April 18, 2021

Watch: Tucker Carlson eviscerates ‘angry children’ tearing down American history

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is one of the only mainstream voices that is pushing back hard against the nonsensical and dangerous protests that have taken over the nation for weeks.

In his Wednesday evening “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue, Carlson continued to expose the protesters for what they really are: “Angry children” that are acting as the “armed militia of the Democratic Party.”

Watch the full excerpt below: (H/T Fox News)

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24 Responses

    1. absolutely true/ i was afraid i was the only one that that thinks like he doew. it is shameful that the kids do not know our history.. thank you for the heads up maybe other americns will get t he picture too be for it is to late. thank you.so much

    2. True, look at the Greta child, shes so resentful of everything America her looks tell all and these kids are all indoctrinated who should be sent to Venezuela or North Korea for a sneak preview!

    3. These aren’t children… they are adults… and should be jailed, prosecuted and convicted. Prison time should cool them off.

  1. This has evolved into pure mob action and should be forceably terminated–no questions asked directly to jail!!!
    Thumbs Up to Tucker–one of the few these days calling a spade (no pun intended) a spade!!!

  2. TUCKER KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. The staff He has behind him gathering the info giving solid
    TRUTHFUL AND BELIEVABLE INFORMATION IS JUST A JOY TO LISTEN TO. Perhaps it’s because I think differently
    that I really appreciate the Young Man’s Presentations.
    He really might like some of my thoughts on America and how far we’ve Fallen in only 70 Years.
    Better yet I’d rather discuss them with Fox’s ” Princess of Glastonbury” because we’re both from
    the same Neck of the Woods. Carry On!!

  3. Tucker is right.the dems are responsible for the unrest.it’s time to get rid of pelosi and shumer . and be careful of Biden if you check his record you will find he will continue the same policy

    1. Tell me how one can get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, AOC, Sanders, etc. With the exception of AOC, we have had these idiots for years. Terms limits is a must.

  4. Tucker – I commend you for going out there and giving your honest opinion about what is happening with mob rule that is just “Love in the Summertime.” I am horrified that the city, the state, and the Federal Government are allowing all this carnage to happen. Everyone who is watching at home are witnesses to the shocking, disgusting, spectacle. Thanks to You – Fox News Channel for putting this on TV – so the citizens of America can come to their own conclusions and not be hoodwinked by the MSM and the opposite political party. MAGA!

  5. These so called children, they are a product of broken homes drunken,drug familys and the youth of today not all but a lot have the attitude that i want it now, i don’t want to work to earn it,all out for today tommorw will take care of it self, these young people are so selfish that it is going to take a harsh lesson to get their attention.

  6. The democrats found their new army to replace the KKK which they facilitated and supported to terrorize and hang blacks. Now they are using this same technique to terrorize whites. Nothing new here for democrats. As usual they fail with policy therefore resort to terrorism.

  7. Sometime you have to fight fire with fire fascists are the enemy one call will fix it all SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

  8. Tucker keeps getting better because he has “the Cream of the crop investigators”, Who have done the research & follow-up!
    HRC identified them as Deplorables! I’m certain they have advanced their common sense into advanced skills! Not all
    Conservatives or Elitists are in the “disenfranchised mobs”!

  9. Almost a quarter-century, our education system gradually become too far left, College system “brainwash” students.
    How many parents have a chance to talk to their kids about the history of this country, especially for those who were born here, they take everything for a grant.
    No country in the world is better than our country.

  10. The following are Communistic: BLM,Democratic Party, CNN, NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST,and a lot of other media.Be careful what you read or listen in to.

  11. Go to jail, hell. These communist terrorists need to be shot on site just like any terrorist would be.

  12. Absolutely – children and also trained marxists and terrorists – in the form of Antifa and BLM – they have admitted as much – and those who are marching in protest – who support the BLM for example are being blinded by self-imposed guilt from everything they feel is racial.
    All lives matter. and we are not racist. We support all nationialities who are here legally and applaud when anyone succeeds in business and educations.
    But these kids who are marching (and some of our family are) need training in history – they are blind to truth. It breaks the heart.
    Plus the police are needed – they mostly do a good job – a few bad apples – there are those in any organization – punish them – not the whole police departments – that’s insane.
    Keep it up Tucker – I’m praying for you – for safety – wisdom (from God) and protection. Do not back down. and I pray for our President that he will stand up to these terrorists – [cuz that’s what they are. – God help this country.

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