCINE FIRST! TOTALLY DISGUSTING! CARLSON IS RIGHT, THE LARGEST RELIGION IN THE US NOW SEEMS TO BE SELF-LOVE. REMEMBER ALMOST ALL SERIAL KILLERS ARE NARCISSISTS! Meanwhile, here in Taiwan, things are getting back to normal, we have had a local transference, but most older people wear masks in crowds, elevators, and you still MUST wear masks on public transportation. The BIG issue is whether to allow New Years Eve crowds to gather to see the fireworks!

  13. Well Tucker is only telling us something we already know, and I am glad he agrees with us on this. But I am finding it hard to take Tucker as genuine any longer since he totally trashed and ridiculed Sidney Powell for speaking truth to power.

  14. Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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