July 23, 2021

Tucker Carlson declares pollsters should be ‘fired immediately’

Key states will likely be counting the votes for days following the still-undecided 2020 presidential race between GOP incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden. One thing that is already clear, however, is that the pollsters got the election all wrong in the run-up to the race.

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson just told network host Bret Bier he could “name some of the people that should be much fired immediately” because of how wrong they called the race. “I just need to calm enough to get their names on paper,” he added.

To his point, Florida polling had Biden up by 2.5% in the 538 average going into Election Day, but the former Vice President ended up losing the state to Trump who actually pulled 3.5% advantage in the final tally. This was the third time in a row that Florida broke for the candidate projected to lose, including Trump’s first victory in 2016 and the Senate and gubernatorial races in 2018.

Carlson lamented how those “in the media are particularly good at pretending that there is some reason that we misled our view viewers or our readers. We really should stop doing that because too much is at stake.” 

Instead, Carlson suggested “holding the people who screwed up accountable, and that’s just by firing them.” He suggested they “go do something useful like hang drywall or learn to paint” but that that they can’t keepdiscrediting the work” of everyone else in the media by repeatedly getting it wrong. “I think that is a fair ask,” Carlson said.

Daily Wire personality Matt Walsh tweeted about the absurdity of trusting a profession that gets it so wrong. “I want to become a pollster if that job still exists after this,” Walsh tweeted Wednesday. “Easiest job in the world. You never have to be right. You can just make up whatever data you want.” Fellow Daily Wire personality and Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro similarly quipped, “Pollsters need to learn to code.”

Perhaps this latest blunder decisively demonstrates how polling before an election isn’t about tracking the real results, but instead creating the result they want by demoralizing Republican voters. There aren’t many other plausible explanations, except they really are just that bad at their jobs. Either way, it’s time for Americans to ignore anything they and their media compatriots ever have to say before the first ballot is cast.

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43 Responses

    1. LOCK UP HUNTER, JIM nad JOE BIDEN…..REMOVE AOC and the 3 dwarfs,,,,Fire Schumer… GET A NEW FBI Director and get BARR to FIRE DURHAM for being INEFFECTIVE …Just some “MUSY TO” things before Jan 2021


    1. What if every legal American Had a Federal
      ID card with your photo No card no vote.
      We have social security cards Sc o why not???

  2. Democrats Are basically In Your Face Covering up their Corrupt Shenanigans With Absolutely No respect for the Rule of law or their constituents. BOLD FACE THEFT

  3. I am tired of the way the demos do during a election. I wonder why these votes for Biden show up now–and when you do the question and answer emails–the demos never get over 25 percent of the votes. I think some one in the democratic party are stealing votes and or changing the votes of Republican’s. I which there was a way to have an honest election–instead of the democratic always cheating. You can say the democratic s do not cheat–but they do–my father told me able the cheating that goes on in Michigan as far back as 1946. The demos are the cheatings’ party of all–and it goes back many many years. I will tell you this–Michigan got a big push from Mr. Trump in the past few years –as to bringing the business home. Yet Michigan still seem to vote democratic. Michigan would not have the business back without Mr. Trump–yet the state does not seem to show a positive attuited through him.. The state will loss again and this time –China will have all the business.

  4. Recount fir sure. How can you have more votes than registered voters. Something not right. Also how can vote for Joe Biden then choose Republican Senator or don’t vote for anything else on ballot. That is shady and needs verified!

  5. If all of the Republicans voted as I have, straight Republican, why are there so many split ballots with Biden as primary and Republican Senators or Congressman, and others winning on the same ballot ? I believe someone is somehow exchanging Trumps name with Biden on the ballots, and others are sending altered or fraudulent mail in ballots ! As many followers President Trump has, there is NO way Biden could legally defeat President Trump !

    1. They gave us sharpies in morenci Michigan too. This may explain how they can go back in when counting n actually use a pen to change their votes. Water mark them all and have a democrat n Republican to see each ballot being counted. May take a little longer but it will be an honest vote submitted.

  6. I agree! This election was rigged by the democrats since 2016. I cannot see how Biden could possible win when he stayed in his basement for 7 months. The media is just as corrupt. Mail in ballots should never have been aloud unless requested by that person.

    1. You are correct! With the lack luster campaign from Biden and Harris there is no way the could win. Fraud fraud fraud! Location location location! Anyone else see similarities?

  7. I agree 100% with all the comments above. This election is so full of fraud, corruption, lying and stealing it needs to be thrown out and a new election done. This time the media keeps its nose out of it and the billionaires keep their money in their pants. I would almost bet that the votes that old Joe got were either bought, stolen or pandered. He didn’t get that many votes. Then when Phili decided to just stop counting, come on, that is unheard of and I would almost think illegal. Suddenly President Trump, who was way ahead, is now loosing? That is fraud.

  8. This is the worst of all history in votings
    Fraudulent to high heavens, no wonder USA is being battered by the storms
    The sins of those in elitists venues toward the oppression of the people, the taxpayers will come to light
    Resurrection of Amendment 14 and Amendment 15
    Needs to be reminded that we are abiding to the foundations of the laws that were created for such purposes
    Has anyone really read the “The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence along with the Bill of Rights?
    The power is in the people; the elected / government is our servants because we the TAXPAYERS fund into their silver lining in their career seats so they can have food, fancy homes, cars, etc while we live in dumps because we barely can keep alive in the avenues that are imposed
    TRUMP a understood that…..DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  9. I’m ready to vote again. This is the most ridiculous election ever. We know who won, so why is this happening? I hate the democrats. Nothing but liars and cheaters.

  10. From what I have read and/or heard on Radio, the majority of this is occurring in the Northern States.
    I have not read or heard of anything like this in any of the Southern or Western States.
    If I am in error I would appreciate you correction.
    P.S. BY Northern I mean East of the Mississippi(I do not want to receive another correction on this error, once is enough and I did thanked them.)

  11. How do do you explain that at 2am in Virginia several thousand votes, all for Biden, show up when he was behind at that time? In fact, just enough votes show up to push him ahead. How are folk allowed to stand close to polling lines and give out Biden information, when it is illegal? How can the American people stand for this outright FRAUD!

  12. There are infuriating discrepancies and obvious mail-in ballot fraud happening in multiple states as we get further and further out from Election night. Trump had a solid lead in Wisconsin when most of us went to bed. But at about 4:00 a.m., a huge sack of 128,000 votes showed up. Every single vote was Joe Biden, none for Trump.

    I’m furious about Virginia. What in the flying squirrel circus happened there, guys?

    Everyone at every media outlet called Virginia for Joe Biden just moments after the polls closed. But when the votes came in, President Trump took an insurmountable lead in Virginia, and that lead continued to balloon for hours. It started narrowing toward approximately midnight EST, but there was still no way for Biden to catch Trump. Trump was up by almost 300,000 votes at one point. Then at about 1:00 a.m., a big sack with approximately 400,000 votes for Joe Biden and ZERO votes for Donald Trump showed up in Virginia.

  13. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, gee,
    maybe it is a duck? No more mail in votes, only
    vote at a voting place with the screens.God help us
    if goofy Joe gets in which I doubt. God is on our side!

  14. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Polls should be elminated. They are clearly designed to demoralize the voters that the pollsters
    dislike and disagree with.

    BIG # 2: News organizations must be forbidden from CALLING elections before the voting is done.
    Reporting the numbers of votes or ach candidate is a legitimate exercise, but CALLING a winner
    when only a small percentage of the vote is in is the same exercise as polling. Designed to dishearten
    the people who support the candidate the news idiots hate.


  15. Two tier law and voting! The demorats stated they would use the China Flu to disrupt the election! Sending out un solited ballots in all the blue states. The governor of Pennsylvania was bragging how he would hold the election until Nov. 9th. This is so the demorats can mail in a bunch of indoctrinated ballots, this was on the news! They are bragging how they plan to fix the votes! Joe Biden was bragging how he and Obama can fix the election.
    I think the DOJ, FBI, and congress is as crooked as a dogs leg. Over four years and not one of Hillary’s and Obama rats been arrested! If a Republican jaywalks they face life in prison.

    Vote with ID, Voter scrolls should be updated every year,

  16. Thanks, Tucker you are one to be trusted!Cannot believe the corrupt democrats!!Hope and pray Trump gets to the bottom of their rotten cheating!!DRAIN THAT SWAMP!!!

  17. I do not want to receive your emails. I never requested your emails. Remove my email address from your list immediately.

  18. Anyone interfering with votes should be put in jail now. I’m fed up with the BS want my tv back. We know Trump won but that Pelosi needs to be arrested for tampering with votes we are American Citizens and we will protect our right to vote the way we seen fit. I dare the parents & Grandparents to look their babies in the eyes and admit they lived a life of freedom while they condemned them to a communist life. People aren’t right in the head putting a man with dementia in office to run our country.

  19. I am too disgusted with the way this whole election has been run and counted the democrats are totally off their rocker to think they can get away with this and not be called out on it

  20. They gave us sharpies in morenci Michigan too. This may explain how they can go back in when counting n actually use a pen to change their votes. Water mark them all and have a democrat n Republican to see each ballot being counted. May take a little longer but it will be an honest vote submitted.

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