July 3, 2022

Trump’s Republicans Scoring on Issues Democrats Wouldn’t Mention

You know the first two nights of the Republicans’ virtual national convention have gone well when you see that Politico’s morning Playbook leads with a lame joke about the U.S. Postal Service hiring a new lobbyist, aimed at reviving the post office non-scandal. Ho, ho, ho!

The more pertinent news is that both parties have adapted deftly to the virtual format. Democrats invented an amusing roll call procedure — showing people from each state touting the party’s virtues — and Republicans even improved on it a little.

Democrats did a good job of highlighting Joe Biden’s attractive personal qualities by showing people he’s helped and comforted. Republicans showed President Donald Trump’s attractive qualities — he actually has some — by showing him interacting with people, as he pardoned one reformed bank robber and swore in five new citizens.

The Republicans had the advantage of coming second, as the incumbent presidential party traditionally has, and they capitalized on it. The Democrats confidently assumed everyone shares their confidence that Trump is a racist and xenophobe, but his convention spotlighted Sen. Tim Scott, whose family “went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime,” and former Gov. Nikki Haley, the daughter of Sikh immigrants from Punjab, India.

The message is that America is not permeated with “systemic racism,” as The New York Times’ 1619 Project would have you believe, but rather is a land of opportunity, even Haley’s and Scott’s South Carolina. And progress is possible — and happening. Scott holds the seat held for 35 years by segregationist “Cotton Ed” Smith.

Another contrast: Democrats had their virtual sessions introduced by Hollywood figures, one of whom somehow got the idea it would be funny to mispronounce the vice president’s one-syllable surname. Republicans interspersed their first two sessions with ordinary people from target states who have come to strongly support Trump.

There may be some demographic groups who value the insights of Hollywood figures with multimillion-dollar mansions in Bel Air or Brentwood. But probably more voters will be swayed by the pro-Trump testimony of lobsterman Jason Joyce of Swan’s Island; dairy farmer Cris Peterson of Grantsburg, Wisconsin; and trucker Geno DiFabio of Youngstown, Ohio.

What goes unmentioned is sometimes as important as what’s mentioned. Viewers of the Democrats’ virtual proceedings heard much less about abortion than viewers of the Democrats’ more conventional conventions, even though it’s an issue that, according to dial groups, helped Democrats in previous presidential and VP debates.

One reason is Democrats have moved way left on the issue. Joe Biden has abandoned four decades of opposing government-funded abortions. And Democratic legislators have delighted in passing laws authorizing abortions in all nine months of pregnancy.

Republicans’ Tuesday speakers included former Planned Parenthood clinic head Abby Johnson, who provided “pretty graphic” descriptions of abortion procedures. The best a squirming Washington Post “fact-checker” could do, as National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru noted, was to argue that there aren’t that many (actually, several thousand yearly) post-viability abortions.

Left utterly unmentioned by the Democrats was the continued violence and the sharp increase of murders in major cities across the country — Portland and Seattle, Minneapolis and Washington, Chicago and New York — and in smaller places such as Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Democrats may hope that friends in the “mainstream media” (libeled MAGA hat-wearing teen Nicholas Sandmann’s term) will continue to shield viewers from uncomfortable footage of rioting, assaults and arson, as it’s been doing. They may hope people won’t notice that reports describing “mostly peaceful” demonstrations are given standing in front of raging fires, or that CNN yanked a chyron from the screen and deleted the adjective “violent” before the noun “protest,” or that The New York Times wrote that peaceful marches “gave way to fires and destruction.”

The broadcast networks and cable also-rans MSNBC and CNN obviously hope that viewers won’t notice horrifying damage that reflects badly on the partly Marxist-led Black Lives Matter movement or the Biden-Harris campaign. They had some basis for believing that covering up the news would work when, in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s May 25 death, polls showed most voters supporting Black Lives Matter and being sympathetic to its argument that American policing is “systemically racist.” But current polling, after nearly three months of violence and destruction, and rising murder rates, shows less support for de-policing cities large and small.

In 2016, Democrats were smugly confident, until 9 p.m. Eastern on election night, that demographics would guarantee them victory. This year, they’ve been confident that Donald Trump’s low job approval and COVID-19 and the lockdown’s economic devastation will do the same, even with extreme stands Bill Clinton in his prime would have shunned.

Maybe so. But maybe not. This week, Trump’s Republicans are having their say.

Michael Barone is a senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and longtime co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.


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old Mort (@guest_1042042)
1 year ago

Do the democrats really believe that the American public is so stupid as to believe what they say? Trump did a spectacular job getting the country out of Obama’s rut. Trump mad all the #s great! Unemployment, the stock market, the economy. Then came along the Chinese virus and everything went down hill. The democrats used it of course to blame Trump. Oh he didn’t stop traffic from Europe and China fast enough! Do you remember WHO said travel is okay…no problem but Trump shut it down right away. Remember Pelosi saying: China town is safe. bring your family here and see! Trump shut down traffic from China so Pelosi called him a xenophobic racist. We all know she being 80 years old should retire. She has turned out to be unfit for Speaker of the House. Trump needs another four years to end the corruption in DC. Vote for him again and help him drain the swamp!

RonniRose (@guest_1042771)
Reply to  old Mort
1 year ago

We always knew Trump was incompetent and just plain stupid all along…facts. Now we get to see all the idiots waving his naive flag! Thanks dummies!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1042045)
1 year ago

GREAT RNC convention, speakers, presentations, All extraordinarily WELL ´planned. Congratulations, Just what we
needed to see and hear, also from First lady, VEEp and POTUS! but the common people were AWESOME! Very emotional!

The other side? well, a basement show.

russell remmert (@guest_1042067)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

Alicia all were great, that is the America i Am talking about/ they made me feel like we are on the right road/ not the left way thank God

Joesph O. (@guest_1042061)
1 year ago

Our wonderful President is America First. All of this was shown by the common man and how he felt about what Our President was doing for all of the little people. As a former democrat in the 60’s I saw them lookout for the working man. Now the only person looking out for the working man are the Republican Party. It was exemplified in our wonderful President’s acceptance speech.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1042107)
1 year ago

Republicans We the American people , democrates we the dog pound of muts , un-American , unapologetic , unrealistic , unimportant .

PJ. SCHULKER (@guest_1042116)
1 year ago

I am AMAZED that democrats are so bold to profess ABORTION as the way to go…Even MR. CATHOLIC Joe Biden. Is not bashful about professing ABORTION is OK with him. GO FIGURE ! ! ! ! !!

jack hall (@guest_1042191)
Reply to  PJ. SCHULKER
1 year ago

No real Catholic agrees with abortion. Joe Biden may have been Baptized Catholic but he is not a practicing Catholic.

jack hall (@guest_1042190)
1 year ago

I watch on Trump deliver his speech in a huge crowd at the White House with most people NOT WEARING ANY MASKS. It was GREAT! I’m so tired of the SCAMEDEMIC! Trump made an awesome speech and totally hammered Biden and the Democratic Party. Trump was right on so many points and made great progress in this Country. Then after the Convention I started hearing the announcers talking badly about everything Trump had said and saying the convention and Trumps speech did not come off so well. THEN I REMEMBERED THAT THE CONVENTION WAS BEING COVERED BY ABC AND CHANGED THE CHANNEL. It turns out that everybody i know says it was awesome but then again i read on CNN that the Democratic Convention had higher ratings. The LIES are so obvious.

Jan (@guest_1042254)
Reply to  jack hall
1 year ago

Shame on you for spending your time watching CNN, ABC, & the like. The media wants 2 whores who have sold their souls to the devil to lead this nation into “H**L. We need to stop even replaying what CNN & our enemies say about us because they just illustrated the week before the RNC convention how much they hate the President & us, Enemies of the State.

And that’s exactly how the Democrat Communist Fascists think of us: Enemies of the State. Should they win, that’s how they’ll treat us when they take over the country.

So stop wasting your time & help get Republicans elected, especially the one in the Oval Office.

Ronnirose (@guest_1042773)
Reply to  Jan
1 year ago

The one in the office IS a d*** oval. He has you brainwashed. He only cares for people that support HIM… not all Americans!

Cheryl A Bellerose (@guest_1043790)
Reply to  Ronnirose
1 year ago

And you know this how??????? Trump is for all Americans that stand up for America. Democrats do not stand up to policies that have been in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!. They want to change everything that this country has done since 1776! No Flags, no rules for illegals, people who could care less about veterans who served time in war and risked their lives to keep America safe. If you look at history, which a lot of people do not know about, try reading a book or two to find out the background of the Democratic party. They are the ones that founded the KKK, and one of their leader, was best friends and mentor to Hillary Clinton. Democrats have always been against the government and the Americans, they could care less. Look at the states that are blue and see how many are in chaos! It is not the people that live in these states it is the people who are in government (DEMOCRATS) is why their states are in shambles. As I said before read a book or ten and found out what the Democratic party is all about.

Carol Hughes (@guest_1042203)
1 year ago

I throughly enjoyed the Republican Convention and expect President Trump will be re-elected. I pray that he is. Otherwise, I fear this country will go down the tubes. In my opinion, President Trump does not have a low approval rating. The silent majority are being just that silent. Please, I ask you to speak out, stand your ground against the solicalist dems. Let your voices be heard. The rioters certainly are! There has been so much progress made regarding racisium, these people just refuse to see it and the dems just want to take our freedom away, while they gain complete control over the American People. Taking God out of the plege for their convention was wrong and I do think they will be punished. Silent Majority, speak out, Let’s Keep American Great! Vote for Donald Trump on November 3, 2020!

Jan (@guest_1042255)
1 year ago

Shame on you for spending your time watching CNN, ABC, & the like. The media wants 2 whores who have sold their souls to the devil to lead this nation into “H**L. We need to stop even replaying what CNN & our enemies say about us because they just illustrated the week before the RNC convention how much they hate the President & us, Enemies of the State.

And that’s exactly how the Democrat Communist Fascists think of us: Enemies of the State. Should they win, that’s how they’ll treat us when they take over the country.

So stop wasting your time & help get Republicans elected, especially the one in the Oval Office.

Bv (@guest_1042288)
1 year ago

We must never let Joe Biden and the communists take over this country…..ever. People Will be persecuted…… literally!….. Just because they don’t have the same ideas or values that they have. Just look what they’re doing now to or cities and law enforcement. Could you imagine what this country would be like if there were no police? It would be chaos because you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself and family because the first thing they want to do is take your guns away.

William Salisbury (@guest_1042301)
1 year ago

New bumper sticker for democrats: Vote for Joe and the Hoe(emphasis on the first syllable)

Pretty Texas (@guest_1042307)
1 year ago

I am going for President Trump. He and other republicans so far the best. We are need to stand up and be his supportive for Trump. We all are Americans life matters. No but whatsoever. We are all Americans. Be proud of yourself. President Trump will be our amazing greatest President ever be . God Bless you and your families. Remember, your greatest grandparents came here along time ago before you were born for a better life. They had a hardest life back then. Today we had a easy life. Think about it. Listen to the song. Southern star.

We should be proud of what we have and our Americans stand for. God is good.
God Bless you all.

Ronnirose (@guest_1042775)
1 year ago

Please get the CHILD out of the White House! All Republicans keep lying about is his great job on the economy… nope get your facts in order.
He keeps calling it the China virus to place blame…as usual.
He’s a criminal and liar! Look at all his dumb cronies taking hits for him.
He needs a religion… any religion to become sensitive and HUMAN again. He doesn’t even own a darn Bible.. and if he does he sure doesn’t use it or know where it is🤣.

The only thing I look forward to if he should (God forbid) win… is him being arrested and sentenced like the rest of them!!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1044627)
1 year ago

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.



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