October 5, 2022

Trump’s legal team going after FBI over legitimacy of affidavit, FBI refusing to release to the public

The raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-o-Lago residence was unprecedented. More than a week later, many unanswered questions remain.

Trump and his legal team slammed the government for sending the FBI into his Palm Beach, Florida, home without proper justification, the Conservative Brief reported. The Department of Justice is still refusing to release the affidavit that would explain the legal rationale.

Trump attorney Alina Habba, managing partner of Habba Madaio & Associates, addressed the notion that they were there to retrieve classified documents on “National Report” on Newsmax TV. “The president leaves, they declassify it, and let’s say there’s something [the National Archives] wants back, they work with them to get it back.”

“It happens all the time. It’s very normal,” Habba added. “[What] they have done is to take something that is incredibly routine and make it a public spectacle. Why? Because in November we have a midterm election, and the Democrats are not leading,” Habba said.

Habba hinted this was a political tool and poked holes in the story that the FBI was after nuclear launch codes. “Even if there was classified nuclear codes, as they say, which I would be shocked, but even if there was, when you are cooperating, there is no need to send in 30 FBI agents with guns into somebody’s home, let alone a former president; [it] doesn’t make sense.”

Trump similarly expressed outrage and demanded “the immediate release of the completely un-redacted affidavit pertaining to this horrible and shocking break-in,” he said in a statement on his Truth Social platform. Trump claimed the FBI had “no way to justify” the raid of “the home of the 45th, president of the United States…by a very large number of gun-toting FBI agents and the department of justice.”

The government released the search warrant along with a list of the items found. However, it has refused calls to release the affidavit that would shed light on what crimes they think were committed.

What happened to Trump seems politically motivated. The DOJ has done little to prove otherwise thus far.


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