June 13, 2021

Trump’s lawyer says campaign is preparing to reverse election results in several states

As of Monday morning, President Donald Trump is still insisting that he is the legal, clear winner of the 2020 presidential election, repeating claims that former Vice President Joe Biden is only touting the title of president-elect due to widespread voter and ballot fraud.

There’s good reason why millions of Americans still believe the president, as according to Townhall, Trump attorney Sidney Powell made a bombshell statement over the weekend claiming that she has evidence strong enough to reverse the preliminary results of the 2020 election.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Powell told host Maria Bartiromo that mass election fraud took place as a result of corruption within the voting software that was used in every battleground state.

“We’re fixing to overturn the election results in multiple states and President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but my millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose,” Powell said.

Though similar claims have been aggressively refuted by election officials and even the makers of Dominion Software, Powell doubled down, saying she has the evidence needed to prove that mass fraud did, in fact, take place and give Biden a massive advantage.

“We have sworn witness testimony about why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections,” Powell said.

The witness in question reportedly has knowledge of the voting software being used in other countries to rig various elections, while claiming it was deployed in the United States to have the same result.

“They did this on purpose. It was calculated. They’ve done it before,” Powell said. “We have evidence of 2016 in California. We have so much evidence I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

According to the Washington Times, Powell’s strong claims were echoed over the weekend by Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who pointed to instances of the software being used to rig elections in other countries.

If Powell and Giuliani do possess the monumental level of evidence that would be required to overturn the election results as they stand, time is of the essence, as many battleground states will soon move to certify their votes and thus make Biden’s presidency a formal reality.

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91 Responses

  1. They need to file, for EVERY STATE WHERE THERE WAS EVIDENCE OF FRAUD IN THE SUPREME COURT, NOW! The lower courts, where DEM activist judges like to “legislate from the bench”, they will slow walk this for AGES! This IS A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS AND MUST GO DIRECTLY TO SCOTUS FOR A FAIR, CLEAR DECISION! What do we have to fear, that BLM and ANTIFA WILL RIOT? We have that now! NO FED MONEY FOR DEM CONTROLLED CITIES THAT ALLOWED THESE VIOLENT RIOTS TO CONTINUE, THEY “MADE THEIR BED, NOW THEY CAN LAY IN IT”! This is one reason why Pelosi will not pay virus relief, she wants US to pay for riots in DEM controlled cities! NOT ONE PENNY, PELOSI!

    1. Well said,!! Just wait on the fryer to reach 350. We don’t want the effects not to be obvious. Corruption and lies.

    2. Maybe we need to do what was done in 2000 election George W Bush vs Al Gore in Florida. Hanging chads……. remember…. if it wasn’t clearly punched the handing chads wasn’t counted. If signatures aren’t verified they aren’t counted. Mail in ballots signatures must be verified. Also check for dead people voting. I believe in the Resurrection but I don’t think it has anything to do with voting….. Check, Double Check, Triple Check.

    3. You are 100% correct…in a sense, I am fearful of this reaching the Supreme Court due to Justice Roberts whom has been a very great disappointment lately….

    4. No money for Sanctuary cities.

      Anyone here know if the government can help rid, say CO or CA, tyrant governors….people are afraid to stand up alone due to prior activities that have landed a few in FEMA I hear as well as jail for supporting and using the Constitution to defend their homes and families…these governors need to see GITMO.

    1. They really need to put the metal to the pedal…times moving on. Whatever it takes to get this case heard…whatever needs to be done now. It all needs to come out…and with the true results, the whos of how it was so fraudulent….heads should roll, and people getting into a whole lot of trouble over it…jail time sounds good to me!
      In all my 83 years, i have never lived through anything worse. This election stunk to high heaven. He knew it…and he wanted to continue on being our President, because he still had so much work to do. Biden is as much like a president as the guy who curs my backyard! It’s only a temp job, at that…and Harris is champing at the bit to take over…OMG!

    2. I totally agree with you!
      God Bless America!
      God Bless President Trump and the Americans who love their country!

    3. How many of you have received the “news” that BARR, yep, AG Barr is or was affiliated with Dominion; I do ot like that one bit simply because, since losing Jeff Sessions, he has done more than any of those that have followed. I think Trump should put Klayman on his team…

    4. 🙂 praise the Lord…prayer does work and it works in strange ways just as Jehovah has always done…Thank you Jehovah..

  2. The majority of America would NEVER ELECT or vote for a sleazy senile old mentally challenged election thief like Biden, versus hard working President Trump, who works tirelessly 24/7 for the welfare of us ordinary Americans!



        1. I suggest taking all of the people on arrest, left, and safely place them on the Aleutian islands between Russia and Alaska.

      2. He needs to get us out of the UN totally, keep his campaign promises one and two from his first
        run…would solve so many problems from financial to better schools. From tyranny to freedom. Then rid Soros..look what this clown has caused…from murder to riots that set houses on fire with people in them to causing the grief of losing our needed police forces.

  3. YES YES YES!!!!!! Wonderful news. President Trump was the WINNER!!! Everyone know the election was stolen. Now throw the people involved in PRISON!!!!!

      1. tib: what are you talking about??? People don’t just go around changing their names just because someone doesn’t like their name!!! I must have misunderstood your comment. Perhaps you could help me out with
        understanding just what you meant! I am sure I am looking at it all wrong. Thanks.

      2. Why you call her stupid she is right you are the stupid yes they should do something to reverse Biden to be the president Trump earn to be our President we all love him he did a lot for this country and now nobody do anything for him they have all they need to support the accusation of cheating what else they need the courage of doing it
        I am a scheme to be American whit what we let happen whit h out moving a figer to help the best president we ever had

      3. You’ve got no room to complain. Your name is “bit” spelled backwards, and your post and vote aren’t worth a BIT. I hope the next time you wipe, your finger pokes through the paper. You deserve it.

  4. Need to take these cheats down and fire Barr for doing nothing and Wray too.win the election .take down blm and antifa and shut big tec and the media down getting rid of the 302 clause ..hold them accountable for every lie they spread from here on..the Democrats will turn on each other and self distruct..

  5. It is high time we.the people work hard to uncover the use of fixed machines and other souces. 3/4 th of the people know this was a demacrapes shister way for a win let’s get to the bottom of this NOW WE KNOW TRUMP WON SO PUT BIDEN OUT ON THE STREET

    1. If Biden is prosecuted for all the alleged crimes he won’t be on the street, he will be behind bars, and not the kind serving drinks.

      1. GITMO! Harris is not eligible…same as Senator Cruz…like I said, we do not enforce our laws and Cruz got to stay…now we would have to honor this whore.

  6. Yes,this is great for President Trump,but I would like to know who planned this FRAUD? I’m hoping it was Pelosi,Schummer,Schiff and Nadler.

    1. Who planned this? ?
      Don’t leave out George Soros.
      He NEEDS to be kicked out of the U.S.A. and barred from having anything, even remotely, to do with the U.S.A.
      Send Soros’ butt to Gitmo — in solitary confinement — for LIFE.

    2. You can bet Pelosi is behind this somewhere and Schumer not far behind…I tend to think that FBI/CIA are in on this.

  7. I pray to God that they are able to shine the light on not only all the election fraud, but the people behind that, the Biden Crime Family, Spygate, and everything else the lying, cheating deep state thugs have done to this Great Country, and her Great People. The MSM and the Big Tech Giants needs to be taken down also. That is over and above the Dirty Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the RINO’S

  8. This election has been stolen and these bean counters in these states are giving Trump some votes but I guarantee you they have also manipulated more ballots for Biden they say there helping Trump that is a rouse. Trump won in the biggest landslide we’ve ever seen and he also won the popular vote. Call your state senators demand a fair election. Make the Supreme Court listen this is the biggest voter fraud in History and there is proof. Where are yo Supreme Court we will not stop fighting. This is corrupt to the bone! PERIOD

  9. Taiwan Commoner is so right! We need this election in the hands of the supreme court now and the sooner now happens the better. And, just maybe jail time for once! The American people are sick and tired and ready to do what we have to, to get the corrupt folks. Don’t think we don’t know who you are ‘cus we ain’t stupid! We will start with that person named Pelosi. I have nothing nice to say about her so I think everyone gets the point.

    Let’s get’em America before it is totally too late. STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOM !

  10. May the force be with Trump and his legal team as we all know he had thousands and thousands of people at this rallys Biden had 6 to 8 people and did SLEEP through most of the Campaign………. Trump has done a great job for America and the people…….. Biden will destroy America China will own him and we pay for Hunter’s secret service security….. Huntet and Hillary could both wind up with postions in his administration, when will this corruption end….

    I think Trump will end it…… NEWMAX has the truth NEVER FOXER Fox will be out of business for thei

  11. This election was rigged for sure. No way Biden won if it were an honest election. Biden has been listed as a criminal in Ukraine for bribery. This was when he was VP, and his son had gotten in trouble. Biden is owned by China and that should scare everyone!

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I also know about the bidens….AND harris is in bed with china too through her husband’s business..!!!!!!!!

  12. So if they have all the evidence needed to overturn the election, why has the president gone onto twitter saying he concedes? Giving Biden the win…to me that sounds stupid. Either way with all the antics, armed people at some voting areas, and others not allowed into other voting areas…honestly where is the Integrity for the election process? The whole process of the election has to be conducted by people who do not care either way and who can remain unbiased and objective. I would love to see Trump remain in office another 4 years, but this whole thing just shows exactly how corrupt the whole of our government has become.

  13. Ive been saying for over 5 months that the democrats would try to steal this election by using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to use mail in ballots that they could cheat with. Biden and most of the top democratic leaders are in bed with China. I may be wrong, but I truly believe it was China and the dumbocrats that unleashed this virus on the world, INTENTIONALLY TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP, and it got out of hand. Call me crazy if you want, but, WHY ELSE WOULD CHINA CREATE THIS VIRUS TO BEGIN WITH, IF IT WAS NOT TO TRY AND GET EVEN WITH TRUMP FOR FINALLy making China pay up. The entire biden family and most of the top leaders in the democratic party are in bed with China, and they were all going down, politically, financially and morally if Trump remained President.

    1. You are right Richard .in the Trump & Biden debate Biden said to Trump if i win there will be know protest if you win there will be no protest he knew something then

    2. You are not crazy I said it from the start when China came out with it and the WHO, when the president put a stop to them and truly Believe that the Democrats all of them, that the south is all involved in it!!! To try and control us! AND also believe that we that we the people of sound mind and voice will stop down one way or the other and put back the rightful president with out fraudulent designs !!! Jail for all that were involved !!

    3. Yes, this virus was not accident, they were all in the plan.
      The dem’s and China created and unleashed this virus on the world to take the us down with Trump. These election machine were specially designed to rig votes.
      If this man becomes President we may have lost the Republic to China.

    4. Thats absolutely correct, its about time someone actually hit all of the points, of Parliament done by the democrats..

    5. Fauci, should never have been re-hired and this will work against Trump at some point in time; he is a fear monger..I put together a conspiracy theory I like to think is plausible but again, it involves Trump in not too nice of light.
      Gates and Trump are pretty good supporters of each other…like Trump has publicly said he supports Gates’ depopulation of 5 years 50% to 80%! Yikes! He also supports and it is illegal as all get out that forces all to have a vaxx!!! OH! OH! how many of you have read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Instagram..he tells us of Gates favorite way to kill and has killed and/or maimed thousands. These are serious questions that Trump has to clarify and be honest re: same.
      As it stands now, once this is settled, one way or the other, each governor, most DEMS in DC will or should see GITMO…this is and was attempted treason…after Gitmo, one by one they face a stoning as they support the Muslims, while they are being hung or shot.

  14. This election will decide the date of our Country. If election fraud is tolerated, it will empower the Demoncrats for an eternity. The United States will no longer exist as OUR Forefathers intended it to be.

    Any military soldier who taught and died for this Constitutional Republic will have died in vein.

  15. We need to count every LEGAL vote and to have a fair election,so all us true and living ,legal Americans can have faith in our electoral process

    1. He claims he did not want to stump for Biden…he should be tried for Treason; same with HRC and all involved with the planned murder at Benghazi.

  16. Use the powerful strength of prayers to flip the switch and bring back goodness and stability. Let all the left bended Libtards start their walk of shame, and quickly fade into obsecurity.

    Trump was chosen to right the wrong(s). Now we have to help him by doing our spiritual parts to make things right. Together we as a people can make it happen.

  17. I love reading all the support for Trump. All the criminals need to be put away! Don’t forget Obama. I’d like to his sorry butt in prison, along with Holder, Wrey, Pelosi, Firestone, etc.

  18. What’s the matter. “tib”? Afraid to use your real name—or just that people will know how stupid YOU are?

    1. That is not nice….accept the person for what they stand for, not their nickname or posted name. Maybe their reason is personal…as Christians we need to think righteously…maybe they are a closet DEM…who knows but really who cares?

  19. What’s the matter, “tib”? Afraid to give your real name, or just that people will find out how stupid YOU are???

  20. One of the greatest Bonuses to the Election Manipulators this year is the ‘Silence of the Press’ – one wonders, why?
    We are supposed to have the Greatest FREE PRESS the world has ever seen – but they all have ONLY ONE VOICE!
    A truly FREE press and media would be a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, reporting each detail to us readers:
    If there are even just two or three fake signatures, or a dozen ballots from wrong addresses, or dated post voting date, that would be NEWS – but we only get SILENCE, even though there are THOUSANDS! – Why is that so?
    Even more so: If the Electronic Machines used in many (mostly Democrat) States had been found “problematic” in other elections, last year, WHY ARE THEY USED A YEAR LATER? A truly FREE press would tell us – a good and true reason WHY – OR WHY NOT! But they don’t. They don’t even mention that machine – nor who made and/or owns it. Maybe, that is because the same machines were developed for funny “elections’ in Venezuela? – We won’t get those NEWS. Or that the company who makes them is abroad, in Canada – with HQ in London (GB).
    Or that the computer programs of those ‘ELECTION MACHINES are CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET! – Isn’t that where the worst hackers of our days sit – and there are very clever ones among them? be
    A FREE Press would surely discuss the consequences of such “VOTING OPENNESS” – and FOR WHOM IT WORKS. We don’t get any news of that, and that PROVES THE CONSPIRACY OF A FEW PRESS OWNERS AND THE DEMs:

  21. Groping Joe told All of America they had the perfect lawless Robbery of 73 million Real Americans and they shut it down to avoid calling GA, FL, MI, WI, PA and declaring Trump 2020.
    When Trump wins the 2 terrorist groups get their junk handed to them. Murders and punks with mask,…….
    F. U

  22. The only problem with filing these cases is the judiciary The DEMORAT judges are tossing out legitimate cases containing proof, but because it goes against the judge’s political ideology/leaning, they are tossed. Just like Roberts and OWEbamacare is not a tax…oh, yes it is a TAX. So it became OWEbamaTAX because of Roberts.

  23. SCOTUS will determine constitutionality of this (fraudulent) election.

    If unconstitutional and electoral votes of contested states invalidated then Congress must complete the process under the 12th amendment of the constitution as was done in 1800 and 1824.

  24. That is not nice….accept the person for what they stand for, not their nickname or posted name. Maybe their reason is personal…as Christians we need to think righteously…maybe they are a closet DEM…who knows but really who cares?

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