March 8, 2021

Tucker Carlson challenges Sidney Powell to present evidence of election fraud

President Donald Trump has a number of high-profile lawyers on his payroll who are currently waging election-related legal battles in numerous swing states, but perhaps none as high-profile as Sidney Powell, who claims to have bombshell evidence that will literally overturn the results of the election.

According to Breitbart, Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson called out Powell and her claims of massive evidence of voting software-related fraud, informing viewers that he invited the lawyer on his show to make her case and provide proof, but said she eventually backed out in a less-than-polite manner.

“But she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests, not a page. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her,” Carlson said, which elicited a fiery and negative response toward Carlson on social media by thousands of Trump supporters.

Backing up a bit, many times in Carlson’s questioning of Powell’s claims included Carlson providing compliments for the distinguished, Texas-based lawyer, saying that if she does, in fact, have such evidence, it would result in exposing one of the largest crimes in American history.

“Now, to be perfectly clear, we did not dismiss any of it. We don’t dismiss anything anymore, particularly when it’s related to technology. We’ve talked to too many Silicon Valley whistleblowers and we’ve seen too much after four years on the air,” Carlson said, according to Fox News.

The Fox News host went on to say that he would have afforded Powell an entire night — or an entire week — to provide even a sneak peek of evidence that would lend credibility to her claims that corrupted voting software stole an election from an American president.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and as Breitbart reported in an updated story, Powell later made an appearance on Fox Business Network and told host Maria Bartiromo her side of the story, calling Carlson “insulting, demanding and rude.”

Carlson didn’t address her response directly in his Friday evening show, but did say that Powell’s claim on FBN that proof of the mass fraud would be coming within two weeks was “great news.”

Only time will tell if Powell has the level of proof it would take to overturn a presidential election, but until then, as frustrating as it might be, it’s probably wise to let her work her magic and construct the most convincing case possible for the courts.

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64 Responses

    1. I only watch Hannity, and ingram, and sometimes idon’t watch Ingram when she turns left,but i love raymond arroyo.

    2. Tucker has stuck up for President Trump through all of this now cause he asks some questions regarding this lawyer and her evidence y’all want to act like his to blame , show us the evidence, quit playing games and put it in court we want President Trump in the White House for 4 more years ,
      Trump 20/20 👍

      1. I am surprised I liked Tucker. As far as S . Powell I was impressed with her. I do not blame her to give out any evidence this should all be bought out in court. So as Not to be construted by the fraud media.

  1. I will not be watching FOX NEWS AT ALL! I thought Tucker was always considerate but just because Sidney P would not provide evidence he was rude an insulting to one of the most respected attorneys in America. Dana Perino also made a by suggested that Sidney P be died for not sharing her evidence! Sidney has to keep the cards close to keep Media from creating false news!

    1. Bearing in mind that Sidney has only a limited amount of time left to present the evidence, it seems to me that she ought to get the ball rolling. Personally, I’m convinced that the election was stolen by Biden and the democrats, but unless Sidney unloads her evidence, it’s a moot point.

      1. Every good plaintiff’s attorney worth their weight in salt will hold their cards close to the chest and take their advantage into the courtroom before the trier of fact. The biased MSM is not the trier of fact. When Powell gets this case before the proper Court, she will unload everything she has in her arsenal.

        In law school, we were taught to respond to discovery with a conservative mind set. In others words disclose only what is asked for and nothing more. If the opposing counsel does not know what to ask for specifically, as counsel of record, you’re not required to disclose anymore than what is asked for by opposing counsel.

        Discovery should always be responded to narrowly.

  2. We know hanky panky on the part of the left occurred during the election, especially in jungle run cities like Philadelphia. But one cannot go into court with unclean hands or with concealed or no evidence; the judge certainly throw the case out. Tucker Carlson was correct to ask for evidence.

    1. Powell has to be careful not to give the opposition the leg up. Also she has to get permission from her client to say anything. She can tell Tucker there are investigations going led by the DOJ et all but she cannot speak for them. She can say that we are waiting for litigation to conclude prior to revealing certain things.

      1. And Tucker Carlson knows all this. Am really disappointed that he tried to trick Ms. Powell into revealing the evidence to which she referred. She is certainly not dumb enough to do that! She will reveal it in court when the time comes to do so. Not to anyone, anywhere, before then. Get over it, Carlson!!!

    2. The evidence will be presented to the court, as it is in all criminal cases. This is reality, not a television series.

    3. No Tucker Carlson shows his ignorance of our legal system. The prosecuting lawyer does not display her case before it is presented before a judge. Tucker is acting like a spoiled brat.

    1. no fox is not history it’s a great channel. Newsmax is boring and don’t have Hannity, Carlson and ingram ane i watch all three. Some of them are swinging left but not these 3

      1. Fox IS toast!
        The 3 Mouseketeers will now have to
        fall in line. So just tune out and save
        your brain or just worship Biden fool.

  3. Isn’t it possible that Powell didn’t want to publicize evidential information on the case until it could be observed and evaluated by the court? Carlson did complement her on her reputation. Didn’t have to be rude to her.

  4. Tucker could have been less abrasive and more understanding in his conversation with her. There are specific reasons why the information cannot be released to the public. From a layman’s point of view, one reason is not to give the opponents time to gather their defense and it would take valuable time for them to contradict them
    In public. Time they don’t have.

  5. I understand why Sidney Powell can’t give out certain information to the public right now. It could possibly hinder the case. As an attorney we should respect her judgement.

  6. Anne is Right. If Sidney does have a case, and she needs more time to complete the investigation, it is completely understandable that having someone put pressure on her at this point would be very stressful for her ! ! ! And it could hinder the outcome of the case.

  7. fox news has been going to the dark side for quite awhile now .they just keep Hannity around like waving candy in front of a child they ve turned for the worst

  8. I use to think that Tucker was one of the Few Good Guys on FAUX FAKE NEWS….
    WRONG…He Has Taken To The Dark Side with all the other Fake So Called Reporters…
    Stopped watching this BS Fake reporting as of Nov 3, 2020 when these COWARDS Called AZ, with 1% of votes and only after less than an hour of closing polls…
    I hope that Mark Levin and Steve Hilton LEAVE FAUX…The rest can Suck Up To “OBIDEN”…

  9. I do not trust any news media. I learned back in the eight’s they do anything for news, to be number one for money is the objective. So I am hard to deceived, if you do not listen to lie’s you are hard to deceive.

  10. The Murdocks’ told you get with the program or look for work, huh Tucker? Election night did it for me and I pulled all my programmed FOX shows off my DVR. FOX had been cooking the frog with Marxist additions for a long time and now they’re going to pay the price when we refuse to even watch some the ones we liked. Right now the only survivor is Mark Levin.

  11. Tucker is trying to get the top story on his show but he pushed to far this time pissing a lot of people off. If she has evidence she will present it at the appropriate time not Tucker time. I just pray she really has it maybe she wating on showing it at the supreme court. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Considering that whatever evidence she has is essentially evidence of serious criminal activities, to the point of conspiring and colluding to commit Treason. What lawyer or prosecutor worth their salt, would divulge all, or even any evidence to the public, so the perpetrators would know what they’re dealing with, and destroy evidence and intimidate/eliminate witnesses?

  13. I believe Tucker was out of line. Bad manners are expected today. Be more rational Tucker. I want Trump to win and I think both parties are involved. We haven’t had two parties for some time. Our country is failing, we have no leaders. Obama’s book is a way of laundering money. He is one of our worst leaders. There are others,we definitely need hope and change. The money that left our country in the middle of the night has pay backs.

  14. Sidney Powell wouldn’t run her mouth.. her integrity is on the line. Fox and the other deep state nets don’t report anything truthful. She was correct not to respond to him. She said he was rude. When the story blew up on the internet and elsewhere, he ran cover by saying she never offered him any information. Powell stated that she did send him a bona fide affadavit. That, in his estimation, was nothing. No one should be listening to anything the MSM says. Go to alternative news sites, which are honest and have been providing REAL information. The MSM is all part of the ongoing conspiracy against not only our President, Donald Trump, but against the very existence of America, the Constitution and our freedom. This is a coup, with the players now all coming out of the woodwork, showing the world who they really are. Our President knew about the plans the cabal had.. don’t kid yourself. He isn’t a fool. That is why he became our President. This is a worldwide attempt by the New World Order to steal your life forever. Mainstream media should be taken down as co conspirators as well as social media sites that participated and still do- Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. The ABC agencies have been co conspirators, the military-industrial complex, billionaires, Hollywood, the music industry and more. They have run a psychological operation (psyop), which is still ongoing to brainwash the unsuspecting public. Wake up. Don’t accept vaccinations, implanted devices to track you, masks or shutdowns. This is part of their Marxist takeover and so are reporters such as Carlson.

  15. Tried to reply to this email and was blocked. Too bad people can’t respond to something written without being blocked. No foul words only straight out facts. Is this cite the media like twitter and Facebook? Too bad.

    1. Same here. I suppose they only w a nt to hear one side. Like that’s any different than normal. Fourtanly for us the commies are typically not good at keeping their story’s straight and usually rat themselves out by accident at some point
      I suppose ” morales” aren’t their biggest focus this week. We all know there was cheating going on as it’s typically the only way they can win. The only true question is how widespread was it?

  16. She is too smart for Tucker. They didn’t tell Hitler about plans for Normandy. Things like that we don’t give the enemy a chance to know. Tucker should know better. He’s a big disappointment. Is he giving in to the fear of losing his job, or the rest of the media?
    Not interested in listening to him anymore. There are many others who will not bend under pressure..

  17. I support Carlson but I also support Sidney Powell she has reasons that she doesn’t want to reveal too much about her upcoming court cases and I fully understand that with all the criminal element of the democrats I fully understand her caution it will all come out in due time and it will be earthshattering and I can hardly wait to see biden bite the dust and Trump come out the winner and be reelected.

  18. I think without a doubt that carlsons attitude was petty and it was none of his business.
    sydney has every right not to tell him anything.He showed his ignorance and acted childish.She is a very smart lawyer not to fall for his trick thinking he would learn something that he could be victorious by telling it all. what an idiot he is!

  19. I believe we should all get together and stop watching or listening to the drive by media. ABC, CBS and NBC. Also, KVIE news Hour is really left leaning. We should literally Ban these stations. If you really want the truth about issues, turn on your radios and look for Rush Limbaugh followed by Sebastian Gorka followed by Larry Elder. there is also Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Jay Sekulow and Mark levine, and others on A.M. stations. Look them up on the internet. We need to ban together and ban the news stations on the T.V. As a conservative people let’s hurt their viewership and kill their ratings. Are you with me? Please reply and let me know how you feel. Also, same goes for twitter, instagram and Facebook. they want to censor us? Let’s give it right back to them in spades. All these liers.

    1. Hi Nicki.
      We are with you 100% correct, all the news stations Are siding with the Democraps, they are the worst people on earth, we have to stay strong for President Trump. It is so wrong what they are doing. Sleepy Joe is trying to control everything, he is a very a very stupid man. Pray to God that he does not take the presidency that will be bad news for America. Joe and Kamala will destroy America. Let us all pray for Trump, he is the real leader. When everything is said and done Trump will prevail. God bless president Trump and his family. Thank you Nicki. Your post was spot on.

  20. I really like (d) Tucker and his show but in this particular case I think his oratory is wrong. If your playing a high stakes game of cards or whatever, why would anyone want to show their hands before placing the final bet? To demand Ms. Powell to provide ammunition for the defense is frankly, stupid. If she were to fully expose what she has, we all know the biased Media will jump on it with many falsehoods in an effort to gain public opinion to the contrary of the evidence. And, the media has a loud voice even if it is all lies and able to suppress many facts. We also know the Democrats would do ‘anything’ to achieve their ill intended goals so it is the wisest and best alternative to keep the hand close to the chest and not expose anything until the final showdown

  21. Ms. Powell is not stupid enough to ruin whatever evidence she has just to satisfy the media. It’s for the Courts to rule. MSM will find out soon enough. I guess Hannity and Judge Pirro may be the only ones we can trust to get the real info without it being slanted to the Left!!

  22. Once again, Tucker is afraid of the truth. He has just proven that he is a “namby pamby” and does no know how to handle the truth!!! Tucker, do your own investigation; you can’t just denounce the truth when it is spoken, you must have something to back you up. And, please don’t use the excuse: “it has not been proven”. Of course, it has not been proven; it is not yet in the courts SO it can be proven!! So don’t just discount something that you now nothing about.

  23. Sorry Tucker but you just showed your true colors. Been working around the crooks too long. What did they offer you?? It didn’t take you Long to turn!! Fox News can have the Democrats since they all are dishonest and corrupt.

  24. Too bad Tuckie. She offered it to you and you ridiculed her. Now you get to do the work on your own. Good luck with that!!

  25. there was a time when I thought Carlson was pretty smart, I don’t anymore. Why would Powell tip her hand outside a courtroom? Especially to some MSM puke for him to drip the truth to other MSM pukes so the ones she is after can run and hide the evidence. I guess the reason that he only has an opinion show.

  26. Tucker should realize now that no one trust Fox any more. I don’t not after all these years. Why should Sidney?

  27. Well Tucker, if your network ever reported the correct news instead of your edited/changed/deleted version, you would already know the items that constitute gross misconduct in the 2020 election. Go read the items that Fox shredded!

  28. Tucker the lawyers do not report to the media
    lawyers do not owe you anything
    lawyers report to the court
    do allow the power get to your head and demand things do not have the right to do so
    are you threatened or you are being purchased or paid to say things off the wall like this issue
    if you are being bought do not sell yourself cheap like a prostitute to your pimp
    i do like you and watch your programs but this issue and demand of yours is off the wall
    apolagize to the public remember it takes years to get credibility and fame and only one minute to loose it all. you are at that point is your choice do not let it get to your head know it all

  29. Sorry, I stopped watching FOX …
    The reasons were accumulation …
    The final straw was The Election Results and the early calling of some States …
    Several were questioning results from the Election Desk …
    The answers were double talk … but, they insisted they were ‘all-knowing’ …
    I lost Trust and Respect for FOX …
    They Were ‘FAIR AND BALANCED’ … that is why they appealed to me as a viewer …
    Now they are no different than ABC, NBC etc.

  30. Tucker has become a selfish spoiled brat thinking only he should get the evidence. I do not watch FOX I saw the clip on NEWSMAX great station

    Sidney is too smart to let anyone in the media take the evidence apart before she releaes it, no Atorney involved in any case would release the evidence so it is exposed before the hearing.

    Sidney was too nice to him….. TUCKER is about TUCKER and his friend HUNTER he never discussed the alp top on his show. TUCKER GO GET THE LAP TOP EVIDENCE if you need evidence

  31. I changed from watching Fox News to Newsmax. It is a truthful station and make great points to the left wing’s violence and deceptions. I suggest you try watching it if you can because it is well worth it.

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