May 25, 2022

Trump’s social media – Truth Speak – launches on Apple App Store

Former President Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, launched on Monday in Apple’s App Store,  becoming the most popular social networking platform in the App Store just after it was released.

According to Breitbart News the platform was created by Trump’s media group due to his banishment from major social media outlets like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Response to the app was so intense that it caused thousands of users to report being put on a waitlist for the app, with some waitlist numbers topping a quarter of a million.

“Truth Social’s CEO is former Republican congressman Devin Nunes, whose one-man campaign to expose the Russigate hoax is chronicled in the hit book and documentary The Plot Against The President,” Breitbart reported.

Truth Social’s regular website home states, “Truth Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”

While Truth Social isn’t the first conservative social media app to present itself on the market, others have run into substantial trouble, most notably Parler, the microblogging platform that was kicked off of its servers.

Parler later found a new web host, and was able to return to the Apple App Store, and may have paved the way for Gab, considered one of the first free speech friendly alternatives to Twitter and Facebook, which has built its own web servers and has built its own payment processor as an alternative to PayPal and Stripe.

Truth Social is being hosted by Right Forge, which is a Christian-based server that will not banish anything that is legal in the United States.

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