May 28, 2022

Tucker Carlson calls out concerns regarding biological weapons in Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is asking tough questions about the alleged existence of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Carlson discussed the issue in an article posted following his program on Wednesday evening.

“If you had told us just four days ago that the Biden administration was funding secret bio labs in Ukraine of all places, we would not have believed you,” Carlson wrote.

“Then, if you told us that not only did the administration fund these secret bio labs in Ukraine, but that they then failed to secure the deadly contents of those labs before the Russian invasion—an invasion they knew was coming, an invasion they helped encourage—if you had told us that four days ago, we would have dismissed you as a nut. It was just too preposterous,” he added.

Now, these allegations are increasingly being discussed.

The White House has denied the claims of developing such weapons. “Rather, the Biden administration warns that Russia might seek to use chemical or biological weapons in the country it has invaded,” according to the Associated Press.

It is clear Ukraine has “biological research facilities,” according to Carlson’s report. In the end, it might not matter who is behind it, but rather stopping Russia from controlling it.

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