June 29, 2022

Tuberville confirms impeachment is on the table after 2022 midterms

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville wants to push forward toward impeaching President Joe Biden if Republicans will back a majority in the House and Senate in the 2020 midterm elections.

“This will decide the direction this country is going in,” Tuberville said during a radio interview with Mobile, Alabama’s 106.5 Talk radio.

“We’re going to decide next year in a lot of areas. They passed this $5 trillion, and you know, Jeff — when you start an entitlement, you can’t get out of it. They’re trying to rush this through,” he added.

Tuberville also attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Nancy Pelosi is trying to rush it, get it signed, sealed, delivered — get it all pumped up. Where we do take the House next year — we’ll get the House for sure. We’ve got to fight like heck to get the Senate because it is a little bit harder.”

Speaking of impeachment, the senator said, “I hope we look at it.”

Tuberville also criticized the $3.5 trillion spending plan as harmful to the nation. “They are absolutely going to put us under,” he said.

Tuberville may not be able to move forward on Biden’s impeachment now, but he hopes Republicans will return to power after the midterms to allow an opportunity to consider it.

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