August 1, 2021

Trump’s numbers soar, majority think he’ll win

As President Trump remains in Walter Reed Medical Center, stricken with coronavirus, new numbers have rolled in that can offer his campaign a bit of good news in the midst of a troubling situation.

Fox News is reporting that a new Gallup poll saw Trump’s approval rating rise significantly in the month of September.

Fox notes that “Gallup released its results on Thursday, claiming that Trump saw his highest approval rating (46%) since May with approvals on his handling of certain issues, other than the economy, below 50%.”

These numbers are almost identical to President Obama’s in 2012, which were 47% and 50% around the same time in the campaign.

Perhaps even more significantly, Gallup reported that 56% of Americans believe the president will win in November. Only 40% said the same for Biden.

Clearly Americans haven’t forgotten the lessons of 2016, even if the media has.

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90 Responses

      1. Happy that people finally started understanding what’s real truth and what’s a shady game, where enemies are ready to destroy real America by taking over the power.
        I saw through their game since it started as a former political refugee from E. Europe. Millions at that time lost lives or were lucky to make it into freedom like my husband and me. And now those brainwashed “army” want’s that back. They really don’t know what they are doing.

      1. Get out and vote in person and straight GOP ticket please.!!!
        MAGA 2020! Lord do not abandon us.! God Bless the USA and President Trump and 1st Lady.!

        1. And please everyone…PRAY!! Pray for fraud to be caught early or would be nonexistent….and that all votes are in by the designated time. Pray for extreme accountability for each and every vote and that illegals do not interfere, nor other nations. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

          1. Trump 2020 Back In The WhiteHouse.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚂🚂🚂🚂♥️

        1. Get out and vote and keep the Senate and retake the house and most importantly, give Trump four more years and then Pence eight years!

    1. God has a plan for for this President as the virus has brought him closer to him. The American people see the huge difference with what Trump has done and will do the next 4 years compared to no agenda for Biden/Harris but doom and gloom with outcast lying media and the corrupt DNC Party with nothing to give to USA Citizens

    2. Praying for our Great President to have a fast recovery. We need him to keep America Great.The Lord is going to heal him because he has a lot to do for America.God Bless you President Trump we love you and all your family.🙏🙏

  1. It’s all bs. trump is leading by a big margin.Democrats know it .
    Lies is all they have and trying to cheat in mail in voting..

    1. Gosh Alan I know you are right but the Republicans have to keep on to make sure he does win the USA would go right down the toilet if Biden got in there and then the Chinese would be teaching us how to speak Chinese

      1. O’s Aim is to build a world wide Islamic Theocracy…………!

        YES, the wish of the Chinese’s Wish was, is and forever will be the CONTROLLING POWER OF the world!

        “We conquer, not by Mighty, but, by Absorption!”

    2. I believe that most polls are faked in favor of Biden to create a feeling of futility with trump voters. “he can’t win so why bother voting” That is foolishness. I will NOT throw up my hands and tell myself it is futile to vote because Biden has it in the bag. That mindset WILL get him elected. That aside, OVER confidence in a Trump victory is also foolishness. ” Trump has it in the bag so he doesn’t need me”. Both are paths to defeat. I am voting as if my life depended on it. IT probably does!!! TRUMP 2020

      1. I agree! We shouldn’t be overconfident. I too, feel like our lives/our future depends on our voting for Trump. We’re done for if he doesn’t win. Pray, pray, pray too!

      2. Be careful and vigilant of the dishonest left. Ballot harvesting is a real thing. Dumping votes in trash in mostly red address locations, selling ballots to dishonest Dems. It’s all real and needs to be dealt with. This is the only way the left can win with a mentally unstable man and a very unlikeable ” sleep your way to the top ” weak woman!

    3. Dems think that they will win with ballot harvesting, and ballot box stuffing., but the boxes will be watched. the polls will be watched for harvesters.

    4. I don’t think this is going to be a wide election. I see to many liberals comments on other sites. I think it will be close and possibly no one makes it to the magical 270. I hope im wrong but all conservitives and independents and anyone else need to get out and vote. Don’t take a chance thinking the party has it in the bag. Vote straight red.

  2. Trump will only win if the republicans all get out and vote. Be nice if some democrats wake up and vote for Trump as biden can’t even put a sentence together.

  3. Unless they the dirty dems steal the election with their harvesting ballots and throwing away ballots it’s awful how the Obama administration almost ruined our beautiful free country!

    1. This Country was founded by the GRACE of God, built upon His HOLY WILL for the good of Human SOULS! Our President TRUMP is His Anointed One for our current world’s NEEDS for the fulfillment of His holy will!

      1. That’s so Beautiful and true. I couldn’t have said it any better! It’s nice to see we have hearts still Living for the Power of God.

        Hallelujah May God Bless Us and Trump Get out and VOTE. Our lives depend on it. GO TRUMP WE LOVE YOU!!!

      2. God Bless America and thank you Dear Father for bringing back President Trump and the First Lady on the way back good health. TRUMP 4 more years!!!! MAGA

    2. If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

  4. Take a good look at Biden. The one with the long ears is him, the one with the slanted ears is the fake. I am just saying. Think about that!

  5. Joe Biden talks like he’s the New Kid on the Block. If he gets in the White House everything will be great. Does he not know he was in the White House for 8 years.

    1. Biden keeps LYING saying that he has a plan. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! The babbling idiot has been in office for FORTY-SEVEN YEARS, and has accomplished NOTHING — other than making his coke-sniffing son (and other members of his criminal family) very rich!!!

  6. President Trump will win with a landslide, Biden needs to retire from politics all together,
    He never did anything useful anyway. We Love you Mr President. Get well.
    You are loved by very many people. All our best to you and your family.

  7. Democrats better watch what they say because what goes around comes around to haunt them, remember
    Dems Evil Does Not Prevail. It is pathetic that you wish President Trump and the First Lady and the rest of the
    Republicans who also came down with it that they all die. Beware Dems you are fighting with the Satan but he
    never wins. Jesus Christ does. Change your ways or God will change it for you!!

  8. Some people actually believe that Barack Obama was the best president in history. That is a SAD fact. Along with Hillary,Soros and other globalist billionaires,he has managed to push this country to the brink of a second full blown civil war. DJ Trump has managed to bring us back from the brink of a dictatorship for now. If Hillary had won we would be well on the way to totalitarian rule. I believe that she is a sociopath with a lust for power that will never cease. She can never be president but is so venomous in her lust for revenge for her loss to the POTUS that she is probably behind the current coup attempt using the willing surrogates I already named. It is vital for the survival of the USA that POTUS Trump lives and wins this election. PRAY PRAY PRAY For his safety and health. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Only one vote please. The Democrats are the cheaters.

    1. Maybe Obama was the best Muslim president of the US he gave millions to Muslim country’s and imported what 108,000 into the USA. Beware OBAMA made it clear in his book he would support a Muslim over an American. All these rioters are compliments of Obama and George Soros. Not all Muslims are bad but the ones Obama supports are

    2. If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would

  9. Yeah Biden sounds like the new kid on the block.
    He’s been there on the gravy for 47 plus years and done nothing. If he gets in the Whitehouse He’ll be nothing but a puppet for Kamala Harris of California.

  10. Praying for the President to beat this virus and return to White House as soon as possible! Our country needs his leadership and dedication to win the election and defeat the Democratic Party!!

  11. I deeply respect our nation’s leader, President Trump. He is intelligent, decent, honest, and worthwhile, and I definitely will vote for him soon, just as I did the first time he was elected. There exists NO DEMOCRAT WITH CHARACTER, HONESTY, DECENCY, INTELLIGENCE; ERGO TRUMP IS OUR NATION’S SALVATION. For that, I definitely thank God. President Trump has served the nation well and will continue doing so. There is much to clean up after Obama, and Trump can do it! I KNOW he can. When I think of the left, I always believe they are TRAITORS THAT SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR TRYING TO DESTROY OUR ONCE GREAT NATION.

    Please get well, President Trump. We need you and we love you.

  12. I too am praying for our President and working to make sure he gets re-elected; however, I will give the devil his dues. It was a generous (perhaps) political move to pull all negative Trump ads from Biden’s campaign.

    Make American Great Again Mr. President. Praying for you and our first Lady and a speedy recovery.

  13. I’m so praying for Trump n the American people to vote him back in. He’s a great leader n needs our support more than ever. God will see him through!!

  14. All Americans are going to vote for Trump . Trump will win his re-election very soon. I am very proud of what trump is doing for us. He is a strong man. He will win. God Bless him, his family and our American country.

    Trump makes me feel a better person.
    Go Trump. Get well soon

  15. Yeah, California needs to step up and do what’s best for its people! What do you expect from pelosi cousin!!!!!! GO TRUMP!

    1. Pelosi’s cousin is burning Ca. down, is running out of wood, and needs federal money to buy Canadian wood to keep the fire going. so he won’t have to burn down the Hollywood elites or the Silicon valleys houses because they are his rich donners.

      1. No federal money for Ca., so that they can give it to illegals. If they want to pay for illegals they will have to use their own wallets. Ca. should not be getting any federal money to support the Ca. welfare system, since it is being use to support illegals. And stealing billions of federal tax payer dollars to prop up Ca.’s welfare system. That goes for NY too.

        1. Amen. Agree Brother. Let them keep defunding the police and play their crazy agenda’s. That is why all their homes are burning and people are getting outta there! Sodom & Gehmora. Add Seattle and NY! Let them rot in their cities that they caused to bring this on.

  16. We are on the move to show up the democrats for what they really are; Liars, cheats and the most dishonest people on the face of this earth. Biden, 50 years in congress and what has he accomplished, well, for starters he became a multimillionaire. His family got rich, he blackmailed foreign governments, he is pure evil. So, having said this we must all get out and vote, now is not the time to be complacent. GET OUT AND VOTE, THIS IA VOTE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  17. Trump will return to the White House very soon. We all are praying for him to get back to normal. He is fighting for his Americans people. He cares about the Americans. He is a very strong man. It is time to kick the evil/democrats out of this country. Please vote for Trump again. Make President Trump the Greatest American Leader. He is our last chance. We need to vote for Trump. We cannot let the democrats takeover our country.
    We should all be proud and supporting our President Trump. Go Trump..

    1. Amen!!!!! We are rallying in Florida by the thousands. The fake news won’t cover that but it’s ok because they are about ready to get a shake down on a November 3rd.

  18. God bless our president!!! We are rallying in Florida by the thousands!! Yesterday we did a truck/car parade and 4000 showed up organically. What does this tell you about the silent majority? We are not so silent at all. Boat parades by the thousands and we are not stopping. The support is incredible! Go Trump!!!

  19. Fantastic – Great Numbers – DON’T let you guard down – VOTE VOTE VOTE – YOUR STRAIGHT “R” IS NEED IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE – Make America “STAY” Great! What Can You Do For Your Family and Country? VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! GO Trump!!!

  20. Lest we forget that over 95% of the reporting on President Trump is negative even though by all accounts he has been the best president we’ve ever elected! The evil left wing lunatics are worse than Hitler, Mao, Polpot, Mussellini, Marx, Stalin and Obama and normal patriotic Americans know this and will not allow a communist take over of our country and the best way to do it is by voting the lowlife scum out of office and never allow them re-entry!

  21. I pray that the lord embrace our President and all who have fallen ill with this virus . I pray for all who need Gods blessings and grace. Lord please give strength where it is needed. Lord. blessed us with this President…..please give America 4 more years. In Jesus name….Amen

  22. Trump, beat president America has ever had, he inherited the terrible mess Oboma, and Biden got us in. I pray every day that president Trump will win the election and save us from total destruction.

  23. I pray every night for our great nation to return to God. With our great President and his constitutional justices we will head that way. Maybe next term he can replace three more justices starting with John Roberts. President Trump’s requirement is that the be able to read the Constitution.

    Justices need to quote the paragraph and verse number of the constitution that either makes it constitutional or unconstitutional

  24. An elder lady in my morning Sunday Service church this morning asked, ” What about Trump and his taxes?” I replied “havn’t you seen the fraudulent taxes on the Bidens?” That is what corruption fraud is! We are praying and pulling for the TRUMPS!

  25. I have been praying for weeks and all I asked for is to let this country keep President Trump in the place he is most deserving. Lets us all pray for this.

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