June 30, 2022

Trump’s legal team to appeal Pennsylvania court’s dismissal of election lawsuit

President Donald Trump’s lawyers, who are engaged in lawsuits in various battleground states where they hope to overturn the results based on allegations of voter and ballot fraud, received a heavy blow last week after a federal judge in Pennsylvania shot down their attempt to stop the state’s certification of votes.

According to The New York Post, while the ruling was certainly a setback, the Trump campaign struck back immediately, filing an appeal to the lawsuit’s dismissal, and the court the federal circuit court granted the request for expedited review as of Monday morning. 

The efforts to appeal the decision, which was handed down by Republican federal judge Matthew Brann on Saturday, couldn’t come at a better time, as many counties in Pennsylvania are certifying their votes on Monday, with some of the largest areas, like Philadelphia, expected to certify on Monday night.

In Trump’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, the president’s lawyers were arguing that election officials purposely violated the equal protections clause by letting voters who had submitted improperly filled-out ballots to fix the problematic ballots. The lawyers argued that the same courtesies were not available in the Republican-heavy counties in the state.

Because of that, Trump’s lawyers called for millions of ballots to be invalidated — a request that Judge Brann strongly opposed, which was made clear in a statement he released concerning his ruling, writing that he “has no authority to take away the right to vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens.”

According to the Associated Press, Brann slammed Trump’s legal team for not presenting even a fraction of the evidence required to make such an historic ruling.

“One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption,” Brann wrote, before adding, “That’s not happened.”

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had argued that Trump’s lawyers lost similar cases elsewhere as a basis for arguing that isolated ballot issues shouldn’t lead to disenfranchising potentially millions of voters.

Only time will tell if Trump’s lawyers receive a second chance at making their case, or at the very least, buying enough time to give them even a remote shot at success.

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Lily Smith (@guest_1078334)
1 year ago

We are looking forward to Justice Prevealing……. Trump won…….. the DEMON RATS have been getting away with voter fraud for years….

Trump will end it……… Why does he have to be the one and the only one who makes America do the right thingNN

Newsmax is streaming live on you tube…….. honest good trustworthy people….. more of what this Country needs…..

Tim Lawing (@guest_1078352)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago


Theresiah (@guest_1078383)
Reply to  Tim Lawing
1 year ago

You are right, STart the voting over and let people go and vote” They can run to walmart and everywhere else, they can go vote if it means something to them. The stinking DERATS had taht all planned when the old Retard Biden made that gaffe (we all thought) ”’we have good voter fraud system in place.. Everyone thought he talked out of his rear but he heard something that he shouldn’t have repeated but we didn’t pay attention.

carolyn m (@guest_1078366)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

I agree not only are they demon rats they are also demoncrats like my dead mother called them when she was alive someone has to send them back to the depths of 👿🔥🔥🔥

Lan Huynh (@guest_1078374)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

I agree with you!

Patricia J (@guest_1078506)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

We have enjoyed New Max..switched over from Fox News. Really disappointed in the changes they have made.
The people who are on that are so liberal. Good for them. Can see why so many have left.

Mark Smith (@guest_1078580)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

If SOMEHOW Biden makes it into the White House, we need to Start IMPEACHMENT proceedings on Jan 22 2021, the Creature he chose for VP CANNOT be the PRES because she is NOT a Natural Born CITIZEN able to be PRESIDENT because NEITHER one of her parents were US CITIZENS at time of her BIRTH.

Emory Hopkins (@guest_1078335)
1 year ago

Well we all know that cheating had to happen if Biden got more votes than Obama because Obama was loved in these states and we don’t thank this could happen after president Trump was leading by large numbers and by the next day he’s way down and they say he got more votes than Obama there is know way that can happen without cheating

Theresa (@guest_1078336)
1 year ago

Listen any democrats judge does not want any proof of election fraud because things r going their way! They r the most corrupt party third world countries have nothing on us we’re getting just like them thanks to the liars and political their if Trump’s re-elections its disgusting! I believe that Obama didn’t win his second term now it was stolen m!!!!

Egg (@guest_1078442)
Reply to  Theresa
1 year ago

First, we have another Obama lackey cluck for a judge. As with all the other anti Trump district judges, he’ll be over ruled for like the every-eth time by the SCOTUS.

Elizabeth Wood (@guest_1078623)
Reply to  Theresa
1 year ago

I don’t believe Obozo won the first term, either.

Lynn (@guest_1078338)
1 year ago

Anyone who has a Brain know’s Pres.Trump won…!!!! I have never seen such a strong Man…he has been to hell and back…This Election has done a Number on me…It has really made me Depressed and sad…I don’t even want to think about how our world will be…Other Countries know the Demo’s stole the Election..Many Countries don’t trust us and I don’t blame them……God Bless Pres Trump…..

Linda Wilson (@guest_1078356)
Reply to  Lynn
1 year ago

Doug Emhoff needs to be investigated! Kamalas husband rigged the software! He has admitted to doing it & no one is doing anything but laughing about it!

connie (@guest_1078454)
Reply to  Lynn
1 year ago

i agree with you amen

connie (@guest_1078457)
Reply to  connie
1 year ago

I am asking God to help president Trump we need him more then ever and put all the cheater dems in jail for terason

Elizabeth Wood (@guest_1078624)
Reply to  connie
1 year ago

Amen to that!

Donald Black (@guest_1078339)
1 year ago

Look at the software program used – I understand it has used elsewhere to “vary” the results.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1078344)
1 year ago

Pennsylvania and Judge Brann must understand that, in and of themselves, ballots are not votes until they are legally valid. Millions of ballots that are illegal can not be votes.
Only LEGAL ballots can be votes.
Please, have a backbone and DO that which is legally RIGHT.
Then and only then will you be able to sleep well at night.

rm (@guest_1078421)
Reply to  Marsha Smith
1 year ago

Judge Brann is an Obama appointee. Look no further. Lycoming County (PA) is rather conservative. Philadelphia is corrupt as hell. Ballots need to be void anywhere that poll or count watchers encountered restricted access at polling places or count locations. Watch Mark Levin on Fox last night? He clearly explained the legal process..

NANCY GROVE (@guest_1078354)
1 year ago

Stand up America for fair elections unlike what we have just experienced. Soros and Obama have been running everything along with Pelosi. My question is why would you want these crooked evil people to be anywhere near to the Supreme Court. Clinton is a crook and by now should be serving jail time for all her crimes. I’m sure she’d die in prison. Our government does not seem to have the guts to put her where she belongs; however if it was a common joe they would have thrown away the key. Come on America and stand up for President Trump. Do not let the dirty democrats, deep state, Soros, Pelosi, Obama, the squad ruin our country. They have turned on their own people and allowed Soros goons to run free to murder and inflict utter destruction in our country. I did not see our government doing much to bring it under control. Don’t let them take our freedoms. GOD BLESS AMERICA and PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Jim (@guest_1078373)
1 year ago

I’m confused! So it’s ok to break the law, by fixing ballots, but not ok to say they broke the law, and in purely partisan fashion only fixed those that effected one candidate. These judges cannot have it both ways, it’s either illegal, or it’s not. This is why no one trusts our voting system, it’s always a one sided affair, and every illegal vote Always goes to the Democrats.

Gail (@guest_1078502)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

You are so right!

Avatar666 (@guest_1078678)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

It depends on who’s side you’re on, i.e., Hillary clearly broke several Federal Laws. James Comey (FBI Director at the time) declared she had no “intent” to break the law so she wasn’t charged. See how easy that was for James? That’s the way our law works. If you or I had committed the same acts we would have been punished by going to prison (and Mr. Comey would have been the man that sent us there). The problem is far more serious than that one incidence. Our whole “system” is corrupted. That’s what’s going on now. The democrats are, once again, attempting a coup (one that may very well succeed). Rigging the election was planned from the get-go. Remember Hillary advising Biden not to concede the election no matter what? The reason she did that publicly was to soften us up. Let us know that once all the votes were in, they would know how many they needed to get Biden over the top. Immediately after, they set about destroying the evidence. It’s really a disgrace since we the people and the world knows it was a sham election.

Patrick Garland (@guest_1078386)
1 year ago

Everybody knows there’s a lot of fraud in this setup it comes down to the Democrats a number of governors and judges don’t want to run the country into the ground and hand it to China they know Biden didn’t win but they were covering everything they can to get him into office so that they can get rid of him I’m running the way they want to they openly said the hell with the American people are doing just like the Nazis have done don’t do what we do do as we tell you to do and basically tell American people to f*** off because they’re going to run the show

rick (@guest_1078390)
1 year ago

If I EVER hear hear another “politician” spout oral butt-gas about this or that country being a “banana republic”, I’m going to puke!! We’re living in one right now!!! This whole system is rigged by globalists, (re: dimocraps),Osama-ites, & a completely butt-licking media! We will be stuck here until there are enough conservatives with American values & a spine to boot these morons out! I feel most sorry for all the veterans who gave their lives & limbs & for what?? THIS GARBAGE???

rm (@guest_1078417)
1 year ago

I would care less if I picked up the newspaper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result…would also care less if Kamala Harris caught it also….along with AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Feinstein, and some others in Congress….

Sandy (@guest_1078576)
Reply to  rm
1 year ago

But they took a vaccine, notice none of them get covid

Steven Blessie (@guest_1078431)
1 year ago


Arvilla McCall (@guest_1078443)
1 year ago

Election Fraud and DumacRats know that and they are satisfiEd fighti recounts because it would prove it Keep fighting Pres. Trump

rosemary A Hug (@guest_1078460)
1 year ago

The Demoncrats are sore losers. they have to lie and cheat their way into power.

Sue Rich (@guest_1078499)
1 year ago

Unlike the Democrats, ask President Trump. He’ll take care of it. He always does listen to the people, whether the left likes it or not.

nobodyuknow (@guest_1078557)
1 year ago

The Communist Democrap Party and their leaders should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes! THEY CERTAINLY QUALIFY!!!

Elizabeth Wood (@guest_1078626)
1 year ago

Election counting should be done the way it is done in Florida….count the mail in, absentee ballots FIRST, THEN count the in person, voted by photo ID ballots last. Any “missing” ballots “found” and “uncounted” after all votes have been counted, would be thrown in the shredder. If you had to wait until the last minute to vote, then, you should not have voted in the first place, and that vote should not count.

Avatar666 (@guest_1078680)
1 year ago

American Digest …..Why aren’t our comments being posted? Are you “selecting” the ones you like?

Avatar666 (@guest_1078682)
Reply to  Avatar666
1 year ago

Oops. My mistake. Just saw my comment. Sorry.

Patty (@guest_1079012)
1 year ago

My comment was not posted either. Guess this site doesn’t like truth tellers!

Evie, from IL (@guest_1082628)
1 year ago

I, for one, am not only depressed over the results of this election, as are so many legal voting American citizens. I am also angry that a bunch of crooked officials can say with a straight face that Biden even had any kind of a chance of winning any kind of prize, let alone an election for the highest office in our land! Any person with common sense, honesty, and bravery in their hearts would ever accept the results of this so-called election. May our one true God, the Father; God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit help the Patriot-loving citizens of America continue to fight for the God-honest truth and bring to justice all these Trump haters, spiteful and jealous politicians! Amen.

Javiernop (@guest_1245242)
1 year ago

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