July 23, 2021

Tucker Carlson blasts Neil Cavuto for censoring White House press conference

As more of the mainstream media attempts to convince Americans that former Vice President Joe Biden is the clear-cut winner of the 2020 presidential election, many networks are going as far as cutting away from coverage of President Donald Trump’s top officials.

Unfortunately, that recently happened on Fox News and the network’s highly-rated primetime host, Tucker Carlson, of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” took a sharp jab at one of his colleagues for cutting away from a press conference that was provided by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

On Monday, McEnany and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel gave a press conference to update the current happenings with Trump’s election-related litigation. As Fox News cameras immediately cut to the presser to carry it live, the moment McEnany used the word “fraud,” Fox News host Neil Cavuto immediately cut away.

“Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue showing you this,” Cavuto said as part of his reasoning that his team pulled away from the live update.

Not surprisingly, later that night Carlson made clear at the opening of his show that Democracy in America is under attack on multiple fronts, including by the mainstream media, who have seemingly banded together to prop up and defend Biden at all costs.

After warning of the consequences of a nation full of voters who no longer believe that American democracy is real or honest, Carlson dropped a bomb on his Fox News colleague for his actions earlier that day, actions that effectively silenced the other side.

“In a democracy, you can’t ignore honest questions from citizens. … You can’t dismiss them out of hand as crazy or immoral for asking. You can’t just cut away from coverage you don’t like,” Carlson said.

The backlash on social media from what used to be loyal Fox News viewers has exponentially grown over the past week.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fox News first came under heavy fire from its viewers on election day when the network was the first to make a controversial call that Biden was the winner of the traditionally red state of Arizona.

Luckily, the network still has a few free-thinking hosts, like Carlson, who aren’t afraid to call out their employers for their actions. There’s no telling how much longer they’ll be able to do that, however, as many believe Fox News appears to be quickly veering left.

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117 Responses

  1. I am with all. We watch Newsmax during the day and early evening, Sometimes
    switch to Fox, Tucker,Sean H, Laura. Wish XFinity would broadcast OAN and Newsmax. Have to switch to AT&T to get OAN but not Newsmax. Heads are going to roll soon.

    1. Robert Stearns, I had to cut cable and go with Roku and I watch OAN and Newsmax. Free. I had to keep my internet but need my computer and the internet.

    2. Nobody even said anything about Judge Jeanine getting fired and then rehired. The day she got fired is the day I stopped watching Fox and went to Newsmax. All m friends and family did the same. I figured Judge Jeanine would end up on Newsmax as well as Tucker Carlson and Hannity. That would be awesome!

  2. All networks were spouting off about Trump’s Russia collusion and they didn’t have confirmation it was true! This double standard HAS TO STOP!!!!!

  3. My husband and I have stopped watching Fox news except Carney, Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Ingraham. Fox has DEFINITELY gone too far left.

    1. Yes, Fox is done. I have lots and lots of friends that watch only Fox. I will convince at least a few hundred people to seek other conservative outlets that always speak the provable truth. Fox is finished! There ratings will I guarantee will be similar to ABC and CNN etc. No integrity with Fox. Period! I do love Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Ingraham, Mark Levin, Judge Jenneane and a few others. They will eventually leave. It is a guarantee. Just a matter of time. Fox has sold its soul to gain the whole world and money which will fade away!

      steve kohl

    2. I love Tucker, Ingram, and several others, but I added another $20.00 to the cable bill to get NEWSMAX. I hope that Tucker and the other “loyal ones” get other jobs. they will end up prostituting their values and beliefs if they don’t. I hope Fox goes broke.

    3. When the boys took over it was sliding down fast. Then added donna B and lying ryan and it went so far down. Only thing propping them are Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Dobbs, and the Judge J! Would love to see them ALL leave and join the same station! Maybe get O Reilly, the other 2 who know the law and Constitution so well. Sorry I can’t think of their names. Both are not daily. Start their own station or make a deal with OANN! Have real reporters and on the spot with news. Plus history bites and on 24/7 around the world. Family owned, and if its a persons opinion its stated as such! NO FAKE NEWS!

  4. Hey cavuto, you are suppose to report the news as presented. Censoring the POTUS is not your place. I recommend you not cover anything coming out of the WH.

      1. It seems like the ones that need to go never do and the good ones move on. I like Newsmax. Not so much snarky journalism.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Juan is a Dem sympathizer and sometimes downright stupid. Donna B. If I see her, I hit the mute or change the channel. I never cared for Cavuto before but I am done with him now. Fox is well on its way to being as bad as the rest. Kicking Judge Jeanine was wrong, too. If not for Tucker, Hannity, Ingram and Levin, I wouldn’t watch FOX at all. I like everyone on the Five except Juan and am not crazy about some of Outnumbered. Fox better get back to their “fair and balanced” roots before they have no viewers left. If we want to hear bias and lies, there are enough sources already. Chris Wallace needs to go, too.

      1. I agree 100%. If it weren’t for Levin, Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, I would have quit watching a long time ago. Love Newsmax!

      2. Absolutely agree – we’re trying to get Newsmax in an easier way – wish they were a regular channel – and perhaps Tucker, Hannity, Laura, the Judge and other intelligent broadcasters will move over to Newsmax – course it will be hard to lose their good pay – but…their integrity is at risk at fox – gosh, it’s hard to say that.

    2. I so agree with this, but then there is another network that will hopefully tell the truth and have the truth tellers on their network.

  5. The news media nowadays are not reporting the truth. They just want to make a name for themselves as they think this is the right way. Some journalist downgraded themselves by doing so. Where are the good journalist nowadays ? Mostly fake news and political in nature.
    Be true to yourself and have conscience .

  6. I haven’t watched Fox for several days now and I din’t plan to change any time soon. They rank up there with the NFL now and I haven’t seen ten minutes of the NFL so far this season.

  7. The so-called News Media in the United States might as well ban together and change their name to PRAVDA. I saw this garbage they put out in 1989 and have not watched any of it since. The so called media types don’t realize it, the Communists will kill them first if they get in power. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

    1. Some time ago someone had a list posted of all the relationships to many of the head honchos of the stations have with DC! They are given what to say either the night before or early in the AM. Twist it anyway they want but get the statement out! Watch if you can stand it, such as give away > We have it on good source < Sources tell us < Bombshell < Just breaking < Anonymous sources tell us < same on all stations then they tell the lies how ever they want! None are real reporters, just talking heads, spewing whatever THEY are told to say! Wife/husband Son, inlaws, cousins, ………. Please whom ever has it post again! Many folks need to see the real picture of all the fake news!

  8. Did you notice that fox news is about there different personalities, it’s no longer “NEWS” it’s there different personalities. Watch OAN–it’s about news, not so called reporters

  9. no more fox Newsmax or OAN bring Carlson, Hannity Levin, Ingraham & Judge Jeannie to these stations & ditch liberal fox

  10. Fox is now saying Tucker called out Cavito trying to clear their name too late they fired O Reilly, Megan, Trish hired Donna Brazil a thief and are now hypocrites calling Cavito out when Wallace and Hume got away with murder……
    Hume was supose to be discussing the election results instead he says oh we just received a twitter from the Bully campaign Trumps campaign
    Also, Judge J’s show was canceled because FOX was afraid she would talk TRUMP, instead they aired Biden’s speech FOX IS OVER DONE NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH FOX we watch NEWSMAX and Oreilly
    Trey Gowdy was talking about the first debate with Hemmer and Hemmer said we cannot talk about the debate because Wallace is in the room, since when can people not discuss something on FOX because one of the people involved is in the room


  12. Cavito aired Trump’s Russia Collision witch hunt for 3 years with no evidence what a jerk……

    Wallace is not forthcoming and must go …….. We do not watch FOX only NEWSMAX and Oreillly
    and a few other new ones EPOCH Times and America’s Voice

  13. Russia must be laughing Accused of meddling in our election when we do it more ourselves. What a down right fraud. What are we now a banana republic And and these media people who promote this fraud should be fired. The people who were dishonest in vote counting should be jailed

  14. How or where (channel # comic ast provider) can I get Newsmax? Never have seen out listed for Palm beach area service.

  15. The problem is not if a news media starts out wrong, most do not. But as they get older, more established they have a tendency to become empowered with self importance. They, like the government, they lose focus on their public. The deity hood feeling has a strong pull, many, many, many have fallen victim to it. Just look at our leaders of today. They talk about helping the public, all the while they become richer, more empowered and less connected with the public. The news media is no different. And who is the victims of both false idols? The public. And they both are still playing their game. It is past time for a major game change. New leaders, new rules, less pay, more work time, less play time and same health care.

  16. Who cares who is on Fox, they are in bed with the Communist News Networks. We just need to get the best Fox has to offer to, switch to more conservative news outlets, that are not communist in nature. I will be sorry to see Fox go but it is their choice.

  17. I feel it is such a shame, that Fox felt it was necessary to abandon the viewers ( conservatives ) seventy million strong, that made Fox what it is. They talk about loyal followers, but when they get on top they desert them. So much for loyalty.

  18. I’m done with Fox news.They seem to lean more and more to the left everyday.They need to get rid of Wallace,Williams,Braille and Cavuto and maybe I,ll think about returning to Fox,but as for now I,m going with Newsmax.

  19. I still watch Carlson Tucker but will not watch Cavuto ever again. If Fox wants to continue as a force they had better get rid of Cavuto and redirect Hannity so that he tones down the rhetoric and sticks more to facts instead of personal opinion.

  20. We stopped watching Neil Cavuto several years ago. Actually it was soon after he had his life saving heart surgery. My husband & I wondered if it was some of the post surgery medications that sent him off onto the “I am TELLING you the news & YOU follow what I say you should do in living your life. No Respect from us to Cavuto, Wallace, Brazil, Williams & several others that we refuse to listen to.

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