November 27, 2020

Tucker Carlson addresses rumors about leaving Fox News

Fox News used to be conservatives’ gold standard in “fair and balanced” news reporting. That all changed during the 2020 presidential election, and now former viewers are wondering if their favorite anchors will be joining the mass exodus as well.

Tucker Carlson, host of the eponymous “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Fox News, just came forward to quell social media rumors about a potential exit from the network. “Over the weekend, we got a lot of calls asking if we’re leaving Fox News,” Carlson said Monday. “This show is not going anywhere. It’s getting bigger.” 

Carlson hosts one of the top-rated news shows in the country, so his exit would be a major blow to the network. “The people who run Fox News want more of it, not less,” he assured viewers. “And we are grateful for that.”

It may have been wishful thinking, but somehow the rumor that Carlson was leaving for the Newsmax network circulated on the social media platform Parler. Both Newsmax and Parler have surged in popularity following the recent election because of the way traditional news and social media were treating President Donald Trump’s campaign.

According to the The New York Times, it was the supposed “fact check” labels on Facebook and Twitter as well as the outright censorship of the president on Twitter that drove people to other alternatives. “Facebook started muting, deleting and labeling every conservative political post in my feed,” political comedian Corey Adam told the Times. “If you’re going to do something, you have to be fair to both sides. You don’t just get to pick one side to promote.”

Even Fox, the trusted mainstream media news network, squandered its goodwill with its viewers because of how it treated Trump late in the campaign. Besides “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace’s disaster as moderator of the first presidential debate, the network called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Biden early on Election Night when only 73 percent of the vote was counted and other networks still demurred.

This has likely damaged their previously symbiotic relationship beyond repair. With the vote close in the state and the Trump campaign still in litigation over irregularities in the process in Arizona, the president and his supporters have turned against the network which had been the last refuge for conservatives. That early call could be the turning point for the network that Trump helped to build with his popularity.

Fox should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds it. Keeping Carlson at the network will help, but they will have to do something to rebuild trust with their audience. With so many alternatives cropping up and people leaving behind cable television entirely, Fox News could soon find itself in a ratings freefall.

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42 Responses

  1. awesome, he is one of the best on fox who tells it like it is and as truthful as one can be. dont forget sean and laura and th rest on sat and we cannot forget mark lavin.

    1. Yahoo! drain Fox! Gone and forgotton thanks to the Murdoch Boy’s wives are in bed with Hillary along with Jerry Hall
      Murdock’s Gold digger wife!

  2. For some time now I have figured out the ones who were more liberal. I started watching NewsMax. I liked what I saw and liked the conservative views. Fox was my only channel I watched for many years. But little by little I was disappointed . Chris Wallace was one of the first I thought should go. I still watch Tucker, Hannity, and Laura.
    Someone needs to clean up the ones at the top, like Soros for one. I wish you good luck in getting the station back on track. Dorothy

    1. I also have started watching Newsmax & OAN. I still watch Fox for Carlson, Levin, Judge Jeanine, on Fox, Really mad at Chris Wallace for bullying Trump with his insulting high nasal questions and trying to debate Trump. I never listen to this bully and I hope other Americans feel the same.

      1. I have turned away from FOX and have gone to NEWSMAX
        We really do miss ya’all.

    2. I TOTALLY AGREE! I stopped watching FOX until or IF they ever get their act together! very SAD they joined the FAKE news group! I switched to NEWSMAX for now!

  3. I leave messages on FOX’s comment line regularly and tell them that I know they don’t return my calls because they don’t have the courage to answer for their actions. Ryan needs to be off the Board and Wallace, Williams, Baer, McCallum, Cavuto, and a few others need to be off the air!

    1. You hit the nail on the head James.. They have taken the “Fair and Balanced” way to
      far.. too many liberal contributors and too many liberal “guests”…
      The best they have is Tucker (wish he would go to newsmax) Hannity and
      Laura Ingram… Tucker is tops in my book…

  4. I find Tucker Carlson to be intelligent and refreshing. Everything he says makes sense and it would be good advice if Fox News did more of the same. For Fox News to follow the Biden example is a big mistake. Fox News was the last bastion of reason in a very intimidating and biased news world. Except for Mr. Carlson, I have no respect for a majority of the news media. Respect is not something that can be demanded, it has to be earned. Tucker Carlson has earned it.

  5. I like NEWSMAX, Epoch times and Oann so much now I do not tune into FOX at all after all of the bad behavior

    Rupert’s trustfund babies running FOX have taken it too far to the left. I do not even turn on Tucker once you start watching NEWSMAX, Epoch times and Oann yo will not go back to FOX not even Tucker

    These stations tell the truth much better more updated Tucker starts with a righ wing message then getsboring with his right thing to do speech….. I am a NEVERFOXER

    1. I watch Tucker, Hannity and Laura and on Suday Levine, but have gone over to NewsMax for the rest of the news. I tried to tell them about Wallace, he is CN for sure even though he gets a paycheck from FOX, he probably gets one from the other station CNN or maybe Soros gives a bonus now and then.

  6. Bravo Tucker, thank you.
    Laura, Hannity, Levin, Maria B., Hilton, judge Jeanine, thank you too.

    wallace, s smith, martha, cavuto, roberts, — go F yourself.

  7. Fox News is now the enemy. When you hire a known cheater like Donna Brazile you know you have a serious problem. As the election got closer, it became totally apparent that Fox was no better than CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet major networks. I urge everyone to tell their friends to leave Fox as a news source and go to OAN and NewsMAx. Fox is a traitor to the need for honesty and professionalism in news!!! Get rid of Chris Wallace. He’s beyond terrible and not very bright!!

    “Suffering in Blue State, Nazi Northam held VA”

  8. I would agree they took a bad turn Wallace needs to go , Hannity Laura the Judge Tucker need to go to news maxes that’s we’re I’m going and Oan good luck Fox it’s time for you all to clean house or get out

  9. I’ve been watching nothing but Fox for over 4yrs but I have become more and more unhappy with them. With people like Juan Williams and Wallace and Brazile now on Fox I believe they have shown their hand. Right now I only watch Fox at 8,9,+10 PM. If Tucker, Sean, and Lora leave I’ll be gone too.

  10. It’s sad to hear the change of what was said up to election nite then to hear how those changes changed again !!! This is typical of the DEMO–C–RAT PARTY & more so the last 4 years !!! If you think what I said sounds confusing ,believe me your RITE !!! This is exactly what the DEMO–C–RATS have portraide so you are not supposed to nail them down to a specific promise !!!then they call all parties LIARS when they get CAUGHT because they forgot what they said from one COMMENT TO THE next !!! This recent ELECTION Was full of LIES &HATRED ,RIOTS , LOOTING,BURNING, BEATINGS, KILLINGS in the name of——- PROTESTS —— !!! The DEMO–C–RAT PARTY CONDONED ALL THE ABOVE —-FACT —– !!!

  11. This is true all of these Communist medias have destroyed their selves with their lies and being traitors to the United States. No one will ever believe a word they say again.

  12. I like Tucker but I can’t in good faith watch his show! Not because of him but because it would be patronising Faux channel! People say all the time that they are dropping things like the NFL, NBA, MLB or whatever and then after a couple months they go back to it! Using excuses like, I don’t watch the pregame stuff anymore! If you believe Fox news channel is a turncoat then why would you support them in any way, even watching Tucker? It’s that wishy washy attitude that is the problem! If you call for something to be boycotted then walk the walk not just talk the talk!

  13. Thank God, I have never liked him. He has a one track mind and obviously has animosities toward President Trump. And for me, I’ll take a thousand TRUMPS OVER 80% of most Media People with their poisonous and anti American rhetoric.

  14. I only watch tucker, Hannity, judge Jeanine, Laura Ingram, the 5,except for Juan Williams, , Newsmax and oan now r my new fav..( honest)

  15. Little by little Fox has acquired a bevy of hateful “LIBS” like Juan Williams a PBS reject, Chris Wallace a manicured Swamp leftist, then you insult your Loyal Viewers by hiring another Clinton leftover, Donna Brazile! What the Hell are you Thinking??? Seldom do we hear a report on the GOOD that came from this Presidency on Fox Radio or TV!! May GOD leave RUT’S in your Driveway!

  16. Why remain with a network that is controlled by the CIA? Money speaks. I like Tucker, but he should take his big advertising dollars, his huge audience, and go to OANN or Newsmax.

  17. If I were Tucker Carlson I would decide which news company I really truly wanted to join. Go for it and get out of the family glob at Fox News. Take your opportunity. He’s well liked and that is worth money. I didn’t watch Fox until this Presidential Election. I sure have an opinion now. I won’t watch Fox anymore. I like honesty and integrity.

  18. The only way for FOX to even begin to redeem themselves is to listen to their audience and clean house. Hiring Paul Ryan and Donna Brazil was a slap in the face. They still have some good people, but nobody likes to feel betrayed. For years people have complained about the same pundits, yet they just give them more time to rile their listeners. Since election night, I’ve been making myself familiar with OAN and Newsmax and I am losing interest in the Fox shows I’ve been watching for 5 years.

  19. Fox ,Facebook ,Google, MSN,CNN , Twitter among a few are all ready going down.i dont think they realized just how many conservatives they really had. but they turned on them and now they suffer the consequences of being so dirty.and this Election if Biden is confirmed they better enjoy this 4 years because they will never get a chance to be in the White House again even though they played dirty and cheated this election their secret is out. they are liars thieves and criminals and will go down in American history the satan’s of American politicians by name and those that stood behind them in support and working for the devil.karma

  20. Someone at Fox News sent me a private message asking me not to imply in my comments that they were part & parcel of a conspiracy theory really Joe Biden. Well the facts speak for themselves, don’t they?

  21. Totally left Fox News therefore I don’t need cable. So I canceled that too. The cable service rep told us we were the fourth call in a row to cancel cable due to Fox News.

  22. Why does this website continue to use misleading headlines everyday? “Tucker is quitting” pulls people in, but obviously is not true. I am so tired of this type of sensationalism that I am done with this site.

  23. wish Tucker, Hannity, Waters.Gutfed,Levin and Judge Jeannie would leave Fox for either Newsmax or OAN. Then FOX could go the way of the losers CNN and MSNBC.

  24. Next they’ll have Joey Behar & Whoopi Goldberg swapping tongues on National TV. A knee-grow with a Jewish last name, what a fake just like ABC and CNN….

  25. Its time that Tucker, Sean, Mark, Laura and judge Jeanine move over to News Max to fill in the down-time between their features. They will surely be appreciated there. I still like Bill O’ Riley as well. And for some comedy relief, bring on Greg Gutfeld’s show, he’s a happy riot. That would round out the station and make it the best rated news show on earth.

  26. I have watched Fox as my main news station for a lot of years, but after this year, I’m going to NewsMax.
    Love you Trucker, Sean, Levin and the Judge,. I sure hope all of you consider leaving Fox, but they have shown their true colors and I cannot stay any longer

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