May 26, 2022

Tucker Carlson donates to MTG’s campaign

Fox News host Tucker Carlson donated to Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reelection campaign in 2021, according to federal election records.

The FEC filing revealed Carlson donated $250 to “Greene for Congress.” The Hill reported the donation is in connection with an auctioned rifle at a 2021 fundraiser.

Greene has been criticized for her anti-masking views and her support of those apprehended in connection with Jan. 6. She has also been a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Carlson has donated to a variety of politicians over the years. The gun auction bid unlikely signals anything beyond the event, but has certainly triggered many on the left.

The donation does show one of many interesting connections, however, between conservative hosts and the leaders they support. Similar activities happen across most networks, with most viewers unaware of such practices.

On the flip side, we would have likely heard from Carlson if he did win the rifle. Instead, he contributed a small amount to a controversial Republican, which is not really surprising for the often controversial host.

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